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Environmental <span>Graphics</span>

Environmental Graphics in Charlotte

Producing an atmosphere that’s conducive to employee productivity and customer interest is incredibly important, but it’s a process that requires careful planning and top-tier resources.

At SpeedPro Charlotte Center, we offer both aspects and more to our clients!

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Unique Environmental Graphics for Any Scenario

Your vibrant graphics can convey messages in innumerable ways — we’ll help you determine exactly what will work for your space.

We’ll collaborate with you from the very start to learn your specifications. From branding to informative signage to wall decor, no task is too large for our award-winning staff. They’ll work diligently so that your project is completed with timeliness and precision.

Our product catalog is huge, and it can contoured to fit your desired style. Here are a few of the custom environmental graphics we offer:

  • Acoustic felt panels: The open-floor concepts often utilized in many office spaces are excellent for social interaction and establishing a collaborative atmosphere. However, an unfortunate byproduct of that decision is loudness that can disrupt productivity. To stop these negative effects, you can commission sound-absorbent decor that tastefully ties into the rest of your ensemble. The acoustic felt panels we offer can be mounted on a wall and shaped into a variety of dimensions. We’ll contour cut them to create unique decor.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a sharp, impactful visual communication element that consistently attracts attention. You can use it in a variety of ways, as it’s malleable, comes in many different colors and can be mounted in various ways. You can give your logo a 3D edge, and we offer straight or contour cuts to fit any kind of space.
  • Wall coverings: Your wall spaces scream for attention, and we can deliver with an array of murals, canvas art and wallpapers. With our vast product catalog, we’ll find the right materials to satisfy your specific needs. We’ll conduct a detailed, on-site survey that includes exact measurements and a wall material test.
  • Window graphics: Glass surfaces are not thought of as often as walls when it comes to graphic application, but they’re just as useful. We have different variations of vinyl graphics, perforated films and clings to complete your project.

We’re a proud extension of the nation’s biggest large format graphics provider, which grants us access to state-of-the-art printing technology, durable materials and long-lasting inks. These items will help to ensure longevity in your new products.

That’s not all either, as we’ll also utilize our color-matching practices to keep your new products in line with the branding elements you already employ.

Environmental Graphic Design in Charlotte

Contact us today to schedule your consultation, or come visit us at our studio on Interstate Street, just off of I-85 in Charlotte. We provide custom environmental graphics for businesses throughout Charlotte, Gastonia, Huntersville, Rock Hill and the surrounding communities, so come see what we can do for you!

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