Custom Window Graphics

Custom Window <span>Graphics</span>

Your storefront is one of the first things visitors take in about your business, and bare buildings won’t cut it. Your store walls, windows and doors are prime space to convey key branding messages that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. Therefore, perfecting it is essential, with window graphics making an impact on established and prospective customers alike.

SpeedPro’s in-house visual communications consultants will work with you to create the highest-quality, clearest and crispest promotional window decals and clings precisely for your business. “Custom” is not a buzzword for us. It’s a commitment.

Get ready to level up your storefront, your sales and your business through professionally printed window graphics. Look no further than SpeedPro when it comes to designing, printing and installing custom window graphics for your business.


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Benefits of Custom Window Graphics

How Much Do Custom Window Graphics Cost?

Custom Window Graphic Options and Products Available

Types of Window Graphics


Benefits of Custom Window Graphics

Custom window graphics provide advantages beyond a sleeker storefront. Consider the branding implications of making your walls and windows the most visually appealing, stand-out features on the block — as well as what benefits it can lend to your bottom line. Having custom window graphics makes your business appear more professional and personalizes the space to your unique goals and objectives. Other benefits of custom window graphics include:

1. Enhance Your Business Windows

Windows can look professional yet personalized when they have the right designs. Custom window graphics strike the all-essential balance, drawing eyes and keeping them there. You’ll find more people reading your information, taking in your logo, familiarizing themselves with your products and services and ultimately connecting with your brand.

Custom window graphics draw the eye

These enhanced window graphics don’t sacrifice form for function either. Showcase important company and location information in an attention-grabbing way with on-brand colors, fonts, shading, design materials, applications and more. Present it all clearly and distinctly, highlighting the following business basics in a way visitors are more likely to remember:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Official website
  • Social media platforms and handles
  • Contact information
  • Hours of operation

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness has a few layers to it, and custom business window graphics can help with each one.

First, basic brand awareness means a sizeable amount of your target customer market has heard of your company. For B2B (business-to-business) operations, it means professional organizations hold that awareness, whereas B2C (business-to-consumer) companies aim to establish it with the general public.

More robust brand awareness goes one step further. In this second layer of brand awareness, your target audience has both heard of your business and made connections with your products or services. Often, that connection is multi-dimensional, involving both mental and emotional associations. You can curate this connection through visually impactful, distinct and consistent on-brand messages. Storefront graphics add to your brand’s messaging, complementing other sources like your website, social media accounts, advertisements, employees, products and services.

The best brand awareness strategies incorporate custom window graphics to complement all the marketing and advertising strategies small businesses employ. Together, they breed elevated brand awareness that goes beyond name recognition.

3. Promote Sales and Specials

There are few better ways to physically advertise sales and promotions than through window graphics. Given their range of options and customizations — from high-quality logos printed on full-window perforated film to intricate and informative sticky decals — window graphics relay information about the goods and services that make your business tick. After all, you wouldn’t be in business without them.

You should do everything possible to maximize product and service exposure and set yourself apart from competitors — including incorporating promotional window imagery. Clings and decals are great for conveying information about:

  • Monthly discounts and specials
  • Membership plans
  • New merchandise
  • Product releases
  • Seasonal sales

Your window graphics should highlight the most important, popular and essential information about your business because it’s often the first thing potential customers see. With high-quality, custom window graphics, you can draw more attention to the best features of your business.

Heighten the ambiance in your space

4. Heighten the Ambiance for Your Space

Window decals bring personality and life to plain glass at a fraction of the cost of traditional renovations. Few other design initiatives can match window graphics’ price points, with the average office renovation costing business owners nearly $200 per square foot.

From the inside, window graphics add privacy and a sense of refinement. Employees can avoid feeling like fish in a glass bowl every time foot traffic goes by, while customers and clients within can feel like they’re part of a more intimate and involved space. Whether through frosted window imagery, full vinyl perforated window films or strategically placed decals and stickers, employees and visiting customers will experience natural light and outdoor views without feeling uncomfortably exposed.

On the outside, storefronts with these graphics can be embellished and on-brand. Buildings become more than brick and mortar — they’re amplified to match the exact brand personality you want your business to be known for.

5. Make for a Cost-Effective Marketing Choice

Strategic window graphics help inspire certain customer behaviors or actions. The first step is deciding what your goals are and what actions you want customers to make after seeing your window decals. Examples include purchasing a particular product or signing up for your weekly newsletter. Then, you’re ready to craft your custom window imagery and text, putting your plan into motion.

