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Event Graphics

Event Graphics in Dayton, OH

Think about the last time you attended an event. Whether it was a concert, showcase or sporting event, you probably remember your experience — the excitement you felt walking into the door, feeling overwhelmed at all the signs and banners hanging around to read and more. You probably don’t just remember the main event but all the little details that went into it too.

Now, wouldn’t you like to bring that level of excitement into your own corporate event? Don’t you want your guests and customers to not only appreciate the business aspect you’re presenting but also feel excited, welcome and inspired?

SpeedPro can help you achieve those goals. Our studio is more than ready to partner with you to make sure your next corporate event is perfectly coordinated with your event graphic designs, ensuring the best experience for all attendees. Reach out to us today, and we’ll start customizing!

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Setting up Your Event

During our consultation, we’ll discuss what your business represents and how we can brand that throughout your event. Do you want to emphasize products? Services? Your business’s mission statement? A creative environment? SpeedPro Dayton is here to help you figure that out and put it into action.

We offer a wide range of graphic designs for events that you can pick and choose from. From the tiny decorative pieces to the large, all-encompassing designs, we have you covered. Some of our options include:

Outdoor Event Graphics

Outside your event, banners can help bring in guests and make your event space easy to find. You can promote your event on a street banner that spans the road across both lanes or attach smaller, custom-cut banners to lamp posts. Our vivid inks will bring attention to these signs as they line your venue. Window graphics can be displayed on the outside windows. You can make a statement with our large perforated film graphics or even use removable window clings to share information.

Directional Signage

Directional signage will be extremely helpful in navigating people’s path into your event and throughout your location. The parking area might be full, so clearly directing traffic will help with any confusion once the event is over. Including signage that is specifically branded to your business will also help customers get into the experience of the event.

Indoor Event Graphics

Inside your event location, your graphic designs are present for the “wow” factor. Surround a stage or platform with backlit graphics to direct attention. Floor decals can be placed on the ground to pull attention toward a gathering place or make the whole venue feel united. The main key in all of these corporate graphics is to grab attention while contributing to the overall experience of the event.

We can also do event graphics for vendors and trade show booths.

Your Printing Partner in Dayton for Custom Event Graphics

When you choose SpeedPro, you choose a company looking to promote your business in the best light possible with the most attractive event graphics. Dress up your next event in a new and empowering way by contacting our studio today! We’re ready to set up an appointment to consult about your business and branding needs.

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