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Window Graphics in Akron, OH

Are you tired of watching people walk by your retail business day after day without looking your way? Or watching people walk up to your front door, squint at whatever’s posted, then turn around and leave without coming inside? This occurrence leaves your company scrambling to determine what you need to add or change to persuade customers to walk inside.
SpeedPro has the answer for you.

Custom window graphics are perfect design features that will grab the attention of anyone walking by, whether it’s a curious teenager or a professional adult. We create bold images and clear information that can outperform your last type of signage. If your business is within the Summit, Stark or Portage counties, contact SpeedPro Akron North today. We’ll work toward creating the business window graphics best for you.

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Transformations All Around

While the main goal with custom window graphics is to greet customers outside and invite them in, we also want to make sure our customers stay feeling welcome and secure once inside. Therefore, in addition to outdoor business window display graphics, we’ll also include custom graphics for any indoor windows you may have.

Indoor windows may be used to separate office desk cubicles. Maybe you have a showroom that’s surrounded by glass. Or perhaps you have a receptionist area with a sliding glass door. Whatever the area, we can continue making an impact inside. Once we determine how you want to represent your brand, we can carry that image and message throughout the office to provide familiarity and connection between the business and the customer.

Outside, our storefront window displays are used to make sure people are curious about your business and excited to come inside. Show off some of your new products, inform people about upcoming offers, invite guests to return and give simple facts highlighted in bold colors. All of these strategies are ways to convince a person walking along the street to pause and give a second look. Make them want to come in and instead of missing out!

Enhancing Your Business Window Graphics

Our studio in Akron will customize graphics to fit your branding needs. You can choose from a range of design options, including:

  • Frosted window graphics
  • Perforated film
  • Window clings
  • Decals

Frosted graphics provide an effect while also displaying an image. The airbrushed, softer look diminishes the harsh glare of the glass, easily separating between clear window and portrayed image. Guests will be able to see the image and also look through the frosted portion to see inside.

Perforated film pairs nicely with our bright and vivid inks. The vinyl material dramatically enhances and support the colors, creating a fade-resistant graphic. Perforated film can also block out sunlight, so your employees and customers will be able to avoid bright, blinding light from sunrises and sunsets.

Window clings support large and small shapes, printed onto white or clear backgrounds. This option is the best one for businesses who want a temporary window graphic display. With clings, it’s easy to both apply and peel away the graphic without leaving residue behind.

Window Graphics by SpeedPro Akron North

Whether you’re looking to create a large, encompassing window graphic display or a reminder of your open hours and details about your business, our studio can help you. Contact us, and we’ll set up a consultation appointment to find out more about your company and brand. Let’s start designing today!

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