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3 Simple Tips to Help You Chose the Best Vehicle Wrap Images for your Festive Food Trucks

APRIL 24, 2019| SpeedPro Towson



This festival season, upgrade your food truck design to attract more hungry guests and maximize your marketing ROI.

Vehicle wraps are some of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness. In fact, the simple yet powerful marketing tactic only costs about four cents per thousand impressions it generates.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t stretch your dollar – or pennies – however. Eye-catching design and strong branding elements maximize your vehicle wrap investment by grabbing more passerby attention and creating a lasting impact on audiences.

Plus, if your branding is going to create thousands of impressions every day, you want to also give viewers a good impression of your brand.

Here are three simple tips to help you choose the best vehicle wrap images for your festival food truck:


First and foremost, your vehicle wrap needs to be big, bold and vibrant. Festival grounds can stretch for miles, so you need to make sure hungry guests can see your vehicle wrap from far away.

A sign’s legibility is determined by the height, color and font characteristics of the text. And, obviously the larger the text, the greater its readable distance. The same is true for the images on your vehicle wrap – so bigger is better.

Bigger images of your specialty dishes mean they can be seen from greater distances, as well, while drawing in guests near and far. And, fewer, larger images give patrons visibility into your offerings without making them feel overwhelmed by pictures of every menu option.

While you may be tempted to showcase each of your culinary creations on the side of your truck, it’s much more effective to only select a few of your most popular menu items to display. Choose several high-resolution photos that make your food look even more appetizing when enlarged to show detail.


If you select the right images and design for your vehicle wrap, your display will go beyond just making your food and brand look good on the road.

The images you choose should also integrate well with the function of your truck, and they should be sized appropriately to stay prominent – whether you’re driving on the highway or are open for business.

In other words, make sure your vehicle wrap still looks good when your service window is open. All too often, food truck wraps look amazing when the service window is closed, but when propped up, the window covers integral parts of a design.

When you’re open and ready to start serving food, passersby only see your wrap’s cut-off images and sparse lettering – making it difficult for them to discern what you make.

Your name, logo, key information and photos should all be visible when your service window is open or closed. Make sure you select and place photos in an area where they’re visible at all times and don’t cut off integral parts of your design.


Color plays a leading role in food truck design. It helps grab attention from festival attendees while also giving them more insight into your menu.

Your images and broader vehicle wrap design should incorporate standout colors that match your cuisine or brand. For instance, if you specialize in salads, splashes of vibrant green makes your vehicle wrap attention-grabbing and on-brand – and it attracts patrons who are seeking out that type of food.

At the same time, going overboard with color can be just as overwhelming to viewers as too much text or imagery. Stick to five colors or fewer in images and background color, for a strong design that won’t distract from your brand.

Your images and wrap color should also complement one another, so find images of your food that won’t clash with your branding or your vehicle wrap’s background.

With an expertly designed vehicle wrap, you can shift your food truck advertising into high gear and draw in the hungry masses.

well-developed food truck wrap puts your mobile food business on the cutting edge of advertising – helping you build brand awareness and drive immediate onsite sales.

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