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Custom Trade Show Graphics

Custom Trade Show Graphics

Trade shows are excellent opportunities for companies to make new connections and to attract new customers or clients. Custom trade show exhibits can help you make the most of these opportunities.

Amidst the competition on the trade show floor, you can stand out with custom trade show graphics that catch the eye and highlight your core message. One of the most essential trade show items is custom graphics to show off your brand.  With custom graphics and signage, you’ll be able to attract trade show attendees to your booth, potentially earning a new customer or client in the process. Creating an attractive custom trade show booth, however, does require some expertise. Below are some of the most important tips and tricks for crafting a custom trade show display that helps you meet your trade show goals.

Creating a Theme for Your Trade Show Booth Through Custom Graphics

As you prepare to add custom graphics to your trade show booth, you’ll want to have a theme in mind for the appearance of your display. Once you have a theme, you’ll be able to find graphics that will bring that idea to life. Two of the most important elements to consider are brand personality and color. Keep the following ideas in mind as you craft a theme:

1. Identify Brand Personality

The first step to determining your theme and then the graphics that will communicate that theme effectively is to identify your brand personality. Brand personality is one of the key aspects of an attractive theme. When you start to determine your brand personality, keep in mind that it should be related to human characteristics that audiences can connect with, like friendliness, commitment, fairness, intelligence and honesty, among other personality traits.

Show elements of your brand's personality at the tradeshow.

Consider who the audience at the trade show will be, as you will want to show them the elements of your brand’s personality that will appeal most to them. For example, if your audience is made up of largely serious professionals in your industry, you may want to market your booth in a professional, formal way that displays your expertise. In contrast, If you have a less informed, casual audience, you may want to embrace a more laid back approach.

Of course, you don’t want to display a version of your company that isn’t true. You should aim to highlight relevant, authentic personality traits to specific audiences, rather than displaying personality traits that are not reflective of your company to try to entice an audience. Audiences want authenticity, and one way to lose their trust and business is to present them with a false image of your company.

Before you begin designing your graphics and setting up your theme, consider the following questions to help you determine your brand personality:

  • Does your company have a playful or formal relationship with consumers or clients?
  • Is your company an innovator in the industry? Or are you more traditional in your approach?
  • Is your brand masculine, feminine or gender-neutral?
  • Does your brand connect with younger or older audiences?
  • Is your brand reserved or outspoken?
  • What colors and fonts do you associate with your brand’s personality?

2. Identify Colors

An attractive color scheme is crucial for a consistent, eye-catching theme. Your color scheme should match your brand’s personality and accentuate your messaging. The color of your trade show booth should catch the attention of audiences and draw them into your booth.

Finding colors that work well together is key to attracting potential clients or customers. Particularly attractive to viewers is the visual order that a consistent, harmonious color scheme creates. Using on-brand colors typically associated with your company is also a great way to foster brand recognition at the trade show. With consistent, thematic color schemes, you’ll be able to set the mood of your booth and grab customers’ attention.

Lighting, Color and Messaging Are Crucial for Successful Trade Show Displays

While you design your graphics and consider what kind of custom signage to use, it’s important to understand the various components that work together to create a stunning custom trade show display. It’s not enough for your booth to have some logos slapped onto your table or the wall behind you. A trade show booth is a presentation, and as a presentation, it needs certain elements to make it feel complete and attractive.

1. Lighting

One primary part of an effective trade show display is the lighting. Without the proper lighting, your exhibit will be less noticeable, and you will miss out on the ability to highlight key portions of your message.

Displays with lighting can help establish a mood and enhance your messaging.

Using displays that have lighting built into them or carefully placing lighting around the booth can direct people to your exhibit, establish a mood and enhance your messaging. You have several lighting options, including LED light systems that change colors, projection mapping lights and accent lighting. By employing lights, you can craft a memorable display.

2. Messaging

As you draft the text on your graphics and signs, you’ll want to pick an engaging tone of voice that matches the personality of your brand. For example, you might want your message to be humorous and light-hearted or serious and urgent. A tone that matches your brand will help with the cohesiveness of your booth and compliment your theme.

As you choose your messaging, think about your audience and what message would attract prospective clients to your company. To form these messages, you’ll need to do your research on what kinds of customers will be at the trade shows, what the audience will want and which pain points will be the most effective to target.

While you should research the audience, you should also look into what messages will separate you from the competition. At trade shows, you are surrounded by competitors. Due to this competition, you’ll want to highlight what makes your company stand out.

Once you think about your core message, you can create taglines and catchphrases to include on your signs and graphics. A solid catchphrase or tagline can intrigue prospective clients and increase the chances that they come to visit your exhibit. A tagline should communicate your vision and what your company does and be geared towards the trade show’s audience.

