A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Signs

Anytime you’ve walked down a busy downtown street, you’ve likely seen an A-frame sign sitting outside the doors of a restaurant or shop. These signs typically showcase promotional deals and offerings that encourage viewers to take action. They’re ideal for times when a business wants to differentiate themselves from competitors and direct potential customers to their establishment.

Due to an A-frame sign’s ability to drum up a new clientele and set a business apart from other competitors close by, any savvy business owner should consider adding A-frames to their business. To determine if A-frame signs are right for you, learn more about what they are, who uses them and how they can provide several advantages to your company.

What Are A-Frame Signs?

Sometimes referred to as sidewalk or sandwich signs, A-frame signs are some of the most portable forms of signage around. They get their name because they look like the letter “A” when viewed from the side once they are set up. Since they’re shaped in an A, these signs will often have custom messages on both sides of the frame. They’re well known for displaying promotional offers and specials, along with directing potential buyers into a business.

Who Uses Custom A-Frame Signs?

Restaurants and retailers are the primary buyers of A-frame signs, though many companies can use them. Restaurants find them especially appealing because they can feature a menu on them or highlight the special of the day. For both retailers and restaurants, A-frame signs excel at highlighting deals and other promotional information.

Regardless of the industry, companies that want to attract foot traffic often invest in A-frame signs. As businesses can place them on a sidewalk, they can get the attention of those walking by and even feature graphics on them that point the viewer towards the entrance way to a building.

Conferences and trade shows also regularly use A-frame signs to upgrade the appearance of their venues and provide directions around the area. Organizers can use these signs to point attendees to significant locations like registration booths, ticketing counters, events, concession stands and bathrooms. They can also display important information about speakers, specialty offerings and other relevant info.

Where can custom a-frame signs be used?

Where Can Custom A-Frame Signs Be Used?

One of the top-selling points of A-frame signage is that you can place them almost anywhere. Since they’re so portable and can stand on their own, you can put them pretty much anywhere you think is appropriate. In the restaurant and retail industries, you’ll often see A-frame signs outdoors on the sidewalk, guiding people inside or grabbing their interest with a sale or specialty menu item.

Besides their usage outdoors, they can also be used indoors for various purposes. They’re especially useful in conference settings to highlight particular booths or give directions to key locations. Since A-frame signs are placed on the ground and can be put near pathways, they do a great job of grabbing the attention of those walking by.

Why Use A-Frame Sign Boards?

Businesses regularly rely on A-frame sidewalk signs for several reasons. These signs provide plenty of value to companies, as they generate attention and can serve several purposes. They also are quite affordable and very easy to transport, making them ideal for companies with ever-changing signage needs.

Before you invest in A-frame signs, consider some of the top benefits of using them to market your business:

1. Attention-Grabbing

An A-frame sign is a solid option when you want to get the attention of those passing by your store, restaurant or another type of establishment. On these signs, a company can place eye-catching text and imagery that people can’t miss. Since these signs are very portable, companies can place them in locations that are sure to be seen by potential customers.

The signs also have the advantage of being up close and personal. Unlike other signs that hang off of light poles or are mounted onto a building, A-frame signs are often placed directly in the flow of foot traffic. This placement makes them much more likely to be noticed, and as a result, a very effective form of attention-grabbing signage.

2. Portable

The portability of A-frame signage is what makes it appeal to so many companies. Unlike more traditional signs, A-frame signs are installed in a way that makes them easy to move or take down. Employees can fold them up quickly and take them from one location to another. Due to their portability, you have more freedom with your advertising, allowing you to experiment with different locations.

Besides trying out different locations to find the best one for your company, their portability also allows your company to adjust your messages quickly. For example, once a promotion has ended, you can swap out the face of your A-frame that advertised the promotion with a new face that highlights your newest deal. Since A-frames are so portable, you won’t have to go through a time-consuming or costly removal and installation process.

3. Cost-Effective

A-frame signs are one of the smaller types of signs around, and they don’t require a lot of material to produce. They can be made with various materials, with the choice depending on how long you hope to use it. Whatever the material you choose, you’ll find A-frames to be an inexpensive form of signage that helps drum up attention for your business.

Outdoor A-frame signs often encourage a viewer to take action at that moment, which then directly leads to sales. Since A-frames cause people to take action, they can quickly pay for themselves. With the already low costs of producing A-frame signs and the direct revenue they generate, the initial expense of investing in them will likely be offset by the value they provide.

4. Flexible

A-frame signs are one of the most flexible types of signage available to businesses. They often are single or double-sided, with many designed so panels can be changed out quickly to update messaging. The types of messages on A-frames can also be quite flexible. These signs can come with text or graphics that highlight store promotions, restaurant menus or directions to a hard-to-find entrance way.

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