Strategic window graphics inspire custom behaviors

While these mounted messages look great, they serve an essential cross-marketing functional purpose too. After all, a business without marketing initiatives is a like a car without a steering wheel — the driver may have ideas about where they want to go, but they won’t be able to move in that direction. Fortunately, window graphics offer a simple and cost-effective way to market services and merchandise. Custom window decals used as promotional graphics and signs can:

  • Display a call-to-action
  • Promote a product or service sale
  • Advertise a new product or service
  • Encourage social media likes and follows
  • Complement and enhance a current marketing campaign

With the necessity of using social media in your advertising strategy, decorative window graphics can enhance your marketing goals by making for great photo-ops. Encourage customers to snap pictures in front of your windows with a business hashtag, and you’ve just curated the most cost-effective marketing strategy — free publicity.

6. Create Flexible Advertising Opportunities

Window graphics are easily exchangeable. You can swap in new or updated decals, impact images and vinyl lettering when business information changes, like hours or phone numbers. As the business owner, you might also want to promote different goods, such as a new line of winter wear. Additionally, SpeedPro makes double-sided window graphics so you can advertise inside and outside your business at the same time. The possibilities are endless, and the decisions are entirely up to your marketing targets.

This advertising flexibility is a vital business advantage. Businesses with changing window decals and clings convey that they’re lively and thriving, with new deals, fresh merchandise and creative specials. Even the most frequent and loyal customers will feel there’s something new to see in your store every time they visit.

What’s more, exchangeable window graphics create a sense of urgency. Particular products or services offered for a short period should be advertised as such, drumming up excitement and making the offer too good to resist.

The adaptability behind window graphics opens the doors to all sorts of adjustable advertising possibilities, including:

  • Holiday specials, such as Black Friday and Labor Day sales
  • In-store-only promotions
  • Sudden flash sales
  • Seasonal goods, such as a fall-flavored line of craft beverages or springtime flowerbed arrangements
  • Weekly or monthly deals advertised to foot traffic and quickly swapped out when it’s time for the next

7. Use up All Available Space

Blank windows have some benefits. They pull in natural light, make a room appear open and can give your building a more uniform look from the interior and exterior. Yet for the spatially conscious, the detail-oriented, the out-of-the-box thinker and the task maximizer (a.k.a. just about anyone), that’s not enough. Business window graphics can make use of every square inch of your store or office. They do so intentionally too, without any clutter or off-brand aesthetics.

With today’s printing material technology, custom window graphics for your business don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of blank windows. Perforated and frosted windows both permit natural sunlight to fill your space. Likewise, smaller window clings hung individually can be printed using white ink, negative space and transparent materials to maximize light passing through, brightening interior views, granting exterior visibility and taking advantage of all advertising space.

Garnering more foot traffic will likely result in an increase in conversions.


The exterior of your business should always draw people in. When you use them strategically, custom window graphics generate curiosity, which is essential if you’re looking to entice new customers. Installing full-size window graphics that fully or partially obscure the inside of your business allows for privacy for your current customers and means potential ones must enter your business in order to satisfy their curiosity.

Getting feet in the door is the hard part, but having a good business strategy means garnering foot traffic will result in an increase in conversions. One study documents that generating walk-in business results in a quantifiable increase in revenue. Effective window decals that generate curiosity have the direct result of increasing sales.

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How Much Do Custom Window Graphics Cost?

The cost of custom business window graphics varies. Most printing studios quote based on project requirements, not flat or fixed rates. This variation causes prices to be anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred, depending on the scope and scale of the custom graphics desired.

Factors that Determine Window Graphics Cost

Consider the following factors that play a part in how much a custom window graphic costs:

  • Design: The level of detail involved in a window graphic is the first significant variable in price. More intricate prints, such as those involving multiple colors, etching, shading, actual pictures or high-resolution images, will have higher costs. Likewise, you can provide the decal’s design yourself or utilize the skills of a professional designer employed in-house by some SpeedPro studios. It all depends on your taste, budget and final vision.
  • Application: The next pricing variable includes where you’ll display your graphics. Interior window graphics placed on glass partitions, dividers or glass conference room walls will be different than those that need to hold up to harsher exterior conditions, such as direct sunlight and rain. Also, consider if you plan to install the graphics yourself or wish to hire a professional.
  • Materials: You can select from dozens of base materials and variations for your window graphics. Perforated window vinyl, premium vinyl, frosted window graphics, clear clings, multi-colored clings and reflective imagery are just a few of the many choices available to our clients. SpeedPro experts can walk you through which material is best depending on where you intend to mount your graphics (inside or outside, short-term or long-term) as well as which will enhance current brand aesthetics and even the ambiance of your storefront space.
  • Quantity: Decals and window clings are typically smaller, featuring individual images or text. They’re stuck onto the inside or outside of windows and glass doors and range in size from a few inches to a couple of feet. On the other end of the graphics spectrum are perforated window films, which are graphic coverings meant for larger surfaces like entire windowpanes. Final order costs depend on both the size of your graphics order and their classification — decal versus cling versus perforated window print.

