SUV Wraps

SUV Wraps

Why don’t you let your SUV do a little advertising for you as you run errands or travel between jobs? Whether you have a small business, work in sales, or just want to customize your ride, SUV wraps are worth a look.

When you partner with SpeedPro, we promise that the job is done right and looks sharp and professional.

Features & Benefits Of SUV Vehicle Wraps

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If you are considering investing in this clever form of mobile advertising, the benefits are unbeatable:

Generate a buzz

Most drivers clock well over 10,000 miles on their cars per year. If you drive for your business, the number skyrockets. With an SUV wrap, you get noticed on the road. While drivers are stuck in traffic, they’ll take notice of the unique advertising on the back or side of your SUV. With a clever enough design, you can even create a bit of a buzz around your community (think Google Maps car spotting!).

Cover imperfections

As you rack up the miles on your SUV, chip and scratches are a fact of life. You want your SUV to look as spotless as your reputation, and a good vinyl wrap is a great way to hide those imperfections. As a bonus, a good vinyl wrap also protects the paint job on your SUV for years to come.

Change the look

If you look out on the road at this very moment, most traffic on the streets is boring shades of white, black, and the occasional red sports car, because custom colors are expensive. However, with vinyl wraps, you can change the color of your SUV without the sticker shock. Vinyl SUV wraps come in a vast range of colors, and have unique matte black, matte metallic, or even color change wraps.

Wrap almost anything

It doesn’t stop at custom SUV wraps. The materials used in vehicle wraps are so versatile that they can be used to wrap just about anything. SpeedPro also offers bus wraps, trailer wraps, boat wraps and box truck wraps.

Are SUV Wraps Right For Your Business?

If you have a business that you want to advertise, SUV wraps are a great solution. Think of how much you drive your car, and how often you observe your fellow drivers while stuck in rush hour traffic.

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar storefront on the other side of town, work in sales, or run a small business out of your garage, high-quality SUV wraps transform your humble Toyota into a traveling billboard seen by anyone on the road.

Real estate agents, small businesses, food trucks and independent contractors use these custom vinyl wraps as a way to advertise all over town.

How Much Does An SUV Wrap Cost?

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There are two ways to change the color and add graphics to the exterior of your car: a custom paint job, or vinyl decals.

On average, a custom paint job for a mid-size SUV costs upwards of $4,500. This process is not only expensive but incredibly time-consuming. It involves sanding down the paint to the metal, removing rust and dents, and then applying around 24 layers of custom paint.

For an SUV wrap, partial wraps or decals start at around $500, and go up from there depending on how much you want to wrap your SUV. What’s great about wraps is you can easily work with professionals to find the perfect option that fits your advertising needs while staying within your budget.

How Long Do SUV Vinyl Wraps Last?

The lifespan of your vinyl wrap depends on a few conditions, such as weather conditions and proper installation.

On average, most wraps that are installed by professionals last up to five years. Of course, things like road salt in winter weather and sand in desert climates can shorten its lifespan.

If you want to get the most out of your vinyl wrap, partner with a reputable sign company, like SpeedPro for installation and a warranty. You can also opt for an overlaminate for an extra layer of clear protection to keep your wrap looking great for years.

Full Car Wraps, Partial Wraps, Lettering Or Decals – Which Is Right For Your SUV?

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Unlike custom paint jobs, there are plenty of options when it comes to SUV wraps. Do you want a full wrap, partial wrap, lettering, or decals?

The choice depends upon two factors: how much you want to be noticed, and how much money you want to spend.

Lettering and decals are two of the most affordable options. They relay pertinent information without changing the exterior look of your car.

Partial wraps are the next step up, and they still offer plenty of ways to get creative — and noticed!

Full wraps turn your SUV into the ultimate mobile billboard. With a full SUV wrap, the entire body is wrapped, and sometimes even the rear and side windows get wrapped with perforated window film, which turns the windows into advertising without affecting visibility for the driver.

Why Work With A Professional For SUV Wraps

Your SUV is an extension of yourself and your business — so you want it to look good! If you opt to DIY or use someone untested, you run the risk of a sloppy job that reflects poorly on your business

The experts at SpeedPro make sure that the job is done right. Quality signs and impeccable vehicle wrap jobs also reflect our business, and we take our reputation seriously.

Find your local SpeedPro studio for a free consultation on your next SUV wrap.