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Convention <span>Graphics</span>

Custom Graphics and Banners for Conventions

Convention organizers choose SpeedPro to scale, print and finish custom convention banners that deliver the right message with clarity and creativity. Whether your company or organization is hosting a convention or planning to attend one, you can count on us for Great. Big. Graphics.

There are many ways to grab people’s attention and get them to check out your company during a convention. Convention planners can use graphics themselves to define the atmosphere of the event. Event signs can help to create your brand’s identity, tone and voice both inside the convention center and on the exterior of the building. Banners allow you to put the event’s full personality on display.

Trade show displays feature a company’s theme graphics and convey professionalism at corporate conventions. The displays themselves can take many forms, from table toppers to retractable banners and from point of purchase displays to wall murals.

Convention graphics from SpeedPro aren’t just designed for use during the event itself. We are happy to create signs and graphics that you can use for promotional purposes in the days and weeks leading up to a convention. Our services include digital signage and custom printed signs made from weather-resistant materials. We also offer vehicle wraps, custom convention banners and banner flags, all of which can be perfect for promoting an upcoming event.

Learn more about the benefits of using custom displays for conventions. Next, contact your local SpeedPro studio to get started creating custom graphics to promote your brand or to promote your event.

What Can Convention Graphics Do for You?

Imagine arriving at a convention only to find that the organizers of the event hadn’t taken any time to dress up the venue. No signs are welcoming you to the convention center or meeting itself. There is no signage to tell you where to go or where essential places such as the box office, restrooms or snack stands are. Looking around you, you aren’t even sure you have arrived at the right place.

Now, let’s say you’ve gone into the convention hall or exhibition space. Instead of finding yourself surrounded by welcoming, attention-grabbing exhibitions and displays, you see row upon row of undecorated folding tables. It’s difficult to tell one vendor’s booth from the next.

What do you do? Most likely, you’re going to mark that convention down as a wash, turn around and head back home or back to work. The convention and the exhibitors attending it made no effort to engage you. Why would you hang around?

Although that’s an extreme example, it’s a good illustration of what can happen if a convention organizer fails to use any type of graphics or signage to promote an event. It’s also an example of the importance of using graphics and signage to make an individual exhibitor or booth stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits of Graphics for Conventions

The Benefits of Graphics for Conventions

Graphics are a must-use for the organizers of a convention. Some of the benefits of using convention display graphics include:

  • Welcome people to the event: Signs and banners strategically positioned throughout a convention center or event space let attendees know that, yes, they have come to the right place. Graphics also help people to feel welcome at an event.
  • Create a brand image for the convention: What’s the message or brand identity of the convention you’re organizing? Using graphics allows you to create that brand identity and share it with the world.
  • Make the convention easy to navigate: Convention signage can serve a practical purpose. It can help people figure out where to go and how to get to where they want to go. For example, directional signage will help people find restrooms, concession stands and other vital locations.
  • Promote the convention: In the time leading up to a conference, graphics can help organizers promote it and get the word out. Vehicle wraps can feature the brand logo and graphics of the convention to spread the word. Banners and outdoor signage can inform people of the upcoming program and give them more details on how to attend and participate.

The Benefits of Using Graphics at a Convention

Let’s say you’re exhibiting at a convention and your goal is to meet new clients or find new business partners. You’ll want to use signage and display graphics to make your booth stand out in a crowded exhibition hall. Some of the benefits of using graphics when exhibiting at a convention include:

  • Get your message out there: Just as the organizers of conventions can use graphics to define their brand and message, exhibitors at conventions can use graphics and signage to share their message with convention attendees.
  • Stand out from the crowd: People attending a convention are likely to see booth after booth with nondescript, generic graphics. Designing custom displays for your convention booth will help your brand stand out. You want to make your booth the attractive, eye-catching peacock in a room full of dull pigeons. When you stand out, people are going to be more likely to come over and check out what you have to offer.
  • Make the most of the exhibition space: You have many options when it comes to graphics that can help your brand stand out at a convention. Depending on the type of booth you have, you have several choices for making the most of it. For example, you might hang a banner from the ceiling, so that people can easily spot your booth from across a crowded room. Or, you might use wall-mounted graphics and hanging displays to grab people’s attention as they walk by your booth.

Graphics to Make You Stand Out at Your Next Convention

Graphics to Make You Stand Out at Your Next Convention [list]

What types of graphics can you use to make your next convention stand out or to attract visitors to your booth at the next convention you attend? You have several options. Learn more about your convention signage choices and how to make each type of graphics work best for you.

