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Restaurants & Bars


Draw in those dining out with high-impact, customized restaurant and bar signage from the print experts at SpeedPro. 

You’ve got the tasty appetizers, the craft brews, the enticing entrées, and the creative cocktails. We’ve got some of the large-format printing industry’s leading equipment to produce branded environmental graphics for the food industry

Make the prints on your walls, windows, and floors stand out as much as what you serve on your plates. Custom restaurant signs and bar signage from SpeedPro serve up the next chapter in your business’ branding and give customers’ eyes something to feast on every time they step foot through your doors. 


Food and beverage trends change continually. Restaurants and bars keep pace by infusing their menus with twists, interpretations and time-tested foodie favorites, honoring the tastes of their most loyal customers while still finding ways to draw in new patrons. 

But what about the restaurant or bar atmosphere? Custom signage allows food industry establishments to spice up their aesthetics just as they spice up their dishes. Successfully doing so means establishing a brand identity, or what customers think and feel when they hear your restaurant’s name. Brand identity quickly becomes synonymous with customer expectations. When you support an end-to-end dining experience filled with great food, visuals and an experiential atmosphere, you exceed every guest’s expectation, meal after meal. 

In short, restaurants and bars need custom signage to: 

  • Design a memorable space. 
  • Hone a distinct brand identity. 
  • Complement the food, beverages and atmosphere inside. 
  • Draw in new patrons. 
  • Keep people coming back for more. 


SpeedPro’s nationwide network of large-format printing studios can assist restaurants and bars in creating more than a dozen types of custom signs. 


Custom murals take plain, conventional walls and turn them into bold canvases. You get the benefit of using every inch available in your restaurant for improved branding, while patrons benefit from an immersive space that enhances their dining experience. Wall murals can be used indoors or outdoors to craft a particular aesthetic for your establishment. Additionally, exterior wall murals can be an excellent outdoor advertising material, drawing in foot traffic and those driving by. 

SpeedPro wall murals are printed on easily installable vinyl panels, minimizing creases and seams. Mural images are high-resolution, allowing restaurants to blow up actual photographs and use custom-created icons, pictures or images. SpeedPro can also provide mural lamination treatments to walls, protecting your custom image from scratches, stains and wear. 


Restaurant name signs are like the signature of your space. They’re one of the first things prospective customers consider about your bar or restaurant. Plus, outdoor name signage serves both form and function — they designate the bar or restaurant inside and instill an immediate first impression in sign viewers, one that signage colors, text, images, lighting and more can shape. 

Feature your restaurant’s name in big, bold graphics custom-made for the food industry. SpeedPro works with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bakeries and more to create mounted, hanging or street-adjacent name signage that’ll attract and engage passing customers. We use a range of durable base media, from cast vinyl, foam-core and gatorboard to plexiglass, PVC and more, to craft your custom restaurant building sign. 


Illuminated signs are one of today’s top restaurant signage design trends. SpeedPro produces backlit signage by installing LED lights inside sign frames or fixtures. Vinyl fabric overlays can then wrap around the LED lights, creating a luminescent sign that increases letter readability and visibility. Backlit restaurant signs also stand out during inclement weather. Rain or shine, snow or fog, your establishment stays noticeable to eyes near and far. 

Bars located in areas with bustling nightlife can stand out from the crowd with backlit graphics and text bigger and brighter than the competition. Late-night restaurants or 24/7 diners can keep their establishments warm and welcoming with signs that light up the night and catch the attention of anyone passing by. 


The past few years have seen the state-of-the-art food truck industry explode. The popularity of the food truck industry is now a competitive field. Ensure your food truck stands out from the rest with a customized wrap promoting your brand and menu, increasing the appetite of anyone passing by. 

Restaurants and bars can join the mobile food revolution with customized vehicle wraps for their own food trucks or delivery cars. By spinning off smaller craft menus featuring specialty items, food trucks can expand your restaurant’s reach while doubling as a 24/7, on-the-road, mobile marketing magnet. 

SpeedPro is a select large-format print partner. This means many of our studios can access certified vehicle wrappers available to execute top-quality partial and full vehicle wraps fitting your flagship restaurant or bar. 


Indoor signage should complement the signs on your storefront. Together, they create the custom restaurant signage that becomes your establishment’s fingerprint. 

Consider all the creative places; large-format signage elevates interior design — text, art and graphics adorning bars, splattered on statement walls, stationed at entryways and thanking patrons for their visit. Custom indoor signage can be humorous or refined, ornate or minimalist. They can tell stories, hint at recipes, or relay exciting information about the cuisine and foodie culture. 

SpeedPro can provide custom signage graphics for bar and restaurant interiors. Select from dozens of customizable templates and features to make restaurant graphics immersive, experiential and ultimately on-brand. 


Restaurants and bars must adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act’s building accessibility ordinances. Minimizing the patron frustrations and even inclusivity issues that stem from inaccessible public buildings, ADA signage requirements span food industry establishments like cafes, bars and coffee shops. 