At SpeedPro, our consultants give clear answers to pricing and cost structures at the onset of an order. Our clients don’t wonder about the process of how and where to buy custom window graphics or if they’re in for any surprises once they get the bill. You have a one-stop partner to turn to every step of the way, including designing graphics that align with your aesthetics, business objectives and wallet.

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Custom window graphic options

Custom Window Graphics Options and Products Available

SpeedPro window graphics come in a suite of core options. They’re built to help you select the right materials and design for your ideal wall or window environment as well as ensure that design remains intact. These custom window graphic products provide the template for you to reimagine your storefront.

1. First Surface

First surface window graphics mount onto the exterior face of windows, doors and glass panes, facing outward. Put more simply, they’re “outside-looking-out” graphics.

The main advantage of first surface imagery and text is its flexibility. Base substrates don’t have to be transparent, and they’re relatively easier and more intuitive to mount on your intended surface. Features of a first surface window design include:

  • Adhesive on the backside of the print
  • Image, text or graphics printed on the front
  • Graphics that face outward only
  • Graphics placed and removed from the outside
  • Base substrates, or space where the graphic is mounted, that does not have to be transparent

2. Second Surface

You can install second surface window graphics on the interior of windowpanes, doors or panel substrates. Like their first surface cousins, they face outward to create their eye-catching storefront displays.

These “inside-looking-out” graphics have the advantage when it comes to durability. Protected from elements like wind, rain and direct sunlight, second surface window graphics are less likely to see fading, discoloration and abrasions throughout their lifespan. Features of second surface window graphics include:

  • Adhesive on the front-face, or on the image itself
  • Image, text or graphics printed on the front
  • Graphics that can face outward and inward
  • Graphics placed and removed from the inside
  • Clear, transparent substrate requirements
  • Requirements for mirror-printed images and graphics

3. Short-Term

Short-term window graphics are those fabricated with repositionable adhesive materials. They’re ideal for the kind of time-sensitive promotions discussed above — especially seasonal specials, weekly deals and limited-time promotions.

Some materials work better than others for short-term usage. SpeedPro recommends the following product categories when you’re looking for interchangeable graphics installation and removal:

  • Static clings are the most flexible and reconfigurable of printed window graphics. They don’t contain an adhesive face. Instead, they use a static charge between the print and its substrate to stay in place. Static clings are easy peel-and-place print alternatives for maximum flexibility.
  • Window and wall decals made with a lower-tac stick formula on their adhesive side make for the other ideal short-term graphics solution. Window decals specified with this adhesive type do have a window of time when items can be repositioned or all-out moved after initial placement on a surface substrate.

4. Long-Term/Permanent

Long-term custom window graphics are those designed with permanence and longevity in mind. Once set, they provide impact branding and messaging that will soon become inseparable from the look of your storefront. Options include the following:

  • Window stickers come with an adhesive backing that, as its name suggests, provides one-and-done placement. The terms sticker and decal are often used interchangeably, but they have a significant adhesive difference. Review the terms with any prospective visual communications firms before printing to ensure you’re getting the right adhesive for your needs.
  • Window and wall decals are made from higher-tac stick formulas that can be specified at the time of order. This product type works well for visuals meant to stay intact, such as business logos, store hours and perforated window vinyl, and for creating one-way visibility.

Be sure your choice of long-term and permanent custom window graphics will stand the test of time, especially if you plan a rebranding or may soon alter your aesthetics or decor. A great long-term window graphic will have a classic, timeless design — you can always add short-term decals to conform to your current design strategy or campaign.

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Types of Window Graphics [list]

Types of Window Graphics

To provide you with the versatility you need to succeed, SpeedPro carries many different custom business window graphics for you to choose from. Besides our wide selection, clients love how they can draw new visitors into their store with our versatile and durable vinyl window graphics. Stick SpeedPro’s vinyl graphics onto nearly any type of glass surface from doors to walls and even vehicles without blocking visibility or natural light exposure. Vinyl is one of the most versatile design materials available.

