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Creating a stand-out display at a corporate event can be somewhat difficult. You have to be seen apart from all the other tables, tents and banners to prove you’re worth someone’s time. It’s a lot to do by yourself — which is why SpeedPro is here to help.

With our big and bold graphics, SpeedPro Desert Valley knows how to make a statement for your business. We have experience in print and advertising, meaning we know what it takes to get you recognized amidst a crowd. For your next big event, call SpeedPro — we’ll get you set up in no time!

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Clear the Competition at Your Corporate Event

Many corporate events will feature the same displays — a table under a tent with some stand-up banners and maybe an interactive display. This appearance is standard for many companies, as their purpose at events is to inform prospective clients about their services. However, with SpeedPro, your display can go above and beyond the competition.

We know the right event graphics for your brand and the color printing techniques to help your display stand out and draw people in again and again.

We Prepare Graphics for Events

We offer a variety of customizable graphics options for events including:

  • Banners
  • Banner Stands
  • Table-Top Displays
  • Tents

Vinyl Banners

Banners can literally flag down attention and raise awareness to your set-up. If the area allows it, extend them above and around you. Hanging these vinyl banners from grommets and poles will elevate them above the displays themselves and allow people to look around the event space instead of just at what’s directly in front of them.

Retractable Banner Stands

You can also place retractable banner stands around your table. Great for presenting information, these stands are sturdy enough that even in a packed crowd they won’t wear down or collapse. Including a retractable banner in front of your table invites people to approach you, giving you the chance to invite them further in for a sales pitch or to answer questions.

Table-Top Displays

Our custom event graphics also include table-top displays. Whether you want a miniature banner, tablet display or sales kiosk, including these little pieces will grab attention. If you want to start a discussion with customers at corporate events, sparking their interest with digital media and flashy designs will do just that.

Event Tents

SpeedPro can also design tents for your space. If your event is outdoors, a tent will provide a sense of closure, protection and environment for your display. Our sturdy frames are easy to set up, install and tear down. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, our tents — designed with your brand in mind — will intrigue and welcome customers. Our attention to bold images and stunning, fade-resistant colors will catch eyes from everyone around.

Get Ready for Your Next Event With SpeedPro Desert Valley

Call or stop by SpeedPro Desert Valley to set up a consultation for your upcoming event. We work to meet your business and branding needs in all areas of graphics. By meeting with you one-on-one, we can assure our production will be what you’ve envisioned.

Our studio specializes in indoor and outdoor signage and trade show displays, so be sure to discuss your next event with us! We service all businesses and organizations located in the Phoenix and Peoria areas.

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