Which types of businesses benefit the most from window graphics?

Which Types of Businesses Benefit the Most From Window Graphics?

DECEMBER 5, 2019| SpeedPro Cleveland West



Creating an inviting workplace has many advantages for both employees and clients. Studies have shown that an attractive, art-filled workplace boosts employees’ moods, productivity and engagement with their workplace by 17% or more. Studies have also shown that updated business signage and graphics result in sales boosts of at least 10% for the majority of businesses.

Window graphics, in particular, offer a multitude of benefits for any business. They help you enhance visibility, increase brand awareness and recognition, generate interest, make a good impression on the community, cultivate a positive, upbeat atmosphere, provide useful information, advertise promotions and sales and much, much more.

For some types of businesses, window graphics provide a particularly high return on investment. We’ll outline several of those businesses below.


Though many businesses benefit from window graphics, some companies benefit more than others:


Window graphics are perfect for advertising agencies. What better way to show off the benefits of advertising materials than to use those materials in your in-office marketing strategies? When an advertising agency uses engaging, informative window graphics for its storefront, clients experience firsthand just how powerful advertising graphics and materials can be. Professionally designed window graphics also lend the agency an aura of professionalism and polish to help clients feel that they’re in capable, competent hands.


Apartment management companies also benefit enormously from window graphics. Renters have many choices, and apartment-hunters often turn to Craigslist and Facebook postings before specific apartment management companies. Additionally, 67% of US renters are 35 and younger, and this young demographic, accustomed to the flashy, addictive images on phones and tablets, is likely to find colorful, engaging graphics particularly appealing.

Professional window graphics can help. Using attractive, eye-catching window graphics at your leasing office helps your building stand out vibrantly and entices potential renters to check out the place. You can also use window graphics to broadcast information and features like apartment sizes, monthly rent, pet-friendliness and more.


Architecture and engineering firms benefit from window graphics as well. What better way to enhance your reputation and show the public that you’re serious experts in design than with elegantly designed window graphics? Add an intricate, tastefully located logo or graphic to your windows, or detail the design services you offer.


Athletic Window Graphics

Using window graphics for your athletic organization is a great way to attract attention and support, as well as to boost team spirit. Spring for huge, full-window graphics featuring your team colors and mascot, or use stickers or decals to add small team logos. You can also use temporary window graphics to post information about your team’s schedule, congratulate your players on huge wins and let fans know how to buy tickets to support their home team.


Window graphics are an excellent way to make your auto dealership stand out from competitors. If you have a year-end closeout sale or just have some great deals on vehicles, temporary graphics are an eye-catching way to get the public excited about them. Use permanent graphics to create engaging scenes and add fun slogans or logos.


The high-stakes environment of a bank or financial institution may not call for an explosion of colorful graphics or cute characters. But window graphics have positive effects in the finance industry, too. Use subtle, tasteful business window graphics to display your firm’s logo. If you have special mortgage rates or refinancing offers, you can use window graphics to advertise them.

Consider investing in large see-through graphics for your windows so that your employees get the benefit of natural sunlight while having a relaxing scene to look at during their fast-paced days. Deutsche Bank is one multinational banking company that has begun providing art in the workplace to help make its employees happier and more productive. But you don’t have to spring for thousand-dollar artwork. Stylish, elegant window graphics can produce the same effect.


Casino Window Graphics

Known for their bright lights, alluring machines and games and the promise of winning it all, casinos are places to go big and bold with your window graphic displays. If you want to generate enthusiasm about your slot machines, poker games or online betting opportunities, window graphics help you get the word out in a big way. If you offer drink specials or dining options, be sure to let the public know about those, too.


Concert venues and theaters also provide an excellent opportunity for going big and vibrant with window graphic displays. Use removable decals or static clings to advertise the lineup of new shows coming through town or promote new films playing that week. If your theater offers fun promotions — say a Groundhog Day special where patrons can watch Groundhog Day over and over for the chance to win special prizes — using window graphics to promote the event is a great way to get the word out and attract participants.


