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Convention halls, outdoor spaces and buildings with concrete flooring all make excellent homes for floor decals. These tough stickers will stay where you place them, whether that’s indoors or out, are easy to care for and allow you to place a sign in an eye-catching location.

You might not think of the floor as a particularly exciting spot, but that’s precisely what makes it effective — it stands out from the ads at eye level that people are used to. And since they’re by your feet, custom floor decals are perfect for directional signs, like arrows that point someone to your store. Concrete surfaces are common in heavy-duty environments, as well as outdoor pathways. Here are some popular ways to use them with custom floor decals.


Concrete floor stickers can do everything from advertising and directing to informing and decorating. Their uses are wide-reaching. Here are some of our favorite ways to use floor decals for concrete.


Buildings of all types, from convention halls and dining centers to malls and garages, can have concrete flooring. Many of these places can benefit from arrows and other signage that help visitors get around. A convention center can place labeled arrows pointing to where different events are held, while a dining center could put the names or logos of different restaurants down, with arrows pointing to their locations.

In malls, large department stores often work as reference points, and directional signs can tell people where they are in major hallway intersections. In addition to helping people find their way to their destination, directional signs often do double-duty as advertisements.


If you have the opportunity to place concrete floor stickers outside your establishment, you have a great way to increase your reach and help visitors find you. If your building is in a hard-to-find location, these signs may be critical to getting customers in the door, especially if you place them farther away from your storefront. Many boutique-style storefronts can also benefit from putting signs on the sidewalk in front of their store, such as their logo, to make them stand out more.

A clever way to use outdoor signs is to create a breadcrumb trail of footprints or paw prints. Think of a zoo with bird tracks leading to the aviary or a university with a lion mascot having giant paw prints leading to the student center. These decals are a great way to add personality to an outdoor area.


If there’s a reason for people to expect your business to close, such as heavy construction on an access road, a “We’re Open” sign can be a great way to reassure people that you’re ready for business. Be careful you don’t do this without a clear reason, otherwise people may think you’re open during non-business hours, as opposed to being open in general.


Many times, businesses will need to mark spaces for some reason or another. They may want to number parking spaces or designate spots for disabled people. Office spaces could number rooms by putting the information on the ground instead of a doorplate. In addition, different types of areas can use signage, such as a to-go pickup space or an “Order Here” sign.

Floor decals for concrete are also necessary for many marathon events. Got a charity 5K coming up? Work your logo into an attractive sign to use as the start or finish line.


Many environments call for spacing to meet safety needs. In an industrial plant, employees might need to stand a certain distance from dangerous machinery. In a subway system, riders must stand back from the tracks. Custom floor decals are perfect for these applications.

Distance markers

They can also come into play during periods of social distancing, where customers and employees must stand apart for health reasons.


In some areas, people benefit from a gentle nudge or a reminder of what they should be doing. Let’s say someone reaches a crosswalk and stands there for a long time, not realizing there’s a walk signal button just to their left. A decal can let them know. You could also tell people to check in at a front desk or keep treadmill use under half an hour.


Use your signs as a marketing opportunity as well as an interesting piece of education for the day. Tell visitors a little something about your company or a fun fact about your product. Industry awards are also excellent to show off through concrete floor stickers.


Turn the ground into your own advertising space and use decals as promotional opportunities. You can advertise your business or specific events. Promotional materials can go by your entrance or farther away, such as down the sidewalk a little bit. For smaller businesses that may not have particularly bold signage, this kind of reach can be especially helpful.


Whether you want to place a giant mascot on the parking lot or get students hyped about an upcoming tournament, custom floor decals are the perfect way to get school spirit going. They’re bright and colorful, and you can use them for many themed pieces of decor. Try talking up your accomplishments with images to represent the awards your teams have won.


Speaking of decor, concrete floor stickers are excellent for adding creative touches to your interior design. At a wedding, you could place the bride and groom’s names in script text with a fancy flourish on the dance floor. A garage could put some tire tracks screeching through the lobby. Straightforward patterns can also go a long way, such as diamond outlines weaving across the floor or some well-placed lines.

With a creative touch like these, you also add character to your building while increasing your brand imagery.


If you’re placing a decal on concrete, you need products made precisely for the task, complete with the durability needed to stand up to foot traffic. We carry vinyl decals for short-term or semi-permanent sign options. All of them come with strong adhesives that are easy to install.

Custom floor decals can add a clean, professional component to your place of business, but only if it is made with quality and care. That’s where SpeedPro comes in. We’ve been making exceptional floor signs for years and have studios across the country that work hard to meet the SpeedPro standards.

To learn more about our concrete floor decals and what they can do for you, find your local studio today.

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