Outdoor Retail Signage

Outdoor <span>Retail Signage</span>

Outdoor Signage for Retail

Outdoor Retail Signage

When potential customers interact with your business for the first time, their first encounter is with your outdoor retail signage. For brick-and-mortar retailers, outdoor signs are often the first impression a customer gets of a business. Use SpeedPro’s creative outdoor retail signs to clearly communicate your brand offerings and create a lasting first impression. 

Grow Your Retail Brand & Business with SpeedPro’s Storefront Signs

Use Storefront Signs to Promote Your Brand and Grow Your Business

In a competitive market, an effective outdoor retail sign can boost foot traffic, build brand recognition, increase sales and win new customers 

Here are a few ways to use storefront signs to benefit shoppers as well as your business: 

  • Attract more customers: Outdoor retail signage captures the attention of potential customers driving or walking past your store and invites them inside to browse your products. 
  • Express your brand values: Custom outdoor retail store signage expresses your brand’s personality and values. Customers attracted to your style or message will be excited to visit your retail store. 
  • Promote new products: Flashy and bright outdoor signage builds interest in new products by highlighting their unique features and benefits.
  • Advertise sales and specials: Boost customer participation in deals and offers by promoting these events with outdoor signage. Customers drawn into your store by your display sign may purchase additional products or even become regular customers. 

Effective Outdoor Retail Signs for Your Business

Outdoor retail signage comes in many forms — from temporary sidewalk signs promoting sales and special offers to permanent window graphics featuring your business name and logo. With various sizes, styles and designs available for outdoor signs at SpeedPro, the options for promotional exterior signage are almost limitless. 

The proper outdoor signage for your business will depend on your store’s location and the message you want to convey. Here are the primary types of outdoor retail signs and how you can best use them to promote your business. 

Retail Window Graphics

Retail Window Graphics: Brand Your Business, Highlight What Makes Your Company Unique

Retail window graphics from SpeedPro come in several different styles to suit your business’s needs: 

  • Permanent or temporary:Retail window signs are available for short-term and long-term use. Permanent retail window graphics can display your business name, logo, brand motto, and the hours your store opens. With higher-tac stick formulas, permanent window graphics offer long-term durability and use. Temporary window graphics are perfect for advertising a new product or promoting a seasonal sale or weekly deal. Short-term retail window stickers are designed for easy installation and removal for temporary use. 
  • First or second surface:Retail window clings can be designed to adhere to the inside or outside of your shop windows. First, surface window graphics can be easily mounted outside your windows and do not require transparent base substrates. Second, surface window graphics adhere to the inside of your store windows but face outward. Because they are not exposed to the elements, second-surface retail window decals tend to last longer without fading or discoloration. 
  • Large or small:Retail window signs are available in virtually any size, from expansive floor-to-ceiling images to small logos or text. Cover your storefront windows with a large advertisement, or use smaller window decals for intricate designs, shapes or fonts. Consider your target audience when choosing the right size for your retail window graphics. If customers will be viewing your sign from far away, such as while driving, make sure the fonts and images are large enough to see and read clearly. 

Retail window graphics are particularly effective for businesses in areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as downtown in a city or a strip mall. As pedestrians pass by your store, they’ll be drawn inside by your eye-catching window graphics and promotional signs. 

Outdoor Wall Graphics

If your storefront has a lot of empty exterior wall space, it can act as a display for bright and bold wall graphics. Outdoor wall graphics, or building graphics, are similar to window graphics but can be applied directly to the outside of your building. Durable even in the rain, snow, and sunshine, SpeedPro’s building graphics make for a long-lasting and unique marketing technique. 

Customers get attracted to interesting exterior wall graphics featuring popular products, new items or a special sale. Outdoor wall graphics can also be placed on the back or side of your building to encourage customers to come inside.  

Building graphics from SpeedPro are designed for lasting durability and can adhere securely to concrete, brick, textured walls and other rough outdoor surfaces. You can choose between matte, semi-gloss or gloss finishes for an eye-catching shine or a sophisticated and simple design. 

