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Vehicle <span>Wraps</span>

Custom Vehicle Wraps in Sarasota, FL

Are you looking for an additional or new way to brand your business outside of your office? Maybe the cold calls aren’t successful and you can’t find a good location to hang posters?

If that’s the case, why not take your business with you on the road? Vehicle advertising is an efficient and effective marketing method that’s easy to use and long-lasting.

SpeedPro Affinity Solutions has a skilled team ready to help you reach thousands of potential new customers with our custom vehicle wraps. If your business is based in the areas surrounding Sarasota, Bradenton or Fort Myers, reach out to our studio to set up a consultation!

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Why Get Custom Car Wraps?

Vehicle wraps allow you to reach a broader audience of people in a much faster span. You can make a large number of impressions with your wrap, far exceeding the time, energy and money invested in the initial design process. This form of advertising is a great deal in getting a solid promotional angle for your business that can endure for years.

Whether you’re traveling to work or going for groceries, you can promote your business wherever you need to go.

Choosing Your Coverage With Partial and Full Vehicle Wraps

At SpeedPro, we offer these wrap options for your vehicle:

Fleet Wraps

Fleet wraps are designed for full truck and van companies who operate their business by traveling and transporting products on the road. These custom designs allow you to send your group or fleet of trucks down the highway to make a large impact for your brand. For example, if someone is stuck cruising on the highway and they’re approached by five big rigs carrying the exact same look and wording on the sides of the trucks, it’s going to leave an impression.

Fleet wraps take your company’s name, slogan, logo or other design and roll it onto the sides and back doors of your trucks or vans. The goal is to create an easy-to-read message that can clearly be identified and is impressive enough to be recognized.

Partial fleet wraps and full fleet wraps share the same process in design — the only distinction lies in how much coverage you want on your vehicle. Smaller trucks and cars will choose one of these two wraps to embody and advertise their brand as they live outside the office.

Full Vs. Partial Vehicle Wraps

Choosing between the two wraps may seem difficult, but our team of professionals can help you make the distinction. Let’s say you’re a brand new business, and vehicle advertising is your first option for brand awareness. Using a full wrap — around your windows, side doors, back bumper, hood and roof — will maximize your visibility and give you more room to be creative. If you’re a business already promoting in other ways and this is going to be a side venture, investing in a partial wrap may more accurately meet your needs.

In addition to vehicle and fleet wraps, some other forms of vehicle advertising we offer are vehicle decals, window clings, and vinyl lettering.

Custom Vehicle Wraps to Help Promote Your Cause

Vehicle advertising is a fun and great way to get your company’s name into the community. Contact us today and we’ll set you up with a consultation to fully discuss your business and branding needs. Watch your business bloom as you become a household name!

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