When your company hosts a retreat or convention, window graphics are a wonderful way to set a festive, upbeat mood for attendees. You can also use window graphics to point out registration areas, identify different conference rooms and help participants find their way around the event.


Entertainment venues like bowling alleys, paintball venues, paint-and-sip studios and more can brighten their spaces and attract new clients with stylish, colorful window graphics. To promote your entertainment venue, try using a full-window graphic to create an engaging scene of people enjoying their time together — maybe a group of cheerful friends sipping beverages while a vibrant color palette swirls around them. Or announce upcoming special events like couples’ nights or open gym afternoons.


Event planning services can make use of window graphics to boost their visibility in the community and attract a diverse client base. If you plan events, you’ll want to show potential clients that your business is a put-together, organized and well-coordinated one. An elegantly designed and well-coordinated window display is a great way to create a positive impression and enhance your professional image.


Government agencies may not be the most happening places on the block. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use appealing window graphics to enhance their businesses. Going to the DMV is a chore for many people, but if the office has fun window graphics to look at, patrons may not mind the long lines so much. Another option is to use more muted, understated graphics to provide information on your hours and services.


Fitness Center Window Graphics

Fitness centers often have expansive banks of windows so their patrons can get natural sunlight and look outdoors while they’re exercising. So why not put all that empty window space to good use? Invest in perforated window graphics or small, well-spaced decals so the sunlight can still come in. Or spring for full-window frosted graphics to occlude the view and protect your patrons’ privacy while they’re grunting and breaking a sweat.


Hotels can take advantage of window graphics to advertise their vacancies, nightly rates, and amenities like lightning-fast Wi-Fi or cloud-fluffy pillows. Window graphics offer a great and cost-effective way to advertise features like pools, hot tubs, free breakfasts, amazing downtown locations or proximity to state or national parks.


Going to the doctor or dentist can be stressful, but hospitals and health care clinics can use window graphics to make their patients feel more at ease. Window graphics offer an excellent way to add cheer to the atmosphere and make patients feel more relaxed in the hallways or waiting room. Studies have found that chemotherapy patients exposed to art experienced lower levels of depression and anxiety than patients not exposed to art. Many patients also enjoy the calming blue and green tones of landscapes and nature scenes. Fun and relaxing graphics on the windows also give patients something interesting to look at while they’re having their teeth cleaned or waiting for their shots.


Interior design firms often base their business reputations on their design sensibilities, attention to detail and stylish, modern tastes. What better way to showcase those qualities than with professional, well-designed window graphics? You can also use stickers or decals to display your logo, hours and the variety of services you offer.


Museums are fun, interactive places to explore and learn, and inviting window graphics helps entice people in. Use window graphics to announce special exhibits, or create a fun decorative scene that coordinates with the museum’s subject matter.


Often, nonprofit organizations have ambitious goals for their work and modest budgets with which to achieve those goals. Window graphics can help with both sides of that equation. Compared to many other forms of advertising, window graphics are exceptionally cost-effective. And their vibrancy can help spread the word about an organization’s mission and help attract new volunteers and donors. Use window graphics at your animal shelter to feature a cute, irresistible pet of the week, or promote a fundraising gala for your conservation group.


Political campaigns rely heavily on visual messaging, and window graphics help campaigns communicate their platforms with strong visual impact. If you work on a political campaign, you can use window graphics to display a candidate’s logo and slogan. You can also use window graphics to spell out concise positions to help people understand the candidate’s values, policies and plans. And you can advertise special events where the public can meet the candidate, listen to the campaign’s ideas and make their concerns and hopes known.


Law firms, accounting firms and other specialized professional companies can make use of window graphics to emphasize their professionalism and expertise. A tastefully displayed logo lends any firm an aura of respectability and professionalism. You can also use window graphics to emphasize your professional awards and certifications and years of expertise.


By using inviting window graphics, religious organizations can announce their presence in a community, set themselves apart and attract new congregants. They can display information about their service times and events like Easter egg hunts or Passover Seders as well.


