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Step and <span>Repeat Banners</span>

Step and Repeat Banners in Memphis

Have you ever noticed how many organizations and companies are branded on the red carpets of movie events and showings? Most of the branding is placed somewhat behind the scenes, though it isn’t too hard to find. When you look at all the photos taken on the carpet, you’ll notice that behind everyone is often a screen with brand names and logos. They may not be front and center, but they sure do get an appearance in a lot of photos!

How would you like to bring the red carpet festivities to your next big professional event? Now, you can! SpeedPro Memphis East can create custom step and repeat banners specific to your business, perfectly branded for your upcoming corporate event. Choose your size and frame, and we’ll create the design that meets your needs. Make your event as fancy or fun as you’d like!

If your business or organization is located in the areas of Memphis, Olive Branch or Collierville, reach out to our studio today.

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Multiple Uses for Unforgettable Step and Repeat Backdrops

Step and repeat banners are one of many fashionable and branded product our team at SpeedPro creates. You can even set up multiple in a row to create a decorative look down the length of a hallway or around the perimeter of a room. These vinyl step and repeat backdrops are made to be durable, able to be used over and over again for all of your professional events.

Use a vibrant step and repeat banner to elevate your status as a professional brand and create connections with guests.

At a trade show, a custom step and repeat banner can be used as the backdrop behind your table setup. This setup will allow customers to grow the connection between your business and the branded image you have on display, repeated across the tent area. If it’s a highly spectated event, you might even find people taking press photos, giving you and your business even more exposure with the proper advertising.

For a point of purchase display, having a step and repeat banner by your side helps bring in potential clients because of its big and bold look. If you set a few up side by side, it becomes the perfect photo opportunity. Not only will your customers have the fun of treating the step and repeat backdrop like a photoshoot, but it will also give your brand exposure. Once people post their photos online, your business quickly gets advertised, increasing your visibility far beyond the room of the event.

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If you like the idea of branding your business at your next trade show or event, contact our studio today! We’ll set up a consultation for you to discuss your branding needs with our design and production team. Installing a custom step and repeat banner could give you exposure in a new and fun way!

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