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Contour Cut <span>Signage</span>

Contour Cut Signage in Charlotte

Have you ever skimmed through a catalog and found its signage and graphics options wanting? That’s understandable sometimes. You’ll have visions that can only come true through custom orders, and many studios can’t adequately handle those kinds of requests.

Luckily for you, SpeedPro Charlotte Center is not one such studio. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can take just about any custom order. With our contour cutting capabilities, we can slice through a variety of substrates while letting your imagination run wild on designs. We’ll tackle any request, and we encourage you to get creative. We offer our services throughout Charlotte as well as Gastonia, Huntersville and Rock Hill, so give us a call now.

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What Can We Accomplish With Contour Cutting?

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop studio for large-format graphics, and we couldn’t claim that if we didn’t tout the technology to handle every project that comes our way.

We utilize digital cutters and routers to form the signage solutions of your dreams — and the dreams of your customers.

Common substrates that we often contour cut include acrylic, vinyl, foamcore and coroplast, as they’re all quite malleable. Our visual communication experts maintain a great deal of experience in the industry, which means they know how to handle the machinery with deft hands and sharp minds. After we consult with you to learn about your needs, we can delve into the specifics of the project. We can assist with conceptualization, surveying, installation and more, truly becoming a reliable extension of your marketing team.

Use your new signage to associate your brand with a creative logo, or make a unique impact during your next promotion or sale. Here are just a few of the different options that you can have contour cut upon request:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic comes in a slew of different colors and thicknesses, which gives us flexibility in how we can manipulate it. With the right design, it can offer a sharp, clean accessory for your building’s interior.
  • Coroplast signs: Coroplast is both cost-efficient and resistant to weather conditions, which makes it excellent outdoor signage. After we contour the signage to fit your requirements, you can then mount it using H-frames, A-frames and other appropriate supports.
  • Removable vinyl: Vinyl might be the most versatile substrate in the industry. We can shape it to fit all kinds of different dimensions and shapes, allowing you to apply it to walls, windows and floors alike. Types, depending on the application, include comply, gloss, calendar, cast, matte, metallic, fluorescent, iridescent, reflective, carbon fiber, diamond plate, etched, frosted, clear and dusted.


With every project, we even use expert color-matching processes to match the look of your new elements with your preexisting ones.

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Contact us today to set up a consultation and begin this new marketing journey. You can also visit our studio, which is located on Interstate Street in Charlotte.

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