ChiTown Rising

ChiTown Rising

Great. Big. Party!


Amongst SpeedPro Chicago Loop’s largest projects to date was creating all of the signage for the first Chi-Town Rising, ringing in 2016 and subsequently for 2017.   A whopping 90,000 people attended the inaugural event, the largest New Year’s Eve party that that city of Chicago has ever seen. SpeedPro Chicago Loop’s President, Eric Lazar got connected to the founder of ChiTown Rising, John Murray, through The Marines for Life network, both proudly served in the Marine Corps many years prior to their private sector careers.

Creating the signage for this project was an intense and unique experience for our studio. While the materials we used were mostly industry go-to’s such as: vinyl banner, mesh blow thru, decals, and coroplast, this project was challenging for a number of other reasons. SpeedPro Chicago Loop had six weeks to get the whole project produced, during which time much of the artwork was being edited/changed/added, even up until the New Year’s Day.

The extent of the printing ranged from menus, standing directional towers, tents, surf boards, barricade banners, main stage headers–the total amount of signage produced was in excess of 7,000 square feet!  Some signs, like the directional and food/beverage coroplast signs were simple and small. Others, such as the side stage lifts and main stage banner branding had to meet certain city requisites to ensure they’d be safe at on structures at high altitudes with the possibility of significant winds.

Working on this project pushed our studio to be extremely agile; the high volume production requirements coupled with the multitude of last minute changes and additions gave us the credentials for nearly any project we might face in the future.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop was featured in several national trade magazines for the quality and scope of this production and is a great sense of pride for our organization.

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