  • Event graphics: Event graphics can take several forms, each one of which can work together to create a unified design inside and outside of a convention center. For example, you can combine floor graphics with hanging banners to help direct people to where they need to go. Your graphics can also display the convention’s logo and branding throughout the exhibition center.
  • Point of purchase displays: A point of purchase (POP) display can provide visitors to your convention booth with more details about the products or services you’re selling. A POP display can be near the area where you take down people’s information or sell a product. The displays can also be located in key areas throughout your booth, offering further details to consumers and enticing them to buy.
  • Retractable banner stands: Retractable banner stands are ideal for convention displays for a few reasons. First of all, they are extremely portable and are easy to set up and break down. Secondly, they can help your booth stand out in a busy expo center. Thirdly, you can reposition the banner stands throughout the day as needed.
  • Trade show displays: Trade shows and conventions aren’t exactly the same thing. But, you can often use the same display you’d use at a trade show for a convention booth. Trade show displays often feature a mix of graphic elements, including floor graphics, wall hangings and architectural components, such as structures that hang from the ceiling and countertop booths. Depending on the size of the booth you have at a convention, you can mix and match elements from trade show displays to create a truly attention-grabbing exhibition.
  • Table coverings and table toppers: Your convention booth is likely to have at least one table. You can use the table to sign up new clients, display literature about your brand and make sales. Table coverings and table toppers allow you to dress up your booth’s table or tables and provide visitors with even more information about your company. You can use coverings and toppers to create a unified appearance in your booth and to make your display even more visually appealing.
  • Wall murals: Depending on where your booth is located in the convention center hall, you might have a fair amount of wall space behind you. Hanging up wall mural can help to make your booth even more eye-catching and noticeable. Wall murals are also ideal for use by people who are putting together the convention. You can hang a mural in the lobby of the convention center to welcome people to the event and to help them get a good sense of what they will experience while there.
  • Banners: Like wall murals, you can use banners to make your booth stand out at a convention or as a way to promote the conference itself. Banners come in a wide range of sizes and styles. If you’re interested in promoting a convention to people who might pass by outside, you can hang banners from the front of the convention center. You can also use smaller hanging banners to draw attention to an exhibition area inside the convention hall.

How You Can Stand Out at a Convention

Whether you decide to use banners, table coverings, wall murals or some combination of convention graphics, it’s crucial that your overall display grabs people’s attention and stands out from those around it. Making a display that stands out involves a mix of design smarts and creativity. Here are a few things you can do to help your brand stand out:

  • Choose your colors wisely: Some colors go together better than others when it comes to creating graphics and displays. You’re probably familiar with the concept of contrasting and complementary colors, but might not be sure how those concepts play out when it comes to creating signage. If you’re looking for more guidance or need advice when it comes to choosing colors that will “pop” against your booth’s background, the team at your local SpeedPro is available to help.
  • Give stuff away: Most people love free stuff. Giving out freebies can make your booth the most attractive one in the room. Ideally, the freebies you give away will have something to do with your brand’s identity. It can also be helpful to make your freebies more exciting than most. Everyone’s giving out pens or fidget spinners. Find something that no one else will have and everyone will want.
  • Include at least one eye-catching element: To really grab people’s attention and make your booth visible across a crowded room, have at least one visually appealing, eye-catching element in your display. That eye-catching element can be a ceiling structure, a digital sign or a step and repeat banner. Another option is to have a prop that will grab people’s attention, such as an oversized board game or a roulette wheel.
  • Make your team match your display: Graphics and displays might grab people’s attention and encourage them to come over and check you out. But what will get people to stay and actively engage with your brand is the team you have working at the booth. It’s essential that the people who are staffing your display have the customer service skills needed to connect with visitors. You want your team to find out what visitors are looking for and how they can best meet those visitors’ needs.
  • Give people something with your brand’s logo on it: To circle back to the idea of giving out freebies, there is one way to make your freebies work overtime. Choose items that feature your logo or brand name, and that are more likely to be on display throughout the event. An ideal example is a free tote bag with your brand’s name on it. People love free bags, especially when they’re getting lots of handouts and other items as they visit each booth. Design bags with your company’s info on both sides and watch in amazement as people carry your message across the convention.

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When you’re looking for graphics for a convention or trade show, it might seem like you have a lot of options. But not all printing companies are the same. SpeedPro prides itself on being an extension of your company’s marketing department. We work together with each of our clients to make sure their needs are met and that their signage helps them achieve their goals. We specialize in large format printing and aim to be the one-stop printing shop for all of our clients’ needs.

SpeedPro is the consistent and reliable signage company. We use our 20 years of experience and specialization to focus on our clients to meet their demands with flexibility and professionalism. Our work remains the industry example of quality, and we commit ourselves to continually improving our process in pursuit of Great. Big. Graphics.

Whether you’re looking for graphics to bring a convention to life or are hoping to make your brand’s booth stand out at the next convention you attend, contact your local SpeedPro studio today and get ready to stand out from the crowd.

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