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Vehicle Wraps and Decals: Sources of Great Advertising

JUNE 28, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring



What is a Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are extremely popular for business promotion. The chief reasons according to industry experts are their affordability and effectiveness.

1) The process of printing and wrapping has become both easier and less expensive,

2) Vinyl and technology have greatly improved, and

3) Attractive graphic designs are a distinctive, captivating way to effectively advertise and promote a business.


We use the best Avery and 3M vinyl and laminates available in the industry. These products are backed by manufacturer warranties for durability and fading for 5 years.  Our eco-solvent inks have a range of 4 to 5 years.  Ranges are often increased due to prime weather conditions and care.


One of the many benefits that make vehicle advertising so attractive is the actual cost involved to produce a wrap. For an incredible number of viewer impressions, the cost of a wrap amortized over 4 years is about $45 per month for an average size vehicle. With partial wraps and complete wraps, solutions can be found for every business’ budget. Vehicle advertising is by far the most cost effective way of exterior advertising.


According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 daily vehicular impressions.

Paint Protection:

Vehicle wraps protect paintwork against sun damage, minor abrasions and small stone chips. The vinyl can also be removed after the promotion, or vehicle turnover, leaving the original paintwork in the same condition it was before it was covered.

High Impact:

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle advertising goes to where the people are – commuting, customer visits, sporting events, large draw venues.  Wraps create attention and get the message to the highest visibility areas, and are on the job everyday.

More Detail Wraps

Bus Vehicle Wraps – Advertising:

Having taken Europe and Asia by storm, wraps are now booming across many U.S. cities as an extremely cost effective advertising method. Our vinyl vehicle graphics can be used on any vehicle – cars, trucks, buses, trailers, golf carts, motorcycles or boats.

Simply put, wraps get attention, are less costly than paint jobs, allow for full photographic imagery and work 24/7. Vinyl letters can’t touch the effectiveness, presentation and viewer retention that wraps offer.

We also offer the perforated window vinyl that allows you to see an image on a glass window from the outside, while maintaining visibility from the inside. This effect allows graphic images to be carried in a continuous way across body panels and windows, without obstructing occupants view. Using many different media and design methods available to us, we can put together a project that will be stunning.

However, wraps are not only for vehicles. Help make your business stand out or advertise by using wraps for Kiosks or Booths such as do-it-yourself-photo booths.

Graphics & Decals:

Trailer Graphical Decals-Advertising and Signage:

Vinyl graphics are used to provide vehicles with corporate identity and contact information. Since we focus on print media, graphics are full color, detailed imagery and contour cut to shape. No matter what type graphics or decals you need, we have the capability to create the bold look you desire.

If you would like to learn more about vehicle graphics, check out our website

Watch this video to see the fascinating process of installing a vehicle wrap.

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