Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade shows tend to be big, crowded and intense events. For you to have a successful day or show, your booth needs to stand out from the competition and invite guests to learn more. In order to do so, you’ll need to invest in some creative and eye-catching graphics — that’s where SpeedPro comes in.

We create show-stopping trade show display booths and backdrops, customized to maximize and sell your brand at any event on your agenda.

Our Accessible Trade Show Display Booths

Our goal is to create customizable trade show displays that put your brand front and center for everyone to see. Whether you need a professional event or a popup trade show display at a high school or university, we’ll work with you to create the perfect solution.

With our displays and graphics, we aim to match four important categories — portability, versatility, durability, and ease of assembly. As you will see, all aspects of our customized trade show display items will contribute to a reusable and long-term application.

Customizable Graphics for Your Display

We can create multiple graphics and designs for your display area. These include but are not limited to:

One of the key elements to building successful trade show displays is to make sure they’re portable. No one wants to have two or three show displays within a month — or a week! — and not be able to reuse the same graphics and props. Our event tents are easily collapsible and can be carried around in a convenient bag. Retractable banners work the same way, as they can retract into an easy-to-carry bar rather than a flapping banner.

Along with portability comes ease of assembly. Event tents do not require tools and can be locked into place. Banners can be hung from grommets or displayed along poles. Our backlit graphics can be placed easily onto walls without an excess of tools being needed.

The versatility of some products is a specialty we favor at SpeedPro. Table-toppers can be used to elaborately cover and attract the eye to your table while also being hung behind your area as a temporary trade show backdrop. Retractable banners can be used indoors and outdoors to greet customers and share information. Fabric signs may be used to direct guests to your station or remain at your table to feature products and services your business offers.

Finally, SpeedPro of Greater Atlanta considers the durability of every product we customize and offer. The materials we use are made to last through weather conditions and harsh environments. Our printing technology allows us to produce fade-resistant inks. Additionally, our vinyl graphics can last for up to seven years, ensuring a long-lasting time of use to meet your business needs.


Types & Sizes of Top-Quality Trade Show Displays

SpeedPro carries some of the large-format print industry’s most extensive trade show exhibit lines. See for yourself what we can design — and what you can display at your next professional undertaking.


SpeedPro produces four main types of modular booth kits:

  1. Linear module: Linear trade show displays have a rectangular fabric backdrop and a portable extrusion frame, available in 10-foot and 20-foot modules. They have the option for additional fabric pillowcase and wing fabric accents as well as display accessories.
  2. Vector frame modular: Vector frames are a geometric modular kit with push-fit SEG backdrop graphics and aluminum framing that, when assembled, give displays a unique staggered, 3D extrusion. They are available in 10-foot and 20-foot modules with optional LED graphic backlighting and matching counters.
  3. Hybrid modular: Hybrid kits combine the push-fit SEG backdrops and aluminum framing of vector frames with the fabric and accessory extension available on linear modules. Additional features include canvas canopies, half walls, LED lighting, geometric architectural fabric structures and electronic hook-ins.
  4. Island and orbital: Island kits and orbit trusses create circular, 360-degree trade show displays rather than linear, rectangular or square walk-ups. Fabric graphics and other accessories are held by strong steel trusses and can feature additional towers, canopies, kiosks, storage space or merchandise shelving. Island and orbital kits come in 10-by-10-foot and 20-by-20-foot configurations.


Eye-catching fabric flags and banners are staples adorning trade show booths. SpeedPro offers them in several customizable templates:

  1. Retractable or roll-up banners
  2. Telescopic banner stands
  3. Spring-back x-banners
  4. Tension fabric frames

Each flag or banner comes with a durable framing system. Aluminum and plastic piping frames remain the most popular, though exhibit designs going the extra mile can opt for choices like illuminated fabric frames or extra strong steel trusses. Each banner and frame type is portable and requires no special tools for assembly or disassembly.


Table throws, runners and skirts are the fabric overlays draped over a regular trade show table or counter. They boost a plain surface’s appearance and enhance the aesthetics and messaging affordances of your booth. Choose from 11 base fabric colors and over 20 printed or imprinted graphics in customizable lengths and scales.


Adorn your portable trade show exhibits with accessories transforming it from a 2D display to a 3D, interactive experience. SpeedPro carries portable literature racks, kiosks, counters, shelving, tablet stands, multimedia fixtures and more tabletoppers and booth enhancements.

You can also select from a range of trade show signage lines to round out your display, from standing and snap-frames and directional signs.


Lightweight, portable and visually arresting, pop-up displays are graphic fabric collateral meant to add literal “pop” to your exhibit. SpeedPro prints two main categories of pop-up displays, each with a list of customizable features:

  • Collapsible displays: Collapsible displays come in four lightweight, quick-assembly varieties with accordion-style support frames, perfect for displaying branded imagery and text.
  • Folding panel displays: Folding panel displays use printed panels you can fold up and take with you on the go. Sizes range from 48-inch by 24-inch tabletoppers to 5-foot by 5-foot standing backdrop panels.


Customized event tents let you bring your booth outdoors. SpeedPro prints pop-up tent modules with customized tension fabric canvas or canopy tops, walls, half-walls and backdrops using only the best of today’s UV-resistant inks.


Display lighting elevates your trade show exhibit to the next level, ensuring your booth is bigger and brighter — literally — than any other. Many businesses employ illuminated graphics to highlight brand logos or special products and services, which can be printed and fashioned in-house by your SpeedPro partner.

LED front and backlighting also make favorite additions to trade show booths. Portable exhibits can come outfitted for spotlighting, including floodlights, display lights, exhibition strips and colored bulb accents.


Flatter both the function and form of your corporate trade show booth using digital booth elements. Screens and digital signs can help your exhibit stand out from the crowd, while tablets can relay information about your company’s products or services, display videos, feature multimedia content or turn interactive. For example, have booth attendees take a special, industry or event-relevant quiz on your exhibit’s touch screens.

SpeedPro can help source and install the components necessary to make your booth go digital:


Floor graphics add a final embellishment to your trade show display. Print short-term, “peel and place” custom floor stickers and decals ideal for highlighting your company’s name, logo, brand messaging, company values, wayfinding signage or even creative booth greetings.


Step-and-repeat banners are a subtle experiential marketing method perfect for the trade show atmosphere. Booth visitors will enjoy snapping group photos or taking selfies in front of your branded backdrop. You can incentivize photo-taking and sharing through product or service giveaways. Or you can create a special hashtag for trade show attendees then share tagged materials on your own social media pages — maintaining a sense of exclusivity while still amplifying your brand.

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