Custom Festival Signs

As you prepare for a festival, you’ve likely considered adding custom graphics and signs to the event space. Festival signage often goes uncelebrated, but it’s integral to the success of an event. It makes your area more attractive, helps promote your festival and provides practical information to attendees. Because signage and graphics are so important, it’s essential for any festival organizers to find premium signage for their event.

Top Benefits of Festival Signage

Before you add signage, it’s natural for you to wonder if it’s a worthwhile investment for your festival. After all, you already have fun activities, engaging entertainment and tasty food planned for the festivities, so why do you need signage?

Top Benefits of Festival Signage

The answer to that comes down to signs and graphics playing a pivotal role in ensuring that people enjoy all of the exciting things that you have in store for them. To give you an idea for the way that signage can assist festivals, consider the ways SpeedPro signage has benefited past festivals:

1. Promotion

Besides the planning that you put into making a festival successful, you also have to promote it to get people to come. No matter how amazing the festival is, if no one is aware of it, no one is going to attend. To give the festival a chance to succeed, you need to promote it in your community. One of the best ways to make your festival a household name is through custom festival graphics and signs.

To increase awareness about the upcoming festival, you can place promotional signage throughout areas where potential festival goers will likely see them. Signage placed alongside a busy roadway, high trafficked areas, in your or your sponsors’ windows and hung from the sides of buildings will often lead to greater awareness and turn out for your event.

2. Decorations

Once people actually make it to your festival, you want them to have a great time. Deliver a memorable experience by giving the festival a unique appearance. One way to do this is with festival graphics and signage placed around the event space.

Top-quality signage can display custom graphics made for the festival, celebrating a particular time of the year, community, type of music, food or whatever else the festival is focused on. With these graphics, you’ll craft an atmosphere that leaves an impression on those who attend and keeps them coming back every time the festival is held. Festival signage gives an event an element of personality that attendees will be drawn to and connect with.

3. Wayfinding

Festivals are often expansive affairs that span multiple acres and use a variety of buildings. Due to their size, it’s crucial for a well-run festival to have signage that directs attendees around the event, helping them find key locations. Wayfinding signage does just that.

When people know where to go and how to get there, they aren’t as likely to grow frustrated or miss out on different events they were looking forward to. By avoiding those types of frustrations that give people a negative experience, festival organizers put themselves in a better position to have highly-satisfied attendees.

4. Sponsorships

Along with the aesthetic and practical value of signage for attendees, event signage creates a financial opportunity for those attending the event. Many times, companies and organizations will want to sponsor an event in exchange for advertising at the festival. If you have signage planned, you can easily incorporate sponsor graphics into your signs, earning back your initial investment and possibly making a profit.

For business-savvy, forward-looking festivals, sponsored signs are one of the best options to ensure the event is financially successful for years to come. After all, what’s better than improving the visual appeal of your festival while also making money as you do it?

Popular Styles of Festival Signage

As you look for festival signs, you’ll want to consider signage styles that are often used to create unforgettable event spaces. Below you can find some of the most popular signage styles available today:

1. Flags

Outdoor flags are one of the top options for festivals, as they are widely considered to be a fun canvas for your graphics. Due to the way they sway in the wind, they capture the attention of attendees. With their vibrant colors and attractive imagery, they improve the aesthetic of any environment and get people excited to attend a festival.

2. Event Tents

Custom event tents are incredible options for festivals. In practice, they are impromptu structures that can be used as a centralized location to sell merchandise, drinks, food and tickets. Additionally, branded tents for events can restrict areas if you need a staff-only “office,” a medical tent or VIP lounge, among other uses. If a festival is being held in the summer months, they also offer some respite from the heat, letting festival-goers have a space to recoup in the shade.

Tents can also be branded with festival graphics, further improving the ambiance of the event. Event tents can be customized with unique messages, graphics and colors, meaning that they can be crafted to fit your event perfectly. With several different options for their size and design, you can find an event tent that serves your event perfectly.

3. Banners

When you’re throwing a festival indoors or outdoors, you’re going to want to make an impression on viewers and have flexibility with your signage. Custom event banners offer those exact qualities. With a variety of styles available, banners are an attractive signage option to place event graphics onto.

Boulevard banners are especially popular for festivals that have walkways with streetlamps or posts alongside them. These banners are attractive accents to poles, as they hang off of the side, displaying branded images and graphics. You can also use retractable banner stands to set up signage wherever you’d like. Finally, hung vinyl banners are perfect for welcoming attendees to the event as they can hang over an entrance, displaying the festival’s name and other on-brand graphics.

Get Custom Festival Signage for Your Event From SpeedPro

If you’re looking to make a statement at your next festival while also providing attendees with practical information, festival signage will be a crucial part of implementing that vision. To turn that vision into reality and install only the best signage at your event, you should consider working with a SpeedPro professional.

As a nationwide network of studios specializing in large format graphics, the team at SpeedPro knows effective festival signage. Find your local SpeedPro today to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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