SpeedPro is Your Trusted Trade Show Partner: Tips for Making an Impact

SEPTEMBER 6, 2018| SpeedPro of Apex





Having trouble coming up with a strategy for implementing a successful trade show strategy? Leave it so SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, to help you do just that. Taking your brand to a trade show can be extremely lucrative and beneficial for your business. Trade show attendees are often influential people at their companies and 81% of them having buying authorities.

At SpeedPro we want to help you succeed with your trade show endeavors. As such, we have created a guide made up of six tips to help you raise attendance and sponsorships at the next trade show you attend. This is how the most successful event planners are making their mark at trade shows. You can do it too!

Tip #1: Plan in Advance:  Planning for a trade show is not for the procrastinator. The bigger the event, the more time you should take to plan it. A large event might even take up to a year for which to plan; at minimum you should leave a few months free in order to plan. The level of planning can determine the success or failure of your event. Planning involves asking key questions like determining what your goals are and what types of people will make up the event’s attendees.

Tip #2: Clearly Labeled Booths and Displays: When organizing an event, it pays to be organized. Part of this organization should include navigation, mapping out the event. Take the floor plan into consideration and how you might attract attendees to your location. SpeedPro can help with directional signs and other signage option like banners, murals, floor graphs, and flags.



Tip #3: Selling More Lucrative Sponsorships:  Trade shows can be expensive. A good way to try to offset those costs is by selling sponsorships. SpeedPro can help your business attract those sponsorships by helping you develop packages and presentation boards that allow sponsors to see what their displays might look like. Such displays can really help communicate your brand and what you’re offering, as well as your creative ideas.

Tip #4:  Promote Your Event: One way to make sure you generate as many attendees and perhaps sponsors as possible is to promote your event. How can you expect them to come if they don’t know when or where it’s happening? Trade shows can give your brand a lot of lead generation potential, so the more visitors the better. These promotional efforts might involved traditional methods like radio and television, but social media is also a great low- or no-cost way to promote an event. SpeedPro can also help make promotional posters and signs so the public knows all about your event.

Tip #5: Prepare for Changes: Along with our first tip, preparation and planning ahead, we also advise that you prepare for last-minute changes. Prepare for the unexpected by having extra people at the event, and by keeping in contact with your print partner, SpeedPro, for any last-minute graphics and signage changes you might need.

Tip #6: Get Attendees’ Attention: Attendees might stop by your booth, but how will you keep there attention? After doing this for several years, SpeedPro, the nation’s most trusted trade show partner, offers you these three proven ideas to grab attendees’ attention.

  1. Business Card Raffle
    • Visitors get a chance to win stuff, you get their contact info so you can follow up. It’s a win-win.
  2. Attractive Booth
    • Attendees should be able to easily tell what your brand is offering from at most 10 feet away.
  3. Signage
    • Unique images can be a real eye-catcher, and SpeedPro can help!

Let SpeedPro of Apex help you take your event over the top.

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