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Remember the last time you walked around a college campus and saw all the banners hanging from light poles? The school pride they show gives a sense of community and belonging, making everyone feel welcome and included. The same can be said for music festivals or conferences. Large banners overhead catch your eye and make you excited to be part of something so large and encompassing.

At SpeedPro Desert Valley, we can use custom banners to help bring an impressive level of excitement and exclusivity to your business. After we take the time to listen to your company’s goals and ideals, we can create customized banners that capture your business’s essence.

Want to invite more customers into your business? With a quick turnaround time, we can get you started with some new banners when you call us today.

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The Strength of Our Custom Banners

At SpeedPro, we’re focused on creating big and bold graphics for your business. We build your brand and help display and extend that message to as many people as possible.

There are three main strengths we represent in our banners — impact, versatility and durability. When you partner with SpeedPro Desert Valley, we can assure we’ll meet your needs.


The fabrics and materials we use in our banners enable them to be durable, no matter the setting. Vinyl banners are sturdy by nature, especially when paired with our retractable banner stands. Indoors, our banners stand tall and show pride when hung from overhanging grommets. Our vinyl banners also remain sturdy outside. However, if you’re in an area of potentially high winds, you may be interested in our mesh banners. With an airflow allowance of up to 70 percent, these banners have reduced risk of being torn or weathered down.


The versatility of our banners comes from their various display methods. Stand them up on their own with banner stands or table-top displays. Hang them from light beams or light poles. Affix them to walls with grommets and poles. You can choose to keep your banners indoors or move them outdoors into nicer weather whenever it pleases you!


Because of these features, the impact our banners have on your business is amazing. The ink our team uses comes from advanced machines, designed to be fade-resistant and vivid. Our bold graphics will grab and pull attention as people approach from a distance. Banners hanging from above can pull customers’ eyes up and around to take in your entire office or display.

When used effectively, your banners can create a sense of community among your employees as well as your customers. Having a welcoming atmosphere is crucial in convincing customers to return to your business again and again.

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