Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront Window Graphics

Do you notice an attractive storefront window display when you pass by one? Studies have shown that window signs can positively influence a consumer’s perception of a store and promotional values. They can also infer a sense of place identity to consumers. As someone passes by your store, you want them to notice your branding and your location. You also want to create a visually appealing storefront that engages their interest.

If they’re out on a stroll, they may stop inside to look around. If they’re in a hurry, they may come back later. What you don’t want is for someone to pass by and hardly notice your storefront at all. Window graphics from SpeedPro provide an effective means for turning any storefront into an eye-catching display that gets you noticed in all the right ways and drives traffic to your business.

What Are Storefront Window Graphics?

Window graphics are vinyl decals designed to cling or adhere to a glass surface. These decals can turn a plain window into a vivid, attention-getting display. You can include text for an informative sign or focus solely on images to dress up your windows and enhance your branding. For storefronts composed primarily of glass, you can create a full-scale display that completely transforms your storefront.

Options for Storefront Vinyl Decals [list]

Options for Storefront Vinyl Decals

Window decals come in several options. Some possibilities for storefront vinyl decals include:

  • Transparent or opaque: Some window graphics are made to completely cover a window without allowing passersby to see inside or people inside to see out. A more popular option if you want some privacy for people inside is perforated decals that allow people inside to see out while appearing opaque from the outside. You can also have graphics that are transparent in all the negative space, giving a fuller view into your business.
  • First or second surface: With some window decals, you apply them to the outside of the door or window. This means a person outside could reach out and touch the surface of the window graphic. These graphics are called first surface decals. With second surface decals, the adhesive is on the image so you can apply the decal to the inside of the window or door facing out. This option provides more protection for your window graphic.
  • Single- or double-sided: If you are only interested in catching the eye of people outside your business, you only need a single-sided graphic. However, you can also create double-sided window graphics that will turn your windows into an appealing display for both people outside and inside.
  • Partial or full: You also have a range of options when it comes to size. If you want, you can create window graphics that completely cover your windows. You can even create panels that, side by side on each window, create an enormous uninterrupted display. You can also create smaller window decals if you want to leave some of your windows open to see inside.
  • Clings or adhesives: Most store window decals are sticky on the back or front, depending on whether they are first or second surface. These decals will adhere tightly to the glass surface and stay in place until you’re ready to remove them. Some window decals, however, are clings, meaning they use a static charge to cling to the glass surface. You can move these decals around as much as you want, but they are not a long-term solution like adhesive decals are.

How to Use Window Graphics to Enhance Your Storefront

You can use window graphics in many different ways to enhance your storefront. Here are six possibilities to consider.

1. Bring Your Branding to the Forefront

Branding should be a key aspect of all your marketing efforts. When someone walks past your store, you don’t want them to see a generic storefront where they have to search for information or come inside to see what business is there. Instead, they should see your logo and other aspects of your branding prominently displayed. Make sure the branding on your storefront is consistent with your other signs and marketing materials since consistent branding can increase your revenue by 23%.

2. Provide Wayfinding Information

You can use window decals to point to entrances and exits, making people feel welcomed and at ease when they come into your store. You can also use window graphics to display information like your store’s hours. Window graphics are an ideal choice for displaying your hours since you can apply them to your window or front door and swap out the graphic easily if your hours ever change. In addition to your standard hours, you can also create decals to let people know what your hours will be for upcoming holidays.

3. Promote a Sale

Sales promotions are a great way to convince people to come inside to take advantage of a limited-time deal, but first, people have to know about the sale. Bold window graphics advertising your sale can capture the attention of passersby and pique their interest. Rather than generic sale signs, create custom retail window graphics that let people know how much they could save or when the sale will end so they feel a sense of urgency to stop in or come back soon to check it out.

Use eye-catching photos or graphics for promotions.

4. Feature New Products

Stores can use window graphics to promote new products or product lines. You can also highlight a slow-moving product to help it sell. For product promotions, use eye-catching photos or graphics of the products you want to promote. You can also show these products in use if that helps you put your product in the best light. For instance, for a clothing store, create window graphics that feature models wearing your new fall line. For a fitness store or gym, show someone enjoying a workout using your new equipment.

5. Complement Window Displays

If you create traditional window displays using mannequins or other props to highlight your products, you can use window graphics to enhance these displays. You can use text to complement the visual displays or add graphics to dress up your window and set the scene. For example, a surf shop could add blue waves to their windows, and a sporting goods store could add a moon and stars to show off camping gear. You could also simply add a decorative frame to the window to help your display pop.

6. Decorate for the Season

You can also use window displays to decorate for different seasons or holidays. This helps to keep your storefront fresh. When people are out doing their holiday shopping in the winter, capture their attention with a charming display of snowmen or sleigh rides. In the summer, celebrate all things sunny and fun. For Easter, add some bunnies or florals to ring in spring. Many people enjoy seasonal decor, so these displays can endear your business to shoppers and maybe even encouraging them to step inside.

Storefront Window Decals From SpeedPro

If you want to stop people in their tracks as they walk by your storefront, you need some attention-grabbing window graphics. SpeedPro can help you create window graphics that meet your specifications and help you achieve your marketing goals. Find a SpeedPro studio near you today to get started designing and printing window graphics that will bring your storefront to a new level.