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Bus Wraps in North Palm Beach, FL

Buses on their own represent strong eye-catchers, so adorning them with custom graphics can only increase the impressions they create. SpeedPro North Palm Beach can create custom bus wraps for a range of different purposes, as we’re committed to offering solutions to our clients. From conceptualization to installation, we’ll be prepared to handle any request you make.

We’ve served businesses in Palm Beach, Jupiter, the Treasure Coast and other surrounding communities, and we’ll gladly make you the next.

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Why Bus Wraps?

Bus wraps have been around prominently since the late 20th century, as large corporations have used them as part of promotional campaigns and other marketing ploys. As the vehicle advertising industry has grown, however, these wraps have become more accessible to smaller businesses as well. Whether it involves city buses, private coaches or tour buses, wraps are a marketing medium that offers unparalleled ROI.

Buses are about the closest that a business can get to a moving billboard due to their sheer size, which ensures that you’ll generate impressions wherever they end up.

Wraps can gain up to 70,000 views per day, and 97 percent of drivers who observe them say that they’re more likely to remember whatever is advertised, which makes a strong promotional tool.

Custom Partial and Full Bus Wraps

While vehicle wraps in general have become more accessible, getting them installed can still be an expensive and complicated process that requires careful planning and fervent attention. Luckily, we provide both of these qualities and then some! If you want to go with a full bus wrap, a partial one or even just a simple logo, we’ll help you with every choice to ensure that it’s the right one.

We’ll also do our research, as well as extensive surveying, to determine what materials, inks and laminates will work best for your project. We’re partnered with industry leaders, which means your wraps will be a high enough quality to maintain their vibrancy for years. We’ll gladly do touch-ups and repairs to them along the way as well.

Tracking your impressions is important, which is why we’ll help you set up a unique phone number or landing page to track the leads each wrap generates. We’ll use a computer program to help finalize the design on a vehicle template and eliminate any issues before final production, and from there, we can work on completing the entire process.

Once the bus is thoroughly washed and transported to our studio, we’ll install the wrap quickly and efficiently to meet your goals and timelines.

High-Quality Bus Wraps Design and Printing in North Palm Beach

Contact us today to schedule your consultation! If you’re interested in visiting our studio, we’re located in Stuart on Southwest Ellipse Way, just off of Route 76 near Florida’s Turnpike.

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