What services does SpeedPro provide?

Full Color Printing, Lamination, Mounting, Finishing, Graphic Design, Vehicle Graphic Installation, Window Graphic Installation, Wall Graphic Installation, Decaling, Image Scanning & Clean-up, Pantone Color Matching & Proofing, Rush Ordering, Contour Cutting, Custom Job Requests, Framing, Stands/Displays,

How long does a print usually last?

Depending on the substrate used and extreme environmental conditions, SpeedPro produced graphics can last indefinitely under indoor conditions. Outdoor applications, such as banners, can last several years, depending on finishing options like over laminates. All SpeedPro inks are UV-resistant.

What is the difference between a Raster and Vector image?

Raster images are composed of pixels, while vector images are mathematical calculations from one point to another that form lines and shapes.

How large can SpeedPro print?

SpeedPro digital output is up to 6′ wide by 300′ long roll-fed and 5′ wide by 18′ long flatbed. Output can be tiled to produce full color images any size.

What is larger format printing?

We start where most print shops leave off. Although we have the ability to print the smaller sized graphic requests, we specialize in producing large graphics including vehicle wraps, trade-show displays and exhibits, full color outdoor banners, and much more.

How big does my file need to be?

The larger the original image, the more we can enlarge the image and maintain the crispness. Keep in mind, the larger we go from the original, the fuzzier and pixilated the final output will be. The ideal resolution is 300 DPI (dots per inch.) Nevertheless, resolution of 100 DPI, if the viewing distance is greater than 10 feet, or 150 DPI, if less, should be adequate.

Where can I find high resolution images?

Royalty-free images can be purchased from the following providers. However, let us check by how much images can be enlarged before you purchase them.

What kind of substrates are available?

Corrugated Plastic “Coroplast”, Foam Core, Ultra Board, Poly-metal, Styrene,  Expanded PVC, Magnetic Sheeting, Sign Board, Acrylic, and Poly-carbonate.

What if I need assistance with my design?

We can provide complete graphic design services or make changes to an existing design for an hourly charge. Our graphic designers have experience in everything from simple banners to complex trade-show displays and vehicle wraps. Our graphics team can clean up rough edges, alter many types of text, and modify your graphic exactly the way you need it. We can match colors with high accuracy. Although digital printers do not print PMS and RGB colors, our production team will match spot colors upon request. Printed colors may look slightly different depending on materials. We can provide proofs before production runs.

What is a vehicle wrap ?

Vehicle wraps are a new, innovative approach to advertising your business. They act as a moving, 3D billboard and work 24 hours a day to create awareness for your company and to reach out to new customers. A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. The graphics are printed on this vinyl, which is designed specifically for vehicle graphics, and then typically laminated with a protective coat that gives a final gloss, matte, or luster finish.

What do wraps cost?

Four factors determine the cost of a wrap:

  1. The amount of material required (specific vehicle/coverage)
  2. The amount of design time and photo acquisition required
  3. The complexity (or simplicity) of installation
  4. The quality of the vinyl and laminate (will affect the longevity of the wrap)

Wraps can cover the entire vehicle or you can opt to cover only specific areas of your vehicle. Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a “partial wrap.” No matter the conditions, SpeedPro graphics are made to last. All of our vehicle wraps are printed with premium, outdoor-durable, and UV resistant inks on high-quality 3M media and installed by an experienced professional.

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