3. Color

As you know from the previous information, color is huge for attracting customers to your trade show display. To help you use colors that reflect your message and brand, consider the following unconscious or conscious associations that are typically made with colors:

  • Red: Often associated with energy and passion, the color often creates a sense of urgency. The color red can even increase heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Blue: The color blue is often tied to masculinity and alludes to water, reliability and tranquility. Blue can curb appetite, stimulate productivity and provide a sense of security.
  • Purple: The official color of royalty, purple inspires a sense of respect and portrays a sense of wisdom. Also, the color is commonly used in anti-aging and beauty products.
  • Green: One of the main colors used in environmental activism, green is often associated with nature, health and tranquility. It’s often used to promote a feeling of relaxation and inspires a feeling of harmony.
  • Orange and yellow: Both of these colors promote positivity and optimism. Orange and yellow are often used to create a light-hearted, fun vibe.
  • Black: This strong color is associated with power, stability and authority. Black is a no-nonsense color that makes a statement.
  • White: White symbolizes purity, cleanliness and safety. It can also be a creative color, highlighting the other designs around it.

The Kinds of Signs You Should Include in Your Trade Show Booth

Wondering what kinds of signs to include in your trade show booth? Two excellent options for getting your message across and promoting your business are retractable banners and point of purchase displays.

Use of Retractable Banners for Display Booths

Use of Retractable Banners for Display Booths [list]

Retractable banners are perfect for trade show displays. These custom trade show banners are the go-to choice for savvy companies at trade shows, as they’re extremely portable and capture the attention of potential customers. Using a retractable banner for display booths allows for a company to have a freestanding banner display that requires minimal effort to set up, while also appearing professional.

Like with other banners, you can place custom trade show graphics on your retractable banners to communicate key messages to those passing by your booth. The stands for these banners are sometimes called roll-up banner stands, as they employ spring-like mechanics like you’d find on a projector screen. Unlike a projector screen, you pull from the bottom of the banner to the top where you can then lock it in place.

When you’re looking to put together your custom trade show exhibit, choosing a custom retractable banner will provide you with several benefits. You’ll find some of the top benefits below:

  • Bold and noticeable from a distance: With a large retractable banner, you can make your most important messages noticeable from a distance. A retractable banner is a perfect canvas for everything from images of your products to catchy slogans. Their size makes them instantly noticeable and increases the chances that attendees come to check out your booth.
  • Easy to transport, set up and tear down: As you travel to trade shows, you’ll want the parts of your trade show displays to offer convenient transport, setup and tear down features. Retractable banners are compact, lightweight and durable. Once you’re at the trade show, you’ll be happy to find that the banners require no assembly other than pulling out the banner and connecting it to the supporting pole, making for a quick setup.
  • Excellent value: Retractable banners are an incredibly economical option for companies. Even though they come at a low cost, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. The banners are made with high-quality, durable materials that look sleek and professional.

Point of Purchase Displays for New or Featured Products

You’ll want to have a big and bold point of purchase (POP) display of your newest product or service as visitors enter the display booth. A POP display for trade shows can take various forms, but they are usually next to the items that they are promoting. For companies that offer products at trade shows, the POP display can grab people’s attention and direct them to that new, exciting product.

One of the main benefits of the POP display is that it differentiates your products from others and makes them stand out. At trade shows, where attendees are overwhelmed with information and companies trying to get their attention, a POP display can help your product stand out. If an attendee is passively browsing your booth, a POP display may help them snap out of that passive viewing experience and encourage them to interact with the product.

If you don’t have any products to direct the customers towards, you can use a POP display to grab the attention of attendees and encourage them to check out your booth. With these displays, you can point people towards your display or some enticing service that you’re offering at the trade show.

As you craft custom signage for trade shows, you’ll be happy to find out that you have a lot of flexibility with the types of POP displays that you can create. Though they offer flexibility, there are a few main elements that typically go into successful displays.

One of the main elements is the graphics. These graphics can be detailed or simplistic, as long as they direct the viewer to the product. Often they will also have the name of the product on them and a description of what the product is. Some displays take it even further and describe why the customer needs or could benefit from the product. Often, a POP display will also explain how a product is different from other similar products.

Choose SpeedPro Imaging to Help Create a Successful Trade Show Display Booth

As the largest network of studios that specialize in large-format graphics in the United States, SpeedPro Imaging has plenty of experience helping clients craft effective custom trade show displays. As you work with us, you’ll begin to see us as an extension of your marketing team that you can trust and that knows how to collaborate effectively to bring your vision to life.

Contact your local SpeedPro to speak to one of our friendly representatives and learn more about custom trade show displays. We’ll work with you to craft a custom trade show booth that is sure to impress.

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