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Event Graphics in Wakefield

If you’re worried about setting up a corporate event that might feel too professional and boring for your guests, fret no more! Long gone are the days of strict, serious, “no-fun” zones. Your corporate or commercial event should be surrounded by excitement that allows everyone to enjoy themselves throughout the day.

Think about concerts, festivals and conferences you’ve attended in the past. What elements do you still remember that made you enjoy the day? There was probably lots of colors and visual graphics to help set the scene. You likely participated, whether it was to learn something or gain insight or have fun with friends and strangers. You’ll remember the time you took a wrong turn and walked into a musician off-site and the time you spent 20 minutes in line for the best taco you’ve ever had.

So why not incorporate these little moments into your own event? Whether you’re sharing food and music with your guests or not, the message is the same — make the experience fun and involved for everyone in attendance. Our team at SpeedPro Boston North is more than ready to provide you with the visual solutions to make guests want to participate and to ultimately promote your brand throughout the event.

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Custom Event Graphic Designs That Make a Big Impression

Displaying your brand around your event gives you tons of visibility while encouraging guests to learn more about your business.

Our team at SpeedPro Boston North is committed to elevating your brand in new and exciting ways. We have many elements and features that allow us to customize your brand to meet your event’s needs, including:

  • Backlit graphics

  • Banners

  • Directional signage

  • Floor decals

  • Kiosks

  • Retractable banners

  • Step and repeat banners

  • Wall murals

  • Window graphics

Banners are a wonderful way to share your brand with your audience. A variety of them can be used for different purposes. Vinyl banners can be hung and posted outside your venue, directing attention to your location and emphasizing key features of the event for everyone to know in advance. Retractable banners can sit right beside the entrance, greeting guests as they walk inside while also directing them toward the proper registration tables inside the doors.

In addition, step and repeat banners provide the perfect blend of opportunities — for you to effectively and boldly brand your business in a visible way and for your guests to interact and take photos to pass on and remember.

Directional signage will prove extremely useful both inside and outside. Make sure guests can easily find your event, ensuring they start out the day on a happy and excited note. Guide them through the parking lot or space you have available, and point them in the direction of the venue’s entrance. Once they’re inside, having signage that outlines the various rooms, kiosks, display booths and floors will encourage your guests to wander around on their own and not feel lost.

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Our group of designers is more than ready to tackle your upcoming large event project. We’ll provide you with the visual solutions that perfectly capture and promote your brand, exciting a variety of guests. Call us today, and we’ll begin setting up a consultation for you!

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