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Why do some trade show exhibitors seem to get all the attention? An eye-catching design is one reason. A booth embodies the purpose and personality of your company, of course, but it needs to convey your brand in a way that stands out, especially on a crowded convention floor.

August is the month when many people begin planning their trade show attendance. Why? Because it’s two months in advance of October, the biggest month for trade shows, and during this critical planning window, exhibitors are starting to ideate, design and order their displays so they receive them in time for the fall season.  However, that’s often too late, because eight or nine months into the fiscal year, many corporate budgets have been significantly depleted or completely exhausted, leaving the marketing team to scramble and make a series of compromises.  January and February is the indeed the best time to start the process.

Preparing for a trade show, especially one central to any industry, can be a daunting and stressful task. SpeedPro Chicago Loop knows two things are essential: companies need reliable large-format graphics and they need them well before the deadline, even while anticipating any last-minute changes.


When you’re planning for a trade show, here are some key considerations for first-timers and veterans alike:

Venue: If it’s indoors, you have more flexibility with booths, banners, signs, table coverings and digital displays. Outdoors, keep it shady, stable and simple with tents, flags and weighted standees.

  • Components: Shows each have their own specs requiring different components – and prohibiting some. Sometimes you can take a booth, other times just a tabletop display. Can you hang elements from a ceiling or put decals on the floor? Read the rules to know what’s possible. What’s the best you can do based on the rules as well as space and cost?
  • Presentation: Do you want to be behind a table or face-to-face with attendees, maybe in front of a banner with your logo? Do you want your product front and center? Would an island display with plenty of space around it be the right fit? On a show floor with dozens or hundreds of other exhibitors, you need to make a bold and imaginative impression. How do you want to present your brand?
  • Portability: Being able to easily set up and break down can be a significant benefit, especially if you need to travel to multiple shows. Modular designs, folding panel displays and pop-ups can better help you take your show on the road.
  • Goals: Why are you taking part in this show? If you want to make sales, point of purchase (POP) displays may be ideal. For a networking event, digital displays can help you communicate a breadth of information with a sense of immersion. For branding, a brightly hued photo area with repeat banners provides the ideal backdrop for photos.

Knowing your options empowers you to create a trade show design that fulfills your goals. The process begins with booth layout measurements, which determine how much real estate you have to communicate your brand. Try to visit the venue before the event to gauge how much space you have. SpeedPro can create displays including backdrops, meter boards, printed tablecloths, table-toppers, pop-ups, banners and flags.

When you’re preparing for a trade show, the last thing you want to worry about is installing your graphics. SpeedPro Chicago Loop can recommend local installers to come directly to your booth location and set up your display, although most venues will have qualified installers to support you efforts. When you arrive, everything will be ready to go.

Our overall goal is to make it easy for you, so that you can focus all your attention on connecting with customers. And maybe hearing a few extra compliments on your booth.


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