Vinyl window wraps and graphics can come in several types to allow you to find a perfect fit. Select from full window decals, vinyl lettering or contour and die-cut cut vinyl to take your windows to the next level:

1. Full Window Decals or Window Wraps

Several types of window wraps can improve your company’s windows. Window wraps or full window decals come in see-through, perforated and opaque varieties.

  • See-through window graphics: With vinyl see-through window graphics, customers can clearly read your messaging while still peeking inside to check out your exceptional products. Transparent graphics are a cost-effective method for exposing new customers to your brands and promoting new sales. You can also select a frosted vinyl wrap for a more modern appearance, which obscures some vision but still allows light through it. All of these window graphics are durable, feature vibrant coloring and can be easily installed or replaced.
  • Perforated window graphics: Perforated window graphics allow one-way visibility from either inside or outside your window. Our perforated window graphics can be designed according to your exact specifications and color combinations while still allowing you to determine the amount of visibility you want to perforate. Perforated window graphics are one of our most popular options because they’re affordable and ideal for outside-facing window displays.
  • Opaque graphics: Unlike see-through or perforated window graphics that allow others to see through a window, opaque graphics completely cover the window in a non-transparent film. They’re widely used to create private spaces in an office, block out the sun or add a mysterious element to a storefront window. You can also place graphics or lettering on them to catch people’s eyes and improve a building’s appearance.

2. Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is another form of custom business window graphics, popular for stores and offices that want to provide more information about their business to potential customers or clients. With vinyl lettering, you can easily place essential information on your windows, such as contact information, social media handles and store hours. You may also want to use vinyl lettering to prominently display your company name if your logo doesn’t include it.

Those who run restaurants or coffee shops love to use vinyl lettering to display standalone words describing what they offer inside. For example, you might place words like “pastries,” “coffee,” “pasta” or “cocktails” on your windows to draw customers inside. Overall, vinyl lettering is perfect for businesses that want to highlight crucial information about their products and services on their windows.

3. Contour or Die-Cut Decals

When you don’t want to cover your entire window with a graphic but still want to highlight your logo or business name, contour or die-cut decals can be the perfect solution. These kinds of window graphics are cut in the shape of the imagery you want to highlight without any extra material surrounding them. Contour-cut decals are shaped to the graphic’s edges, allowing you to receive more window space and clean lines.

Contour or die-cut decals are perfect for vinyl shapes, logos and other kinds of solid graphics. Companies with a distinct logo or intricate branding commonly use them. Since you can cut these decals in a unique shape, they’re excellent at catching the eye. For times when you want your graphic to have a slight vinyl edge, you can select a halo cut decal.

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Transform Your Space With SpeedPro Window Graphics

When you’re exploring a new block or neighborhood, you’re likely drawn to the stores with exciting, colorful and engaging displays and window graphics. The window graphic is an enticing introduction to what goodies you’ll find once you step through the store’s front door. Without custom window graphics and storefront designs, potential customers may just walk on past, unaware of the special products waiting inside.

SpeedPro wants to help you boost the visual appeal and presence of your restaurant, retail center, gym or business with outstanding, one-of-a-kind window graphics designed to promote your unique message. SpeedPro’s window graphics incorporate bright colors and unforgettable images to grab customers’ attention. We use premium vinyl materials and printing solutions to clearly communicate an impression of quality and expertise that window painting or inconsistent, mismatched signage never will.

No Window Graphic Is Too Big, Bold or Unique

With custom window graphics from SpeedPro, you can easily transform your dull, flat window surfaces with original and bright vinyl window graphics. Take your storefront from ordinary to extraordinary with vinyl and see-through window graphics created using vibrant hues, evocative imagery and precise, quality creation methods guaranteed to make a lasting impression on every new and existing customer.

Whether you need bold, original graphics or want to make a subtle statement that blends with your surroundings, the perfect window graphics are at your fingertips with help from SpeedPro. Our local design studios use advanced printing techniques, color matching technology and high-quality materials and printing mediums to develop the most vivid and precise window graphic imagery for lasting, attractive results.

Our custom window decals ensure you get exactly what you want for your storefront and windows, and our design process is easy. With three simple steps — design, upload and review — you can create a unique window graphic that will entice customers and advance your marketing goals.

SpeedPro: Your Partner for Custom Window Graphics

Your local SpeedPro is ready to assist you in the design, fabrication and installation of your business’s custom window graphics. These large-format graphics relay a story as one-of-a-kind as you. Let SpeedPro help see it to life.

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