Cardboard furniture and disposable furniture for trade shows

Types of available corrugated cardboard furniture

Portable cardboard furniture for events includes comfortable stools, sturdy tables, counters, information kiosks and more for creating a completely custom personalized trade show layout. SpeedPro printed cardboard chairs can be ordered in any quantity to ensure seating that fully accommodates all booth visitors. We recommend you use your best judgement based on previous trade show attendance numbers and prior year booth interaction statistics when available to best determine how much seating and tabletop space you require to fully meet your goals.

Hexagonal and circular disposable/reusable cardboard event ready furniture for trade shows are popular designs that easily unfold and set up from the flat packed storage state. Round cardboard tabletops and chairs are designed with a cross-style support and come up to general bar height. Alternately the hexagon shaped fixtures sit slightly lower on six flush sides but can hold higher weight due to the added vertices.

Custom printed disposable/reusable cardboard furniture can also be used for other disparate events such as banquets or festivals, if good weather is assured it isn’t advised to allow corrugated cardboard furniture to get wet. SpeedPro cardboard tables and stools feature high visibility full color printing upon request. SpeedPro custom printing will accurately recreate any design or logo you bring to us, please note that higher quality image files will result in higher quality prints. SpeedPro exhorts you to take advantage of our services to easily and fully brand your entire trade show booth for an unsurpassed exhibition.

Cardboard product display
Cardboard product display

Why choose lightweight disposable reusable cardboard furniture for your next trade show booth? 

The tables and stools pack flat so they are easy to store and transport to and from the show or event in a custom case from SpeedPro or even a simple carrying bag. The furnishings are made of interlocking panels that quickly fit together making them easy to assemble and afterwards break down to be reassembled for future events. We are sure that the clever design will make sense to anyone you’ve got working at your booth and help make them feel like accomplished decorators when they are quickly able to assemble the set-up on their first try.

Custom printed portable disposable/reusable cardboard furniture is ideal to display product samples and brochures. Hand-outs, print-outs, flyers and tabbletopper displays that engage and inform trade show attendees are the cornerstone of a successful trade show exhibition. Disposable/reusable cardboard furniture is a truly affordable solution that is perfect for storage and transportation. You can take your brand with you wherever you go and not need to worry about not having a well designed set-up when you get there. SpeedPro corrugated cardboard is recyclable as well meaning that your furniture is environmentally friendly and when properly disposed of you can be assured that it will be reused and conserved in a new form for years to come.

Here at SpeedPro we understand the importance of maintaining a clear and focused brand. When communicating with the public at events and trade shows it is imperative that your key values shine through and one way to do that is with clearly branded trade show furniture that is easily transported, set up, and reusable and able to be responsibly disposed of once it has served its function fully. We offer many out-of-the-box solutions and provide custom trade show displays and furniture for purchase or rent. We are eager to work with you to help choose the exact components to match your brand’s personality and meet your trade show goals.

Choose from a wide variety of laminates, frames, graphics, fabrics, furniture, multimedia components and more to create a unique trade show booth. Stop by any of our nationwide locations and let our experienced professional staff answer any remaining questions you may have.