Retail Sidewalk Signs

A-frame sidewalk signs are an excellent option for businesses on busy streets or in outdoor shopping centers. An A-frame sidewalk retail sign can be placed very close to the customer, making them impossible to miss. Sidewalk signs can feature daily specials, advertise for holiday sales or promote your most popular items. Retail sidewalk signs can also direct foot traffic to your store if your entrance is not visible from the street, such as shops located down an alley or around the corner. 

Advantages of Using Our Sidewalk Sign 

  • Sidewalk signs are flexible and cost-effective advertising solutions.  
  • A-frame signs can be placed outside when needed and stored easily when not in use.  
  • After you purchase the frame for your sign, you can quickly and affordably change the message inside as often as you like.  

At SpeedPro, we design beautiful and eye-catching custom graphics for your sidewalk advertising signage and retail a-frame signs. SpeedPro also offers short lead times to get your message out faster. 

Outdoor Floor Graphics

Because of their unexpected displays, outdoor floor graphics are inspiring and attractive.  

Your business can tap into the growing trend of using vinyl floor graphics to promote special offers or encourage customers to check out new products on your shelves. Branded outdoor floor graphics can promote your store’s social media platforms or share your business’s values. Floor graphics can also serve as directional signage to help customers discover stores in offbeat locations. 

Outdoor floor graphics adhere best to concrete and asphalt but can also be used on brick and other textured surfaces with careful application. Durable outdoor floor graphics are designed to withstand rain, snow, ice and UV rays. Apply sidewalk floor graphics with the strongest adhesive and an extra layer of matte laminate for lasting use. 

Retail Flags and Banners

Retail Flags and Banners

Retail flags and banners are available in various sizes and orientations for a flexible, eye-catching advertising solution. Showcase your promotional products with custom retail banners attached directly to the outside of your storefront or hung from archways or entryways. Build brand awareness with vinyl banners or permanent storefront banners. Hang banners from sign holders during seasonal sales or holiday specials. 

Available in sizes ranging from less than 5 feet to over 18 feet tall, promotional flags can be used in any retail setting. SpeedPro’s retail flags are also available in several shapes, including teardrop, feather, straight and edge.  

Because of their unique design, retail flags and bannersoffer several advantages as a retail advertising solution. They’re: 

  • Colorful: Custom retail flags and banners can be designed with bold colors and aesthetically pleasing designs. Bright colors stick out from their surroundings, making your outdoor retail signs pop. 
  • Dynamic: On breezy days, promotional flags and banners sway and ripple in the wind, creating a dynamic effect. Intrigue passersby to come inside and explore an enriching customer experience. 
  • Durable: Outdoor advertising flags from SpeedPro are built with weather-resistant materials to withstand intense winds, rain, sleet, snow and almost anything else nature can throw at them.  
  • Versatile:Retail flags and banners can be used for nearly any purpose, from branding to advertising to helping customers locate your retail store. Promote your store with fun and colorful retail flags and banners to stand out from competitors.  

Retail Yard Signs

Custom retail yard signs are a great way to utilize your front lawn or storefront space. A retail yard sign is a fast, affordable advertising solution perfect for short-term sales, special events and seasonal promotions. Business yard signs are constructed directly into the ground with stakes or sign holders for easy installation and removal.  

Business lawn signs are especially beneficial for businesses not located along busy pedestrian walkways. As potential customers drive by your store, these signs can catch their eye with bright colors and bold messages. 

Order Your Outdoor Retail Signage from SpeedPro

With extensive experience in the retail market, SpeedPro is ready to be your print partner for outdoor retail signs and large-scale graphics. Find a wide variety of outdoor signage at our Studios, including perfect storefront signs, banners, window graphics, yard signs and more.  

Find your local SpeedPro studio from our nationwide network of print studios and get started with your next retail signage project today. 

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