Give Your Office Space a Unique, Fresh Look with Experiential Design

AUGUST 27, 2018| SpeedPro of Apex



A unique office environment isn’t only appropriate for large tech companies like Apple. Fresh, innovative workspaces are growing in all sectors and becoming more and more necessary to fuel employee engagement and enthusiasm. This can have an effect on the culture and morale of the company, and research indicates a positive correlation between employee engagement and their productivity. So how can you increase engagement at your office?

What is Experiential Design?           

Experiential design is that latest, most up-to-date way to transform your office space and bring the spirit of your brand to life within that office. Employees can connect to their environment in this way, and visitors can take a journey through your brand upon entering the office. This encourages an active interaction, rather than a passive one.

This type of design uses unique graphics to reach both your employees and your audience. This can help create an immersive experience for employees, clients, students, and visitors. A creative work space fosters creativity and engagement. You can transform and elevate your boring office walls with experiential design. This can also be used to further brand initiatives and themes in order to increase morale and productivity.

With experiential design, they can also be for interacting and impression building. Graphics aren’t just for viewing. With experiential design, they can also be for interacting and impression building. This kind of design can allow for visitors and employees to not just exist inside the space, but to actively experience it.

How Can Experiential Design Enhance Your Office?         

Content – Use the content of your design to convey a compelling message and encourage people to actively experience the space. The content should make them think and communicate the brand’s message. This content can be used to tell visitors something about your brand culture, or keep employees motivated.

Design – The design should utilize your space appropriately, with up-to-date graphics that coincide with the brand and the surroundings. Another aspect of this is to keep things simple so as to remain effective without bombarding visitors. Most of us are inundated with ads on a daily basis, and as such keeping things simple and useful is the best approach.

Usefulness – In order to make a lasting impression, brands need to be useful to their customers and visitors. Incorporating an aspect of functional utility into your design can encourage engagement  and make the piece something worth talking about.

A well-designed office has both internal and external benefits. Internally, it can increase productivity and morale for your employees. Externally, this type of design can help convey your brand’s message and culture, as well as create a striking piece for visitors to remember long after they have left.

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