Sporting Events


Events like races, tournaments and extreme sports competitions need specialized signage for portability and weather conditions. There are a lot of signage and graphic options to choose from, so it’s essential to research which one is best for your event. To help guide you, we’ve compiled a list of common events and some of the signs you might need.


Running events are fun, festive activities that can attract a large number of competitors and spectators. However, they can also be overwhelming if not planned well. Implementing graphics, signs, tents and flags into your running sporting event can help manage the flow of traffic, incentivize sponsors and add to the excitement of the festivities. Here are some ideas of things you can set up to make the most of your graphics.

  • Directional signage: Directional signage is an effective way to make sure all your guests, athletes and officials know where everything is and how to get there. You can use it to direct athletes toward the locker rooms and sign-in tents, or to point guests towards the ticket booths and food vendors. Giving your attendees clear directions helps them feel welcomed and reassures them they are in the right place.
  • Concrete graphics: Similarly, you can use concrete graphics as directional signage. Signs in a crowded area can be hard for some people to read, so floor graphics offer a better solution. However, in running events, you can also use concrete graphics to mark the direction of the runners, the starting points or the finish line. Concrete graphics also offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to advertise their company, products or service.
  • Event tents: Quality event tents are another crucial part of any running event. They offer distinct stations for guests to find information, sign in, buy merchandise and any other station the event requires. Event tents are portable and easy to assemble, so you can set them up and take them down with little time or effort. They offer protection from extreme sun and rain, covering guests, officials, athletes or awards. Event tents also provide additional surfaces you can sell to sponsors for advertising space.
  • Flags: Custom flags are another festive way to decorate your running event. You can use them to attract people to the event, make the track look festive and provide space for your sponsors. Especially in outdoor spaces, they are a creative way to get people’s attention, since they blow in the wind and catch people’s eyes.


Weekend tournaments are part of almost every competitive sport, so there are a lot of factors to consider when picking out graphics. Outdoor event signage is essential if you want your attendees to feel excited, welcomed and confident they know where they’re going. For these events, be sure to use the following ideas.

  • Sponsor banners: Tournaments are expensive events to organize, so if you want to find options for increasing funding, sponsor banners are an excellent method. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect way to grab people’s attention.
  • Event check-in tents: Weekend tournaments host large numbers of athletes and spectators, so you must be able to process them all quickly. Check-in tents are the best way to make sure everyone gets the information they need and that the event runs smoothly.
  • Weather-resistant materials: If your event takes place outside, make sure your banners, signs and graphics consist of the appropriate materials. Outdoor event graphics are water- and weather-resistant, so they won’t run or fall apart if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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