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Directional Signage in Phoenix

You’ve surely experienced the dread and stress of working your way around an unfamiliar area before. Whether you were driving in a new town or walking through a new building for the first time, you know how it feels to be unsure about your every move. With directional signage for businesses, you’ll be able to alleviate some of this stress for your first-time customers and create a better environment for everyone walking through.

SpeedPro of Phoenix knows how important it is to create positive customer satisfaction and generate increased sales. Everyone knows that an unhappy customer leads to less-than-positive business, creating a negative impression for that customer and anyone they interact with. To ensure your building or office contributes to a positive experience and pleasant first impression, remember that wayfinding signage can make customers and guests feel like they’re welcome.

When you customize your directional signage, you continue promoting your brand while welcoming your guests into a comfortable environment.

If your company or organization needs some updated directional signage in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Arcadia, contact our team today, and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your design.

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How Does Custom Directional Signage Help Businesses?

Creating a pleasant experience for customers goes beyond the daily interactions you have with them inside your office or building. In fact, many times, that experience begins on the walk up to your front door. Establishing a welcoming environment outside will encourage the same attitude and experience inside.

One of the first places to direct your attention to in regard to wayfinding signage is the parking lot, or wherever you provide parking spaces. If you’ve ever been to a shop in the city, you know how frustrating it can be not knowing where you have to park to go where you want to go. Adding signage on street posts or along the sidewalk can let customers know which areas are available and which are off-limits.

You can also get creative with your custom directional signage, designing shapes like arrows, circles and crosses — but be sure to keep your information direct and readable. Differentiate between all-access and employee-only areas. Let guests know which entrances and exits are accessible, and keep emergency exists clearly labeled.

If your business is set within an office, make sure employees and clients know where they’re going at all times. Clearly label which rooms are which, and identify the offices that are open to guests and which are open to employees. For instance, private offices should be marked separate from joint conference rooms.

It’s also a great idea to keep a directory located near your reception or front lobby area. Many customers will have questions upon entering for the first time, trying to figure out where certain areas are located. Providing your customers with an interactive display of where they need to go will assure a smooth transition from space to space.

Professional Wayfinding Signage for Businesses in Phoenix

SpeedPro of Phoenix is more than ready to work with you in creating custom wayfinding signage for your business. Call our studio today, and we’ll help you find the visual solutions you need to create a perfect office experience for your customers.

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