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Trade Show Booth Design Guide

When you participate in a trade show, your company is up against numerous other companies, grappling for the attention of visitors with their trade show exhibits. To differentiate yourself, you’ll need to understand your options for trade show exhibit booths, along with the ways you can take your booth to the next plateau.


To understand how to put together your trade show exhibit booth, you should be knowledgeable about all of the products and features available to you. When you’re well informed on the materials you can use, you’ll be able to develop a custom trade show exhibit that’s sure to impress. Consider the following features of an effective trade show exhibit:


Tabletop exhibit displays will can help accentuate your brand.

Table graphics come in a variety of types and styles. Tabletop exhibits will give prominence to your table and attract people as they approach your booth. With literature racks and touchscreen mounts, you can even include materials that lead to further engagement from attendees. Table runners are one of the most popular options for trade show exhibits, as they can spice up your tables and make them more visually appealing. They come in 6-foot and 8-foot sizes, and you can modify them with a variety of styles and accessories. Dye-sublimated printed table runners and covers provide additional branding and messaging opportunities.


On floor graphics, you can reflect your company's personality.


Floor graphics are perfect for trade shows, as they can easily be applied and removed. They are designed with adhesives that make them easy to adjust or remove but still keep them securely attached to the ground even with a significant amount of foot traffic. Highlight your message, logo, to make it reflect your company’s personality.


Backdrops set the background of your display.


Booth backdrops are central to any trade show exhibit display. They set the background of your display, giving your booth depth while also branding the exhibit. They come in sizes ranging from 8 to 30 feet wide and are available in a variety of styles. These styles include half walls, hanging banners, and paneled backwall accents. Adding custom imagery and designs to your backdrops can help establish the theme of your booth and help you promote your brand.


Both formation kits come in a variety of styles, each one providing a unique layout.

With booth formations, you’ll be able to set the overall layout of your display design. These kits come in a variety of styles like the island exhibit, counter, and table-booth, with each one providing a unique layout. Despite these kits covering a lot of ground, they are designed for ease of assembly and portability. For island exhibits, in particular, you have a variety of options for the formation of your booth. The Orbital Express™ Truss comes with tall graphic panels, counters for displaying materials and a variety of configurations to attract visitors to your booth. Another option, the Hybrid Pro™ Modular exhibit and arrives with laminated panels, semi-private meeting areas, towers and much more for a unique design. Additionally, they come with accents like monitor mounts, display lighting, and literature racks.


To enhance the functionality and visual appeal to your booth, you can add extra features such as architectural fabric components, ceiling-hung structures and walk-up counters. In addition to these features, you can add a variety of modular accessories to the displays.

Fabric-overlayed modular counters are stand-alone displays that add functional value and a unique look to your trade show exhibit. You can mix and match these counters with your other exhibit features. As they are fabric-overlayed, they can include custom graphics to improve the aesthetic of your booth. Along with modular counters, architectural fabric components make it possible to include unique conference walls, arches, towers, funnels and video rooms in your booth.


One way to increase visitor engagement is to use interactive installations at your booth to give visitors something to do. An interactive installation gives visitors a hands-on, immersive experience that keeps them at your exhibit longer, giving you more time to make a positive impression. Some useful interactive elements include touchscreens, televisions, computers, step and repeat banners, kiosks, computers, fabric iPad stands, digital signage and more.

One of the main features that you can include is fabric overlapped iPad Kiosks. Adding custom graphics to the structures for these kiosks can aid in your exhibition stall branding. You can then set up the iPads to engage users with a game, survey, video or other engaging feature. Another way to increase engagement and spread your brand is with step and repeat banners. Visitors can take a picture with your banner serving as a backdrop, increasing engagement with your brand.




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