Trailer Wraps

Trailer Wraps

What better way to grow your business than by revamping your trailer into a fantastic marketing opportunity that goes where you do?

When you’re ready to take your marketing on the go, SpeedPro offers full trailer wraps, partial wraps, lettering and decals for your fleet. Whether you have a single trailer to outfit, or an entire fleet, turn to SpeedPro for all your vehicle wrap needs.

What Are Enclosed Trailer Wraps?

Enclosed trailer wraps are one of the most popular and effective advertising methods in the out-of-home (OOH) space. Attaching custom-designed vinyl wraps in bold graphics to the exterior of your trailer is a fun and exciting way to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Enclosed cargo trailers or box trucks have large, flat sides that allow maximum exposure.

Features & Benefits Of Custom Trailer Wraps


The beauty of trailer wraps is that you essentially transform your trailer into a mobile billboard. It’s a form of advertising that reaches many more people than most other methods. Driving around during day-to-day activities and even while sitting in traffic or parked in a parking lot, the graphics on your trailer constantly promote your business for you. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get visual exposure and drum up new business.


Unlike cars or trucks, enclosed trailers have a considerable amount of brand real estate on all sides. This means there is plenty of room to include all the information about your business – name, services, phone number and company logo – without sacrificing graphic design.

trailer wrap


What better way to stand out than with a big, bold logo or custom design? You may be tempted to fill every inch of that blank canvas, but sometimes, less is more. SpeedPro’s design team can work with you to create a custom design with sharp, hi-res graphics and bold, easy-to-read text to make your trailer eye-catching and memorable — without being visually overwhelming.


Vinyl-wrapped vehicles are generally positively accepted by people because they aren’t intrusive or annoying, unlike other forms of advertising like website popups and ads.


Trailer wrap designs are made to be long-lasting. During the time that they are installed on your trailer, they’re doing double duty by protecting the vehicle’s paint job.


Trailer wraps are fully removable, so it’s simple to re-brand or remove when you’re ready to retire or re-sell your trailer.

Types Of Trailers Best Suited To Vehicle Wraps

The best type of trailers to have wrapped is those with regular, flat sides, such as:

Cargo trailer or enclosed trailer: with rectangular, smooth sides and flush door hinges, this type of trailer is particularly well suited to full or partial wraps. The graphics on the vinyl wrap can be applied cleanly, with lots of space for high-quality graphic designs to make an impact.

Tractor-trailer: Tractor trailers, also known as semi-trucks, are two-part vehicles. This can lead to interesting and creative two-part, ‘mix and match’ designs with companies that own large fleets of trucks and trailers.

You don’t need to own a fleet of vehicles to get a vinyl wrap. Small and medium businesses have a lot of success with this effective advertising medium. Some examples are:

  • Food Trucks 
  • Mobile Caterers
  • Logistics/Delivery
  • Construction
  • Landscaping and Lawn Care
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Movers & Junk Removal
  • Mobile Pet Grooming

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Full Wraps, Partial Wraps, Lettering Or Decals – Which Is Right For Your Trailer?

Full wraps: With a full vehicle wrap, the entire vehicle exterior is covered in vinyl graphics, including the hood, sides, rear and even the windows. However, full wraps on larger vehicles usually do not include the roof. A full wrap means your trailer is transformed into a rolling billboard with 360-degree visibility at the lowest cost per impression you can achieve.

Partial Wraps: Partial vehicle wraps are usually only applied to the vehicle’s rear and/or sides. Partial wraps cost less than full wraps, so they are often a smarter choice for a business that advertises different promotions or other special events frequently.

Lettering: Lettering involves text, where each letter is cut out and applied to the trailer’s surface. There are no graphics or other embellishments, and the overall coverage is minimal. Lettering costs much less than wraps, but brand awareness and exposure are more limited without logos and other graphic elements.

Decals: Spot graphics or decals are smaller, individual vinyl cutouts applied to the trailer. These can be used in tandem with lettering or on their own. They offer the possibility of customizing your trailer without committing to a full or partial wrap. Trailer decals cost less, so your trailer can be a moving billboard even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a full wrap. SpeedPro also makes window decals, so you can fully utilize all available space in the best way for your business.

How Much Do Trailer Wraps Cost?

The final cost depends on the size and design – a full wrap is more costly than a spot vinyl decal, and custom design services are more expensive than if you come ready with packaged graphics. Trailer wraps are an extremely cost-effective solution with a good return on investment, and even full wraps are generally more affordable than renting a static billboard.

Are Trailer Wraps Removable?

One of the most often overlooked benefits of trailer wraps is that they are fully removable! This makes them a smart choice for businesses that want mobile advertising and the flexibility to change based on promotions and other special events.

Should you want to re-sell your trailer in the future, remove the wrap, and reveal the original paintwork. Trailer wraps also act as a barrier to protect vehicles from scrapes, gravel scratches and other minor imperfections that would otherwise lower the resale value.

Why Work With A Professional For Trailer Wrap Design & Installation

A smooth, polished, long-lasting wrap job needs the right tools and a professional’s touch. An improperly installed wrap can quickly look bad due to trapped air bubbles or peeling edges and can even cause expensive damage to your vehicle’s paint job on removal.

Trust your trailer to SpeedPro’s wrap installation experts, who will take it from being a standard, everyday trailer to the most innovative marketing decision you can make for your business.

Call today and schedule a consultation at your local studio to learn more about trailer wraps from SpeedPro.