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Sometimes, when it comes to marketing, you can’t beat an in-person event. More than 40 percent of marketers stated that they believed events were more effective marketing channels than digital marketing such as email and content marketing. In another survey, nearly half of all respondents said they planned on hosting more events in the year to come. Additionally, respondents noted that they would be boosting their marketing and promotion budgets for the events they were planning.

In-person events give your brand a chance to directly engage with new leads and the opportunity to reach previously untapped audiences. Whether your company is hosting its own event or has booked a booth or table at one such as a convention or trade show, you want to have the right tools and gear to make the best possible impression. What sets you apart on the market should also mark your presence at events. A beautifully branded event tent will stand out in the crowd and attract the attention you came to get.

At SpeedPro, you can choose a tent size and shape that works for the space, with multiple printing options to make it speak for you in big, bold graphics. Learn more about using a tent for events and the benefits of creating custom branded event tents.

An event tent will have a company's logo or branding as well as identifying info printed on it.

What Are Event Tents?

An event tent is a type of shelter that often has a company’s logo or branding and identifying information printed on it. How much shelter the tent provides depends on its design and how you plan on using it. Some types of event tents include:

  • Pop-up canopies: Sometimes called pop-up tents, canopies feature a frame with four legs and a support structure that holds up a fabric top. The top of the canopy provides some protection from the elements. For example, it can protect against rain and provide shade against the sun. Pop-up canopies or tents often come together without the use of tools. The frames unfold and snap into place. Depending on the type of canopy, the frames can be made from steel or aluminum. Some are square while others are tubular domes.
  • Pop-up canopies with sidewalls: Some canopies also have walls on the side, but the walls don’t usually enclose the entire space. A canopy’s wall can make up the full width and height of the canopy, or it can partially cover an area. The wall can serve as a barrier to further separate the tent from other booths and tables at an event. If it has a full wall, it can also provide an eye-catching backdrop.
  • Pole tents: A pole tent is similar to a canopy in that it features a fabric top that’s supported by metal legs on four sides. The major difference between a pop-up canopy and a pole tent is the size. Pole tents tend to be larger than canopies.
  • Frame event tents: A frame tent is similar to a tubular canopy in that it uses tubular poles to support the tent. One benefit of a frame tent is that there’s no need to have a pole in the center to support the top of the canopy.

The size of event tents varies. Some are just 5 feet on each side while others measure 20 feet in width. Whether you need a small, 5-foot tent or a considerably larger 20-foot model depends on the type of event you’re attending and how you plan on using the custom event tent.

Where to Use Custom Event Tents

Whether at an arena or a fairground, a concert or industrial expo, for a regular festival vendor or a holiday promotion, an event tent is a covered branding opportunity that invites passersby to stop by and discover what’s inside. It can communicate the brand message on printed walls and be outfitted with branded kiosks, display counters or table throws.

In very sunny or rainy weather, an event tent also offers the attractive advantage of branded shelter from the elements. All of SpeedPro’s event tent options are easy to set up, break down and pack away for transport or storage.

The height of an event tent can help make your booth more visible at a trade show.

Need some inspiration or ideas for using event tents? Here are a few places where having a branded tent can come in handy:

  • Festivals: In many cities, the summer season is really “festival season.” Some areas hold different festivals practically every weekend during May, June, July, August and September. Companies that are selling their products or that plan on setting up information booths at a festival can use custom event tents to catch the attention of attendees who might be curious to see what the company has to offer. The covering on the tent can also provide shelter against the sun and heat during the summer months.
  • Trade shows: Trade shows give businesses a chance to meet new customers and reconnect with current or past ones. They’re usually only open to those already in the industry (i.e., not the general public) and give companies a real opportunity to shine and set themselves apart from the competition. Even if a trade show takes place indoors, having an event tent can be useful. For one thing, the height of it can help to make your booth or area more visible to people on the other side of the trade show floor. Having a tent set up can also help you differentiate areas of your booth. For example, the area under the tent can be used for signing up clients or finishing transactions.
  • Conferences: Conferences are usually programs during which people who work in a particular industry get together to share their thoughts or discuss current concerns or ideas in their fields. Conferences can also provide businesses with a chance to showcase their products and highlight their services, as many also feature an exhibitors’ or vendors’ hall. As at a trade show, an event tent can make your company’s booth or table stand out in a crowded exhibitor space.
  • Weddings and celebrations: Not all types of branding need to be for marketing purposes. If you run an event- or wedding-planning business, you can use subtly branded tents during the programs you organize. For example, a tent used as a canopy at a wedding can have your company’s logo printed on it, but not so large that it looks as if you’re trying to steal attention away from the bride and groom. You can also use event tents to set up different areas at a celebration, such as a covered bar or food area at an outdoor wedding or a photo booth area.
  • Concerts and performing arts events: Whether they take place outdoors or in a closed theater or arena, performing arts events and concerts are an ideal location for event tents. If you’re a food or beverage vendor, you can set up a tent to keep your customers — and your staff — covered while serving concessions at an outdoor performance. If you’re selling merchandise for the artists appearing at the concert, a tent can provide coverage to your staff as well as make it easier for attendees to find their way to the merch table.
  • Farmers’ markets: Many farmers’ markets take place rain or shine, in cold weather or hot. A tent that features a farm’s logo or branding will make a farmer’s stand easier to spot and give the people and products at the market some shelter.
  • Craft shows: Like farmers’ markets, craft shows often take place no matter what the weather’s doing. In the spring and summer, they tend to be outside. Canopies that have half or full walls will make a crafter’s booth stand out and provide additional protection to the products on sale inside the tent.
  • Product launches: Product launches are all about building buzz and excitement for whatever your company has up its sleeve next. Your brand can use canopies and tents at its next product launch over the registration tables and in the areas where people can purchase the new product or sign up for more information about it.
  • Conventions: Conventions are similar to trade shows and conferences but are usually open to a wider audience. For example, a car or comic book convention is often open to the public and usually attracts people who are particularly interested in that particular niche. Conventions can be great opportunities for companies to find new customers or reconnect with their fans. If the convention is outdoors, a tent will provide shelter from the elements. Indoors, it can be an eye-catching tool that helps people find your booth in a busy hall.
  • Sporting events: Sporting events — especially charity events where teams or individuals are coming together to play for a good cause — can be an ideal spot for a company to set up a corporate event tent. Vendors selling food or merchandise at the event can use tents, as can the organizers of the event who might need to sell or collect tickets or greet VIP attendees.

