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If you’re searching for more unique ways to promote your brand and gain attention for your business, floor graphics printing might be the solution for you. You don’t have to be as literal as painting a yellow brick road onto your floor (although you can), but custom floor graphics can undoubtedly lead your customers in the right direction. Whether it’s an image or a saying you’re displaying, you’ll encourage guests to be aware of their surroundings and gain information with custom floor clings.

At SpeedPro Affinity Solutions, we can brighten up the visuals in your office or event space thanks to vinyl floor graphics. Highlighted by fade-resistant inks, your floor can transform the experience your guests or customers have at your business location. Our studio operates in Sarasota for all companies in the surrounding Bradenton and Fort Myers areas looking for a new visual solution.

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Custom Floor Graphics to Liven up Your Space

Adding vinyl floor graphics to your office space is one way to make sure customers and guests have full access to information and are visual recipients of your branded message at all times. It’s another technique for representing your company and accenting your office space aside from your typical signage options, like banners and window graphics.

With custom floor clings, guests’ feet will maneuver them around your event so that they can see all your displays.

If your business is in retail or sales with a lot of products and inventory, you can visually represent these items in vinyl graphics. Line them up to create floor-level signs indicating where items are found in your building. You can emphasize the branding of your corporate event by adding a vinyl floor cling to the center of your space, making the entire room feel whole and showing people all that your brand has to offer.

Some offices and event spaces might have arrows or walking paths directly on the ground with custom floor graphics. Instead of hanging directional signage in the air or along walls, which could easily distract the eye from the murals or banners that share valuable information, you can use floor graphics to illustrate where guests should walk, viewable from the peripheral vision.

Floor graphics printing isn’t just limited to indoor surfaces either. Football fields, outdoor tracks, parking lot pavement and concrete surfaces can be printed on just as dramatically. It all depends on the type of material used to create the graphics and the adhesive that’s paired with your image. In addition, gloss finishes are popular in areas where light can be reflected off the floor surface, naturally catching the attention of those walking by. Alternatively, a matte finish can help soften the appearance of floor graphics in professional office spaces.

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