Bars and restaurants can show effort and attention to detail with ADA signage printed by the experts at SpeedPro. Our studios are fluent in ADA signage laws and how they translate into sign design, plus which sign types must be installed in and around your restaurant to remain compliant. This includes directional signage and restroom identifiers down to “Employees Only” signs mounted in standard written English and Braille. 

Take the worry of full ADA regulation off your shoulders. SpeedPro can help. 


The furniture selected for your restaurant is essential to its overall ambiance. It’s no surprise that what goes on with that furniture should carry brand impact, too. Custom restaurant table toppers are fabric materials and decorations adorning your dining room surfaces. Lightweight and portable, style your table-toppers to complement other restaurant decorations, lending your space a thoughtful final touch. 

SpeedPro creates personalized table runners, stretch and fitted coverings and printed placement displays. You can also employ table toppers for functional purposes, listing menu specials, specialty items, a cocktail or craft beer of the month, bar special events like trivia or karaoke nights, and much more. 


Window decals are large-format graphics printed on specialty, sticker-backed vinyl you “peel and place” onto the glass. They’re one of the most customizable and versatile large-format graphics you can choose for your establishment. 

Select from individual stickers bearing on-brand foodie images and cafe logos to full-windowpane covering decals altering the look and feel of your space. Restaurant window decals can be one or two-sided, showcasing pictures of food and drinks to those passing by on the street and filtering outside lighting. Full and partial panel decals add privacy to restaurants or bars adjacent to busy sidewalks. Patrons sitting near windows will no longer feel like fish in a glass bowl. 


A-frame sandwich boards are classic marketing material for restaurants and bars. Promote happy hours, recommend soups and sandwich du jours, showcase chef’s specials and advertise specialty events at your establishment — all by crafting creative messages on this flexible outdoor sign. 

Sandwich boards work great in any outdoor menu display applications. SpeedPro studios can fabricate waterproof and weatherable a-frames, using UV-resistant inks for text and images. When properly cared for, sandwich board menus can last years and be placed precisely when and where you need them, attracting continual restaurant traffic. 


Digital signage brings classic sign surfaces to the modern age. Most commonly, restaurants and cafes install digital signs above registers to showcase menu items right where customers order. Yet they work just as well outdoors as in. Specialty fabric iPad displays can include menu touchscreens for patrons to peruse at their own pace and show scrolling messages about the food and drinks waiting inside. 

SpeedPro can assist in creating digital food industry signage with proper lighting, multiple display modes and even customized text effects. 


Have you had to shut down your restaurant or bar for a little while? Opening a new restaurant? You’ll need to let people know you’re open for business and ready to serve. “We’re open” signage is about making your community aware of your presence and drumming up interest in your restaurant. Generally, these signs are used on the exterior of buildings. 

Popular forms of this signage include large-format corporate sign graphics mounted on the side of your building or on top to attract attention. Banners and flags are also popular options since they’re eye-catching and are removed easily once you’ve drummed up enough attention for your business. 


Directional signage refers to signs or graphics that help people find key locations in an area and deliver critical information. You can use them for the interior and exterior of your restaurant. On the exterior, they can be helpful for restaurants tucked away from well-traveled walkways, are tucked away from well-traveled walkways, or distant from a parking lot, as they can help potential diners find them. They also can provide information about restaurant hours, parking rules and dining policies. 

Interior directional signs help diners navigate to the bar, restroom or dining area. They can also designate specialty areas by blocking off rooms for VIP parties or other special events. 

These signs come in several forms, such as A-frame signs outside the restaurant with graphics pointing people toward the entrance or restaurant window signs that have essential information about your hours. On both the interior and exterior signage, restaurants regularly use graphics incorporating bold arrows and other clear directional symbols. 


Public health crises, particularly viruses, can make it difficult for restaurants to attract customers, especially when social distancing regulations are in effect. A restaurant may have to shut down for a little while, and customers may be wary of enjoying a meal indoors when it opens back up. 

To keep your staff and customers safe, use signage to keep them seated at a proper distance and reduce the chances that diners have of coming in contact with anyone else. Other popular types of signage designed for public health crises include curbside pick-up signs, temperature check signs, acrylic shields and delivery graphics


Make yourself the most memorable restaurant and bar in the neighborhood by following these food industry signage tips and tricks: 


Stand-out business signs are the ones people see. From a wall-to-wall custom mural to an awning-installed backlit graphic to a towering, pole-mounted street-side name sign, you want your restaurant graphics to catch eyes and turn heads. 

  • Install signs above eye levels: This ensures the greatest possible sign radius for walking or driving customers to a specific spot. 
  • Avoid visual obstacles: Trees, nearby buildings and even cars parked tightly on the street can impede restaurant sign visibility.  
  • Add creative embellishments: Bright backlighting, branded color schemes, high background-to-text contrast and digital components can make signs appear even more significant and bolder. 


