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Floor Graphics in Akron, OH

How often have you taken note of the designs on the floors and surfaces you walk on? If you’re outside, you probably look down quite a bit, feeling in danger of stepping in something a passerby has dropped. Inside, though, there’s not much fear of stepping on something bad, meaning you probably don’t notice anything below your eyesight.

However, what if you were to purposefully place something on the ground? After all, sports players take note of the lines on their fields and courts all the time. Actors know where their markers are whether they’re performing onstage or on a closed set. These floor graphics are noticeable, especially on a previously blank spot.

SpeedPro Akron North is excited to bring floor graphics printing to your business. By adding an image or design to the ground inside or outside your location, you’ll be encouraging people to walk closer and check out what you have to offer. If your company or organization is located in the northern area of Akron, reach out to us to upgrade the graphics people pass by every day.

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Custom Floor Graphics for Any Situation

Bare floors are a thing of the past when it comes to exciting brand promotion. Floor graphics printing allows you to make a bold statement from the bottom level up. You no longer have to rely on your walls or ceiling to make a statement.

With our help, make sure people’s feet guide them to your business by having them follow vibrant vinyl floor graphics.

Floor graphics can be applied in multiple ways for multiple reasons. Visually represent products that you’re featuring or that are most commonly associated with your business. Emphasize and promote your logo and slogan, a large staple to draw attention to your operations.

Beyond the visual image you portray on your floor, you can add special finishes to help grab the eye. Two of our most common finishes are matte and gloss. Gloss finishes can catch the reflection of light that’s inside your office, dramatically drawing the eye downward. Matte is also a nice finish to match the style of images and graphics currently on display around your office.

One of the key effects of vinyl floor graphics is the ability to guide not just the eye but the feet of a customer or visitor. Whether you use the typical foot-shaped image or apply a symbol closely associated with your brand, you can stack multiple graphics close to one another to guide a customer to a particular location.

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Whether you’re applying custom floor clings inside or outside, we have the printing and adhesives to meet your needs. Dress up your carpet walkways, linoleum-floored common room or outdoor pavement! Vinyl clings and graphics that are placed outside your building can also help to create a first impression that will guide customers inside.

Our team at SpeedPro Akron North is more than ready to set your business up with custom floor graphics that bring attention to your brand. Call or visit our studio today, and set up a one-on-one consultation between you and our design team to better understand your branding needs!

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