It’s no secret that the sight of food can get people’s stomachs rumbling and their mouths watering. Storefront window graphics that depict hearty meals, sweet treats or delicious beverages make your food and beverage offerings almost impossible difficult to resist. Attract customers into your restaurant or bar with illustrations of your cheesy pizza, gooey fudge sundaes or pitchers of ice-cold beer, or let patrons know about your happy hours and daily or weekly specials.


Retail window graphics help you cultivate a pleasing store aesthetic, enhance your visibility from the street and offer helpful information to clients. Use storefront window graphics to create whimsical scenes that draw the eye and make a positive impression on patrons. Or use temporary window graphics to announce seasonal sales, like back-to-school sales and deep Black Friday discounts.


Window graphics offer a way to use vibrant imagery to appeal to kids, teenagers, college students and parents alike. Use window decals or stickers to illustrate upcoming events like big football games or school plays, or keep the student body informed of upcoming days off, guest speakers, career fairs or parent-teacher conferences. Use interior windows to brighten the school environment and lift pupils’ spirits throughout the day, or illustrate the principles that your school encourages students to follow.


Wedding planning is all about creating a beautiful atmosphere of love and support, and window graphics provide the perfect way to illustrate that aesthetic for your clientele. Your wedding planning business can make use of full-window graphics to illustrate traditional wedding symbols like white dresses, tuxedos, cakes, chapels, rings, flowers or hearts. Or you can promote different services or packages you offer using smaller window graphics.


If your business is one that would see the greatest benefit from window graphics, it helps to understand the different styles of window graphics and how they work. Several kinds of window graphics are available:

  • Perforated window graphics: These see-through window graphics allow natural light to stream through, and they also allow people inside the building to see out, though they limit the extent to which people outside the building can see in. Perforated, see-through vinyl window graphics offer a great way to enhance the office environment without making employees or customers feel closed in.
  • Frosted window graphics: Frosted window graphics are opaque and allow for privacy, though they also limit the amount of natural light that can pass through the window. These window graphics are great for spaces where privacy is a high priority, such as clinics, spas and gyms.
  • Window stickers: Window stickers come with a permanent adhesive that helps them stick to surfaces over the long term. Humidity, rain ice, snow — none of these can remove a window sticker once it’s stuck on.
  • Window decals: Some decals make use of high-tack material to create strong permanent bonding between two surfaces. Some make use of lower-tack material, so they come off easily.
  • Static clings: These graphics make use of static electricity to stick to the window, so there are no messy adhesives involved. Static clings offer a high degree of flexibility because they are easy to remove and switch out.


Window graphics can be mounted in a few different ways:

  • Exterior window graphics: Some window graphics are mounted on the outside of a window or door and face outward. They are applied from the outside of the building, so their installation is less disruptive to the workplace, and they are easy and intuitive to mount. Exterior window graphics face exposure to harsh sunlight, rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperatures, so they need to be durable. Finishes and laminates are often helpful for extra protection.
  • Interior window graphics: Some window graphics are mounted on the inside of a window or door. They often face outward toward the public, but they can also face inward, toward the interior of the business and its clients. These window graphics are applied the inside of the building. Interior window graphics have little contact with the elements, so they are likely to resist fading and chipping and last longer than exterior window graphics.
  • Mirror-printed graphics: Mirror-printed graphics, which face both outward and inward, are usually mounted from the inside. They offer an easy way to provide visibility in both directions, appealing both to employees and clients in the business and people on the street.

And window graphics can be designed for long-term or short-term use:

  • Permanent window graphics: Many window graphics are designed to be long-term features of your business. They provide constant marketing and become an integral part of the appearance and aesthetic of your location. Window stickers and window decals make excellent choices for permanent graphics because of their longevity.
  • Temporary window graphics: For seasonal or other types of temporary window graphics, you can go with products that are easy to remove. Static clings make excellent temporary window graphics, as do window details with a lower-tack material.


SpeedPro Cleveland West is the best in the business when it comes to custom window graphics. From see-through vinyl window graphics to window stickers, decals and clings, we offer an extensive array of products and are happy to work with you on any project, no matter how big or small. Our experienced professionals can help you with design ideas, and our quick turnaround times mean you’ll have your quality graphics in no time.

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