Benefits of Using a Tent for Events

Benefits of Using Tents for Events

When you’re planning on attending an event, you’ve most likely got a lot of planning and prepping to do beforehand. Why add the hassle of creating a custom branded event tent to your to-do list? Setting up a tent can have multiple benefits for your company that make it well worth the effort. Here are just a few:

  • Customization: Trade shows, exhibition halls, festivals and fairs all tend to be crowded areas full of companies that are all trying to connect with customers and sell products that are in many ways similar. Your business needs to stand out, and setting up shop under a customized tent — in contrast with a plain old white tent or non-branded tent — will let you do just that. Along with giving you the opportunity to print your brand’s name and logo on the tent, many are available in a range of colors, so you can choose an eye-catching hue that complements your logo or that’s one of your company’s signature colors.
  • Weather-proofing: Most tents are designed to be used outdoors, which means they’re designed to withstand whatever the weather throws their way, from hail to rain and from snow to wind. You can count on your tent lasting, no matter what sorts of conditions you subject it to.
  • Protection from the weather: Not only are event tents weather-proof, but they’re also going to give you and your team some shelter from whatever the weather’s doing on a particular event day. If there’s a persistent drizzle on the day of a farmers’ market, a tent will keep you dry. If the sun is shining at its brightest while you’ll selling your merchandise or food at an outdoor concert, you can rely on your tent to provide cover and shade.
  • Portability: Event tents are meant to be transported, which means you’ll be able to pack them up and take them with you wherever you’re headed — no need for a fancy special truck or large van.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the type of tent you choose, you can usually configure it how you’d like. For example, you can pick a tent with a full wall that can serve as a vivid backdrop to your booth or one with half walls to create a dividing line between your booth and the others at an event. A tent that’s just a canopy without any sides can be ideal if you’re not sure of the size of the crowd you’ll attract.
  • Ease of setup and breakdown: At the end of a long event day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours packing up your booth before heading home. Fortunately, event tents are designed to set up quickly and break down easily. You won’t have to spend a long time wrestling with the tent. Additionally, most are designed to come together and apart without the use of specialized tools and equipment.
  • Separate area setups: Depending on the type of event you’re attending or the amount of space your company has, you can use tents to create different areas. For example, the tent can be the site of your box office, or it can be where people go when they’re ready to make a purchase. A customized, branded tent also creates a clear dividing line between your business and others at a trade show, festival, outdoor market or performance.
  • A product that works well with other branded pieces: Custom event tents aren’t the only branded products you can use. The tents also pair well with other outdoor products that you’ll likely need for trade shows, such as banners and signs. If you’re doing product demonstrations or serving food and drinks, you can combine your tent with a portable pop-up bar or counter so that people have a flat surface to use to try out the product or prep their snack.

SpeedPro Will Help You Customize Your Event Tent

If you want to create a custom branded event tent for an upcoming convention, trade show or other community or corporate event but aren’t sure where to start, SpeedPro can help. At SpeedPro, we’ll be your partner first and your printer second. We’ll work with you to bring your ideas to life in big, bold graphics. You tell us what you want to say and where, and we’ll suggest the best ways to say it and show you examples from our portfolio.

With a branded tent, your business can be the talk of the next event you attend. To get started designing your attention-grabbing tent, find the SpeedPro studio nearest you today.

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