Wall Murals in San Diego

Wall Murals in San Diego

Wall Murals in San Diego, Encinitas, La Jolla and North County

Do you feel like there’s a big, empty space sitting directly inside your restaurant’s or office’s waiting area?

SpeedPro San Diego offers production & installation services which means quick turnaround times from concept to production to utilization and realizing its ROI fast!

At SpeedPro of Greater San Diego, we work directly with you to focus on the areas of your business that need the most visible branded appearance, and we’ll deliver a bigger than life wall mural that welcomes your guests or co-workers, whatever the purpose might be.

If your business is located in the counties of San Diego, Orange, LA or Riverside, reach out to our team now to begin designing your wall mural. We are located just north of Miramar and 15 minutes from Downtown San Diego.

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Types of Wall Murals

Is your office space making you want to fall asleep? With intricate and interesting custom wall graphics from SpeedPro San Diego, you can transform your work environment into a truly wonderful and personalized space your employees and visitors will enjoy. We’re inspired by bold shapes, bright colors and unique design aesthetics to create attractive custom wall graphics such as life-sized wall murals, textile and fabric graphics, personalized wallpaper, custom quotes and logo graphics.

Different types of wall surfaces (e.g. sheetrock, wood, glass, brick, metal, etc.) require specific types of media that possess particular adhesive and flexibility. The mural media is the material your image is printed on — some of the most common types on the market today are cast vinyl, calendared vinyl, photo paper, frost, translucent, textured wall paper, canvas, perforated film for glass or window applications and specialty substrates and laminates. How the final image appears is largely determined by the type of printed media as well as the ink. At SpeedPro, we specialize in using Latex, UV-curable, and eco-solvent ink.

SpeedPro Greater San Diego uses materials that can be peeled or removed off of the wall without damaging paint. This allows businesses we work with to interchange graphics within their space seamlessly.

How Can Printed Wall Murals Affect Your Space?

For customer connection, the best area to place a custom vinyl wall paper is right inside the front entrance. However, it’s not the only place to engage with your customers. Place a wall mural or covering directly behind your reception desk or a host so that as every guest checks in, it’s one of the first things they see. You might also have a hallway that customers routinely walk down — make their journey a bit more exciting by adding one or two printed wall murals that lead them into their scheduled discussion.

At SpeedPro of Greater San Diego, we’ll also create vinyl wall murals that are intended to inspire and motivate your group of employees. One of the best areas to focus on is the conference room or a general meeting room. A wall mural branded with your company’s mission statement or relevant goals and values will encourage discussions and negotiations to reflect these points. It’s a great way to focus your team while also reminding them of the mission they’re helping with.

Vibrant Wall Murals for Businesses in San Diego

Looking for the right fixture to enhance your walls and inspire your work environment? Visit our studio or schedule a consultation to see how detailed your printed wall mural can be. We’ll also provide you with a free quote for your design — call us today.

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