Press Conferences

Press <span>Conferences</span>

When a company decides to have a press conference, they want to get their message across. While the speakers at the press conference are crucial to delivering the message, companies shouldn’t forget about the importance of high-quality visuals.

Your company wants to show that they care about their image and make the press conference engaging for their audiences. Staging a press conference in front of a blank wall with a fold-up plastic table for the speakers to sit behind won’t accomplish this. The use of bold custom graphics on press conference signage, however, especially in the form of custom-designed table covers, banners and backdrops, will draw attention to your message and create a professional atmosphere.

How a Table Covering Can Enhance Your Press Conference

When you want to brand your press conference and improve the appearance of your space, a table covering is an excellent option. Instead of having your team sit behind a table that doesn’t have a cover or has a plain cover, you can use branded press conference table covers to complement the overall aesthetic of your press conference display.

A table covering is essentially a table cloth that isn’t designed just to cover a table but also communicate your brand to audiences. A branded table covering can include your company name, contact information and logo, with the graphics usually appearing on the front paneling of the table covering. Instead of a boring plain table cover, you can spice up the press conference with professionally designed graphics on your custom table covering.

While custom banners and backdrops often get the most attention when it comes to press conference graphics and signage, they are crucial to an attractive display. As they are usually in the center of your press conference display, with your speakers sitting behind them, attractive table coverings tie together the entire display, giving it a complete look when paired with a backdrop.

The Power of a Custom Backdrop During a Press Conference

Whenever a press conference takes place, you can guarantee that the top organizations are going to have a custom backdrop behind their speakers. These backdrops will display branded images that add visual flair to your press conference and bolster the message of your speakers.

What Sets Press Conference Backdrops Apart?

One of the main benefits of using custom media backdrops is the ability to include custom logos. With a backdrop that displays your company’s graphics on it, even if someone isn’t paying attention to the press conference, the attractive backdrop will serve as a stunning advertisement for your company. This advertisement also comes across in photographs.

Backdrops can serve as a stunning advertisement for your company.

To take your backdrop to the next level, you can use backlit press conference backdrops. The backlight graphics use LED lights, easy to exchange fabric overlays and frames to craft eye-catching displays that are perfect for complementing the speakers. The lighting will make the graphics pop, causing them to be even more noticeable to those viewing the press conference. The modern look of the backlit graphics will also showcase that your company is on top of the latest trends.

Along with using customized backlit graphics, you should make sure to craft backdrops that are designed specifically for the event that the press conference is centered around. Eventually, a standardized backdrop can get old and lose its visual appeal. To prevent this, a company will often employ custom press conference backdrops based on the event, product, service or whatever else they are discussing at the event. This specialization keeps the backdrops fresh, and also can call attention to the focus of the press conference.

Why Does the Backdrop Finish Matter?

At a press conference, members of the media and your staff will likely be taking pictures. You don’t want your backdrop to create a glare when a camera goes off. For example, without the proper lighting, a vinyl finish will often create a glare when cameras use flash.

If a glare appears in a picture, it’s unlikely that people will want to share their photo of the press conference, thus lowering your company’s exposure. When you design your backdrop, you’ll want to use a Matte or Satin finish to prevent glare.

Uses of Retractable Banners for Press Conferences

If you hold press conferences in other areas besides your facilities, you’ll want to have retractable banners, as they are easily portable and visually appealing. Since they can retract, they are very compact, making them easy to transport. Despite their portability, they are still extremely durable and can be trusted to hold up during the transportation process.

Visually, they are perfect for press conferences, as you can often adjust their height and width to meet the needs of your event. If you need some background decoration, they can provide it. If you need something to complement your table coverings, they can provide that too.

Like with backdrops and table coverings, you can customize retractable banner graphics to fit the needs of a particular event. Their flexibility allows you to add some extra flair to your press conference.

Why Every Press Conference Needs Custom Banners and Signage

One of the main reasons to use custom banners and signage at press conferences is that they help to engage the audience. One quick way to lose viewership or have people zone out during a press conference is to have a presentation that isn’t visually appealing. Custom event signage will draw people’s attention to the graphics and encourage engagement.

Another central reason companies should employ custom event signage ties into a company’s professional image. By presenting a consistent visual theme through your table coverings, backdrops and banners, you help the audience identify your company and understand your messaging quickly. A consistent, visually appealing image is also a professional one, meaning that people will be more likely to trust you.

Choose Visual Communications Professionals for Custom Press Conference Graphics

Working with the right partners can help you ensure that your next press conference is engaging, professional and visually appealing. As a nationwide network of more than 120 studios, SpeedPro has the expertise needed to craft custom press conference graphics for your company. With SpeedPro, you’ll be working with experts in creating table coverings, backdrops and retractable banners for press conferences.

Find your local SpeedPro to begin working with an expert in custom press conference signage and take your next press conference to the next level.

Choose visual communications professional for your custom press conference graphics.