Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Custom Wall Murals in Apex, NC

Have you noticed a lot of blank space around your office? Do you feel like there’s something you could add to make it brighter or to make everyone around feel calmer and more focused?

If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider adding a large format wall mural to your office space. These visually stunning murals can shape the atmosphere of your building and be an effective branding tool for drawing attention.

The size and location are up to you — we do the creating! If your business is located in Wake and Chatham counties near Apex and Raleigh, contact our studio today. We’ll discuss your branding needs to determine the right wall mural for your business.

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How Can Wall Murals Benefit My Business?

Incorporating a wall mural into your office can help build customer interactions as well as center and focus your employees. If customers come into your building and don’t have any visual displays to look at, they may feel bored or unwelcome. If you greet them with an expansive wall mural, they’ll instead move their attention to that piece and want to know more about your business and the story behind the artwork.

You also want to create a focused and inclusive culture for your employees. In a central gathering place that employees often pass by, install a wall mural that speaks to your people. Include a saying or your company’s mission statement to guide their focus, or display something fun that keeps their energy up all day long.

No matter what connection you’re trying to make, SpeedPro Apex is here to make it happen. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll create the solution best for your office.

Wall Mural Design Options

At SpeedPro, we value durability in our products. Our vinyl wall murals are made to be non-removable and stuck to the wall with varying levels of adhesives. Most murals have a duration of seven years, but if you want something more short-term, we can supply you with a lower-strength adhesive.

Our printed wall murals can be small or large, depending on your intended design. Although there is a limit to width, we can always go bigger by other means. For instance, you could create a collage-type display by fitting together multiple murals, creating one large design. We customize specifically for your brand so your new wall mural can match the rest of your office graphics.

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If you’d like to dress up the interior of your office or building space with a bold, crisp and vivid wall mural, contact us today! Schedule a consultation or request a quote. SpeedPro Apex is ready to consult with you and create the atmosphere and setting your business needs.

For nine years, we’ve been collaborating with local businesses on their office and brand customizations. Reach out and get involved with your own design project now.

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