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Fleet Wraps in Omaha

Vehicle wrapping and advertising is the most efficient advertising method outside the office, as reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. It returns a low cost per thousand impressions, meaning you can earn more than you spend.

If your business often sends out a large number of trucks or vans to transport or distribute product, you should invest in fleet wraps!

At SpeedPro Omaha, we understand the importance of branding yourself in an attractive and eye-catching way — what better way than to use the trucks you’re using every day to speak for you in multiple locations?

Businesses in or around Lincoln, as well as Council Bluffs in Iowa, can call or come into our studio to discuss this exciting marketing method.

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Options for Custom Fleet Wraps

Let’s say you’re a wedding caterer. How nice and professional-looking would it be if you could design the outside of your vans? You could feature your business name in elegant typography, list your contact info and even display one of your featured dishes. Someone who passes by your vans on the way to a ceremony may be tempted by the dish and wonder about the name, leading them to either check you out themselves or recommend your business to a friend.

Fleet wraps are incredible tools for spreading the word about your business. An important decision that needs to be made when going with this method is how much coverage you want. Options for our custom fleet wraps include:

  • Full fleet wraps
  • Partial fleet wraps
  • Vehicle lettering

So, how do you decide which option to invest in? It depends on how much advertising you need and how covered you want your crew to look. You can choose between a maximum amount of coverage and a decent amount of coverage.

Full fleet wraps cover the entirety of the vehicle — hood, windows, back door, roof and side panels. Your truck or van will become a full-on brand, no matter which angle it’s looked at from. When all your tractor trailers barrel down the highway together or surround cars in a traffic jam, people will realize how powerful and impressive a full branded look can be.

A partial fleet wrap will encompass the same kind of design, just at a lesser volume. For instance, maybe your wedding vans will be wrapped only along the one side where the sliding door is, or you’ll run an image across all your windows. The same bright and vivid colors are still displayed on your vehicles but with less coverage.

You can also choose vehicle lettering. If you want to write your business’s name in a font that matches your brand, you can apply our vinyl graphics. This design can be either long-term or temporary, depending on your business needs and the adhesive used.

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Custom fleet wraps are an amazing advertising method for companies who spend a lot of their time on the road or in the public eye with several vehicles. You can grab attention from a driver half a mile away or a person walking by a parking lot. Reach out to us at SpeedPro Omaha to set up a consultation today and embrace this method!

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