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How many times have you driven down the highway and happened to look at and read the same billboard over and over again? It doesn’t even need to be different every time — there’s just something about it that catches your eye and makes you look at it. It’s obviously effective and catching multiple people’s interest. If it weren’t, it surely wouldn’t still be planted and advertising there.

Billboards are so effective because of their visual displays. The vivid colors, bold letters, appealing message — all of it attracts the eye. Wouldn’t you like your business advertising to be as successful as these billboards?

Well, now it can be. At SpeedPro, we specialize in custom vehicle wraps. Our skilled team works to print graphics and images that represent and reflect your business. SpeedPro Omaha auto wraps are guaranteed to meet high-quality standards for your graphics.

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Custom Car Wraps Omaha, NE

These graphics then get wrapped onto your car so that you can be running some errands and listening to music while simultaneously getting the word out about your business.

If you’d like to see an increase in your sales and marketing success, reach out to SpeedPro Omaha for a quote today! We’ll work to create eye-catching vehicle graphics that lead to results for your business.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

When we sit down for a consultation, our team will identify what representation your business needs. This decision often comes in the form of how short-term or long-term you want your advertisements to be.

SpeedPro Omaha offers three main types of custom vehicle wraps:

  • Fleet wrap
  • Full wrap
  • Partial wrap

If you’re the business owner of a company who does a lot of traveling work with trucks and vans, fleet wraps may create the look you’re going for. They’re designed to create a uniform look between all vehicles that run under the same company.

We create our fleet wraps by first printing images in rectangular sheets of vinyl. These are then rolled onto the sides and back doors of trucks and vans to develop an overall graphic. You can see how impressive this effect is when all the trucks are parked together at a docking station, but what really seals the deal is when multiple trucks are driving down the highway together. Seeing a fully customized fleet of trucks barreling behind you in the rearview mirror can make a statement — and it also effectively captures your attention!

Full wraps are essentially the same product as fleets except made for a single vehicle. In this case, the full wrap will dress your hood, windows, roof, bumper and side doors in bold colors and graphics. This coverage is the most you can get to brand your company entirely. A full wrap can be a perfect option for a company that’s just starting and has no current customer following. Zooming down the street in a car fully decked out with your business’s promo will turn heads and pique the interest of other drivers.

A partial wrap offers your vehicle less coverage with the same emphasis on making an impact. Maybe you want only the windows or your side doors covered. These partial wraps may be ideal if you already have existing forms of advertising and don’t want to invest your all in this. Partial wraps are great for assisting your marketing to add that extra “oomph” to your brand!

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Our studio is celebrating more than seven years of service. If vehicle advertising sounds like an exciting new adventure for you, we’d love to be a part of it! Come in today, and we’ll get started with a consultation to discuss your project.

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