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Different businesses and their various services allow people to get what they need when they need it. However, with so many different professional services to choose from, how can a business stand out from its competitors? For example, people have numerous options for things like banking or insurance, so why should they choose your business? Custom graphics and signage for businesses providing professional services can attract customers, distinguish your business from the rest, keep current customers and be a great branding tool. Whether you work for as a banker, attorney, accountant or insurance agent, custom graphics and signage is an excellent way to boost any business.

Custom Signage and Graphics for Banks

With thousands of different banks in the U.S. to choose from, it’s vital to win customers’ trust to keep them with your company. Whether your customers are coming in to meet with an advisor, stop at the ATM or deposit a check, your signage must be reflective of their needs. For banks, the two main signage types your business will likely use are internal office signs and external promotional signs.

Internal office signs can come in various forms and can help your bank with things such as branding for customers and employees, improving the overall work environment, demonstrating professionalism and giving directions throughout the building. Using wayfinding signage to guide customers around the building is an especially important form of internal office signage every bank should have. Incorporating directional signage inside helps customers locate things such as the ATMs, tellers, advisor offices and restrooms. Custom graphics could also include standing signs or banners to share promotions or even a wall mural in the lobby to give customers something to look at while they wait. Regardless of what kind of internal office signage you use, it should be consistent with the branding at other banking branches as well.

External promotional signage is essential for drawing customers into your bank. If your bank is located somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic, you could consider using attention-grabbing sidewalk signs. If your bank is not in a prime area for foot traffic, you could instead use window graphics that stand out and are visible to passing vehicle traffic or outdoor banners and flags that hang around the exterior of the building.

Custom Signage and Graphics for Attorneys

Although attorneys may operate as part of a law firm, it is still vital to develop a personal brand so potential clients know exactly what you offer. Using custom signage, you can develop a brand to make yourself stand out against competitors, expand your network and work toward your professional goals. You can use custom graphics to communicate your qualities as an attorney, letting clients know they can count on you to represent them. They need someone they know is stoic and smart, so signage should reflect the seriousness of your professionalism.

Considering the circumstances that lead clients to your office, it’s normal for them to be stressed out when they visit. Incorporating wall graphics into your office’s waiting area can help ease the tension while they wait. Using custom wall graphics such as murals, canvases and removable vinyl can brighten the mood while also promoting your brand.

When it comes to your outdoor signage, you may want to consider contour cut signs. Contour cut signage can show off some personality while still maintaining a professional aesthetic. In particular, contour cut corporate signs are typically used on the front of a building, on the street or even indoors in the lobby or reception area. With contour cut signs, you can also incorporate your business logo into the signage to really stand out and overall appear more sleek, stylish and professional.

Custom Signage and Graphics for CPAs

The responsibility of CPA's to their clients.

If you are a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), your clients are putting the responsibility of handling their financial matters into your hands. Clients need to know that they can trust you with their money, and your custom signage should reassure them that you are the best professional for the job. Some CPAs may turn to corporate branding to help establish a relationship between them and their client, as corporate branding focuses on telling clients who you are and what you’re about instead of focusing on what you sell. Corporate branding can help CPAs build that trust and bring in more clients.

You can use corporate branding in various forms of signage for your business, such as a vehicle wrap or a wall mural. Whether your business is well-established or just got its start, vehicle wraps help expand your reach as a mobile form of advertising. With your company name, logo and phone number clearly printed on the vehicle wrap, you never know when a potential client might see it on the road and reach out for your services.

Inside the office, CPAs might opt to use something like a wall mural. For your mural, you could highlight your mission and values or even create a history wall. By highlighting your company’s history and including things such as customer testimonials, you’re helping legitimize your business to customers who might be on the fence and gaining their trust in the process.

Custom Signage and Graphics for Insurance Companies

People get insurance as an extra layer of protection for when things go wrong, so you must show that your insurance company is dependable. Custom graphics can help get your brand in the public eye and provide a cohesive message and theme across all of your signage. In town or in the office, your signage should communicate your brand and the peace of mind you can offer through your services and plans.

Like any major life decision, acquiring or changing insurance plans can be intimidating. When a customer first walks into your office, they should feel welcomed and guided to where they need to be. Your insurance company can use custom signage in the lobby to greet and gently instruct customers on where they need to go. Commonly used lobby signage includes things like canvases, vinyl banners, retractable banners, directional signage and window graphics.

Specifically, window graphics are an excellent option for any office setting where you and your customers may like some privacy, like in an insurance office. You could use frosted window graphics, which are hard to see through, inside the office to give your clients an extra sense of security. To enhance your insurance company’s curb appeal, you could use perforated window film to create an eye-catching display people will see as they travel by. For any special limited-time offers, your company could also use window clings as they are easy to remove.

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