Event Graphics

Event Graphics

What Are the Most Popular Event Graphic Designs?

Adding vivid images to your space can create a fun atmosphere during your event and encourage guests to participate.

SpeedPro Solutions will keep your business in everyone’s mind with our extensive range of graphic designs for events. Choose features you can assemble inside and outside, including:

  • Event tents: Tents can help draw customers to you at any outdoor event and keep customers and your team shaded and protected.
  • Backlit graphics: Light up your message at your next trade show or event.
  • Environmental graphics: Transform any venue into a tropical rainforest, beach, desert or any other environment with adhesive graphics for the floor, windows and walls. Doing so can help you transform larger spaces to your exact brand image and let you meet experiential marketing goals.
  • Directional graphics: Help attendees find their way to your booth or event with graphics that show them how to find you.
  • Flags: Make passersby notice your event from outside with colorful flags.
  • Repeat banners: Create a photo opportunity with your logo by employing these banners. They’re perfect for demos and photo opportunities.
  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays: If you want to generate sales, remember that point of purchase displays encourage customers to try and buy.
  • Table coverings and tabletops displays: Make your table stand out with stunning, custom table coverings and table top displays to gain client interest. Tabletop displays can also be used instead of a trade show booth at a trade show.
  • Vehicle wraps: Pulling up to your event in a custom wrapped car is sure to help you stand out. In fact, the wrap will keep marketing your business long after the event is over.
Indoor Event Graphics
Outdoor Event Graphics

Great. Big. Banners.

Banners are some of the most dependable graphics because of how versatile they are. Made from vinyl, they’re able to withstand various conditions and continue to stand strong and resilient in any location. Promote your event days in advance with a customized, street-wide banner, hung up at a busy intersection within your town. Add a few around some lampposts along the street, leading a path of sorts up to your event venue. You can also attach a few hanging banners to your building, drawing attention from people nearby.

Use a few retractable banners to help guide guests up to the registration and sign-in table of your corporate event, where they can pick up name tags and other items. Encourage photo activity with a branded step and repeat banner, thus allowing guests to take their company or group photos in front of your branded image. Vinyl banners can also easily add pops of color to your event, always catching the eyes of your guests.

Enhanced Design and Printing for Corporate Event Graphics in Tempe

Visit SpeedPro Solutions to see all the custom event graphics available for you displayed in our showroom. We’ll also set up a consultation appointment to further discuss your exact branding needs.

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