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Environmental Graphics in Boston

Do you live in a really unique area? Massachusetts boasts a lot of older buildings and structures within the environment, so why not play that up with your building design? With the help of SpeedPro Boston North, we can play around and make that happen!

Our team wants to help your business stand out and make an impressive first impression. With our range of environmental graphics and design, we can help shape your brand from the outside to the inside. If your company or organization is located in the surrounding areas of Wakefield, Lynnfield and Reading, reach out to us today!

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Custom and Unique Environmental Graphics and Design

Environmental graphics are visual solutions that incorporate your location and environmental surroundings to design or assist the design of your office, building or workspace. The most popular examples are found in coffee shops and restaurants, where owners will use exposed brick to create a warm and safe haven or brand the interior of their space to provide an extension of the outdoor atmosphere.

With our studio being located just north of Boston, the possibilities of unique environmental graphics are endless! Show off the cobblestone streets, brick buildings, historic street names or even the coastal ports. Our team will work with you to discuss the best matches between your local environment and your business, creating a seamless experience for all your guests!

Our stunning custom environmental graphics will catch the interest of customers and provide a whole new experience with your business!

Creating Custom Environmental Graphics

The ways in which we can design your environmental graphics include but are not limited to:

  • Architectural finishes
  • Wall graphics
  • Window graphics

Rework the architectural structure of your building to complement your surrounding environment. This accomplishment could be in the form of exposed brick walls on the interior and exterior or corresponding office hallways and rooms to street routes. There’s also the potential to add features to the outside of your building as a symbol of the natural world around you, such as docking ships or historical landmark replicas.

Include window graphics to capture the eye and invite people closer to check out the details. Whether you’re creating a scene or adding to the texture of your building, window graphics can build upon the atmosphere you’re creating internally.

Inside your building, you’ll really be able to shine with our custom wall graphics. Create a vinyl wall mural to cover an entire wall and complete the historical scene or experience you’re recreating. Whether you’re including a map of landmarks or a city-wide bus route map, your interior environmental design will intrigue customers as you welcome them inside.

Your Printing Partner in Boston

If the idea of creating a little world inside your business sounds like a fun one, call us today! We’ll answer any of your questions and schedule a consultation to go over specific branding details. Let’s begin!


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What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics are large-scale adhesives that can be applied to nearly any type of indoor surface, including doors, flooring, windows, walls and ceilings. These environmental designs will change how you view your surroundings — maybe one second you’re in a drab, uninspired corporate space and the next you’re transported to a dense, prehistoric-inspired forest with majestic redwoods. Or maybe you can practically feel the ocean washing over your toes in a tropical beach scene.

Environmental graphics are often also referred to as super-graphics because of their expansive size and ability to change the overall feeling of a space. Super-graphics typically take up a significant portion of a room or entire building and are often eye-catching, with a blend of bold colors, exciting shapes and meaningful imagery. These graphics are also known as experiential graphics or immersive brand experiences.

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