Running your neighborhood’s corner bar? Coffee shop perched on the second floor of a shared building. No problem! Irregular building angles and placements are your friends of large-format graphics placements — just so long as they remain unobstructed. Use corners, awnings, edges, and walls to your advantage, finding creative ways for signage to work with, not fight against, your actual structure. The results will be more natural and standout visuals tied to your business. 


Custom-illuminated graphics are trending for a reason. Signs with LED bulbs or neon fixtures pop in direct sunlight behind protective glass windows and even out in the elements. Plus, a few sign customizations will transform a sign as much as LED installations at night. 

Backlit signs don’t have the high operating costs many assume, either. In fact, the average LED bulb uses 75 percent less energy and lasts 25 times longer than its incandescent cousins. Your restaurant’s electricity bills — and your sales — will thank you. 


Before finalizing custom signage for your bar or restaurant, consider surveying the competition’s signs. What color schemes or graphics stand out best? Where do other restaurants install their name signs — awning-mounted, wall mounted or atop tall, attention-grabbing signage poles right next to the road? Do signs have images or graphics? What about their choice of sign wording? 

When you know what food industry competitors are doing, you can craft truly one-of-a-kind yet professionally relevant large-format signage. In other words, you can zig while they zag — then watch as customers respond. 


Signage for bars and restaurants lets patrons know more than your name. Exterior signs convey personality, call attention to your food and drinks and set the pace for the atmosphere inside. Yet high-quality signs can only do so much if the rest of your storefront looks bland or unprofessional. 

Large-format printing lets you spruce up the entirety of your building’s appearance: 


Yes, bigger, and bolder signs capture more attention. Overly wordy signage will lose it. 

The average viewer spends only a few seconds reviewing outdoor signs and advertisements. Overly wordy signs can even cause a driving hazard.  

As an industry rule of thumb, graphics designers recommend sticking to four to eight words on outdoor signage and visual graphics. However, indoor restaurant murals, decals and messages can run longer if they remain consistent with the overall atmosphere. 


All the large-format graphics and images will be part of your establishment’s overall visual communication strategy. That means each piece — from table coverings with your restaurant’s stitched logo to a full-blown mural adorning the back wall of your bar — adds to your business’s personality and how potential customers perceive you. 

You can strategize the most cohesive, on-brand printed materials for your bar or restaurant through the following: 

  • Compatible color schemes: On-brand color palettes include three to five shades you use consistently in restaurant signs, artwork, furniture, menus and more. Consistent color schemes are vital if you’re part of a franchise or looking to expand. 
  • Consistent animations and photography: Similar to selecting a core color scheme for your bar or restaurant, opt to pick a feature photography or animation style. Use that style across your print and digital large-format graphics, furthering your unmistakable brand visuals. 
  • Consistent fonts: Restaurants and bars should have one to two signature fonts used across all text materials, from menus to vehicle wraps down to restaurant logos. 


Finally, large-format printing should be action-oriented and experiential. Use window graphics, signage and even tabletop materials to ask questions, provide suggestions or lend patrons reassurance — that is, create two-way moments between your graphics and patrons. The food industry’s options to elicit a direct consumer response are limitless but include: 

  • A window graphics with a delicious-looking plate of food with large lettering beneath asking, “Hungry?” 
  • A wall mural of friends clinking together drinks with the accompanying text, “Who’s getting the next round?” 
  • A businessperson stepping out, briefcase in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other: “Your morning commute just got better.” 

Use the spirit of your restaurant or bar and your target patrons’ knowledge to craft these actionable messages. Your large-format print materials will carry more creativity and impact because of it. 


SpeedPro’s nationwide network of large-format visual communications studios means the location of a print partner for your bar or restaurant is likely right in your neighborhood. 

Find your closest SpeedPro studio to start branding your restaurant or bar today. 

Custom Restaurant and Bar Sign FAQs  

What are SpeedPro’s custom restaurant and bar signs? 

SpeedPro’s restaurant and bar signs are customized signage solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. They are designed to enhance the ambiance, branding, and visibility of restaurants and bars. Learn more about custom sign solutions

How can I customize my restaurant sign with SpeedPro? 

SpeedPro offers a wide range of customization options, including materials, sizes, colors, and designs. You can supply your own design or collaborate with our team of experts to create a unique sign that matches your brand’s aesthetic.  

Does SpeedPro offer installation services for bar signs? 

Yes, SpeedPro provides professional sign installation services to ensure your sign is securely and properly displayed. Our team of experts will handle the installation process, ensuring your sign looks perfect and lasts long. Schedule an installation service with us. 

What sets SpeedPro’s custom restaurant signs apart from competitors? 

SpeedPro is renowned for its high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology. Our signs are not only visually appealing but also durable, ensuring they withstand various environmental conditions. Moreover, our commitment to eco-friendly practices means we use sustainable materials and processes wherever possible.  

How does SpeedPro ensure customer satisfaction throughout the sign creation process? 

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. From the first consultation to the final installation, we prioritize clear communication and collaboration. Our design experts work closely with you to bring your vision to life by offering design revisions and prototypes when necessary. Additionally, our after-sales support ensures that any concerns are addressed promptly.