Perforated Window Film

Perforated Window Film

There’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction and the hard sell when it comes to engaging customers. Your storefront is your customer’s first impression of you! Make it count with see-through window signage that provides privacy and a branding opportunity. 

SpeedPro designs, prints and installs full-color micro-perforated window film. See why this type of window graphic is gaining in popularity over traditional vinyl.

What Is Perforated Window Film?

Perforated window film features millions of micro-perforation holes for one-way vision graphics. This means people on the inside can see out, but passersby can’t see in.

This material is an opaque film that protects windows and glass doors from theft and vandalism by creating a barrier that prevents people from seeing in. Your customers see your branding, logo, product images and anything else you want to include on the graphics, but your merchandise stays out of sight.

Features & Benefits Of Perforated Window Film

Side of building with blue wall decals and one with a dandelion.


Window perf allows the person standing on the black side to see out while having complete privacy. From the inside, it appears as though you’re looking through a tinted window.

UV protection

Perforated window film is also great for blocking UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about your merchandise fading.


Window perf lasts 2-3 years. You can also add a transparent overlaminate layer to prolong its life.

Easy installation and removal

Perforated window film features air-release adhesive backing that can be applied easily to your existing windows and glass surfaces. When you’re ready for a change, it is easily removed using heat.

Ability to be backlit for nighttime viewing

Backlighting gives your window graphics a new look at night and creates an additional layer of security against vandalism.

How Is Window Perf Different From Window Vinyl Window Film?

You probably heard about vinyl window film before and aren’t sure how it differs from window perf. There are some key distinctions:

Greater privacy

Window perf only allows for one-way vision, from the inside looking out. While traditional vinyl window graphics vary in degrees of opacity, they do not have the same level of privacy. Blurred shapes can still be seen behind most vinyl films.

Better UV blocking

In hot climates, perforated window film is almost always the preferred choice, regardless of privacy concerns. The black adhesive backing blocks more UV rays to keep occupants comfortable and energy bills in check.

Lower image quality

Depending on the hole-to-print-surface ratio you choose, the holes are visible when you get up close to window perf. While not a major concern from a distance, image quality may be traded for privacy with window perf. Vinyl graphics tend to have a much sharper, clearer image quality (as long as you work with a reputable large-format printer!).

How To Use Perforated Window Film In Your Business

Here are some ways perforated window decals/window stickers help your business:

  • Increase product lifespan – window perf can shield products that might need extra protection from the sun, like leather sofas and clothing.
  • Keep your business cool – window perf feels like you’re looking through a tinted window. It doesn’t ‘darken’ the space, but it certainly blocks bright, direct sunlight. This is ideal for east/west facing retail shops, restaurants, or spaces like conference rooms or offices where people are forced to sit near windows.
  • Reduce glare and eyestrain – Heat is only one downside of working in a sunny space. Perforated window film can also help reduce glare so you can see better while working inside. 
  • Reduce distractions – Especially on ground floor offices, you won’t have to worry about employees being distracted by curious passersby peering into your windows.
  • Advertise on-the-go – Window perf is great for transit advertising & car windows. Advertising on a bus window is like putting up an ad in Times Square—you know you’re getting noticed. Window perf allows you to print your advertisement on one side of the glass while passengers can still look out the other. This option is excellent for warmer climates or summer, where solar heat gain through the windows of a bus can make your commute miserable.

Why Work With A Professional To Design & Install Your Window Perf

There are many reasons to work with a reputable and experienced large-format printer, like SpeedPro for your next perforated window graphic project:

  • We understand how different types of films work together (e.g., reflecting vs. absorbing light) so we can create a design that looks good and works well with other elements.
  • You may have an idea for your ad or window graphics, but you need graphic design help from a professional with access to all the right tools.
  • We have experience installing similar products in similar situations, so we know what works best for different applications (e.g., retail stores versus office suites).
  • You’ll know who to contact if there is any issue with your window film installation or continued maintenance. 

SpeedPro designs, prints and installs perforated window graphics that help you get your audience’s attention—and keep it. Find a studio near you and get the conversation started!