Food Truck Wraps

Food Truck <span>Wraps</span>

Food Truck Wraps in Boston

Going back around eight years, food trucks were as rare as a New York Yankees fan in the city of Boston. But as we approach the turn of the decade, dozens of cuisine-toting vehicles roll their way around the metropolis’ sprawling streets.

Many people will focus on the food you serve, but a customized full vehicle wrap that’s appetizing for the eyes will help draw in more customers and set your business apart from others in the crowded field.

We here at SpeedPro Boston North offer high-quality vehicle graphics and installation in the city, Middlesex County and Essex County, and we will gladly work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your mobile branding efforts.

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Why Wrap Your Food Truck?

As mentioned before, the food truck industry has grown rapidly in the last half-decade in not just Boston, but cities nationwide. From a marketing perspective, owning a food truck is fundamentally no different than owning any other kind of business.

It’s ultimately about brand recognition, and serving good food is only a part of that puzzle.

You have to sport a delicious visual identity to help your food truck attract hungry visitors.

We’re visual communication experts with ample experience in the realm of custom vehicle wraps. We’ll sit down with you and carefully plan your new look based on your suggestions and feedback.

The Process

Depending on what you need, we can install a full vehicle wrap, partial wrap or different kinds of spot decals and window clings.

A full vehicle wrap is done with durable, fade-resistant inks, which can last up to five years. Partial wraps are more cost-friendly than a full wrap, as they only pertain to one part of your vehicle, but they’ll still make a noticeable impression.

Window graphics and decals can be used to reinforce your brand while displaying your menu or stop schedule. You can choose single-sided or double-sided stickers, which can be applied to the inside or outside of the window.

SpeedPro’s color-matching technology will help synch your truck’s new look up with your existing branding elements.

Your Printing Partner in the Region

When your plan is solidified, you’ll need to give your truck a good wash to rid it of any kind of residue that might affect the wrapping process. Then, drop it off at our work bay in Wakefield, where our certified installation experts will have your customized truck wrap completed with a quick turnaround time to satisfy your specifications.

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