Portable Wall Mounted Displays for Trade Shows

Portable Wall Mounted Displays for Trade Shows.

Attending a trade show is an excellent way to introduce your brand or company to a new audience. Nearly 90% of exhibitors say that they participate in trade shows in an attempt to raise awareness of their company, and more than 70% say they exhibit at trade shows in an effort to land new leads and clients. Attending trade shows also gives a brand a chance to reconnect with current or previous customers. About 65% of exhibitors say they go to trade shows for that reason.

Although trade shows and other events are popular ways to connect with and build an audience or customer base, they also happen to be competitive spaces. Many trade shows are crowded, with more than two attendees per square foot of space. The people who attend trade shows are also influential, with more than 85% having buying power. Brands that attend trade shows and similar events have a chance to make a great impression and win new customers, but they also need to make sure they do something to stand out from the other companies exhibiting at a show.

One way your brand can stand out is by making its trade show display as eye-catching and attention-grabbing as possible. Including wall mounted displays in your trade show design or using wall mount signs at other events is one way to grab and keep people’s attention.

What Are Portable Wall Mounted Displays?

Portable wall mounted displays are signs or posters that you hang from the wall at a trade show or other event. They’re designed for use at interior events.

Whether your company has a large or small space for its exhibition or booth, you can make use of wall mounted displays. A display on the wall, such as a framed poster, attracts the eye and gives people something to look at while they’re checking out your booth. A sign can also provide people with information about your company or brand.

In some cases, a wall mounted display can act as a way-finder. If someone is looking for your brand’s booth or exhibition specifically, it might be easier to find if you have signs on the wall advertising your company.

What Types of Wall Mounted Displays Are Available?

Portable wall mounted displays are available in a variety of configurations and styles. Generally speaking, a wall mounted display is made up of two parts: the frame and the poster or graphic. Learn more about your frame and poster options.

Wall Mounted Display Example


Several different types of frames are available for wall mounted displays. A frame will help you attach a graphic or poster to the wall and draw the eye toward the graphic. Here are some options:

  • Snap edge frames: The sides of a snap edge frame snap open and closed, allowing you to swap out the print inside with ease. The frames are available in either black or silver finishes and come in a range of sizes. You also have the option of choosing a custom size, if needed. The front of the frame is made from a shatter-proof, anti-glare PVC.
  • Snap edge lightboxes: Snap edge lightboxes are very similar to snap edge frames, with the addition of a low-profile, 1-inch LED diffuser panel around the edges. The LEDs illuminate the graphics inside the frame, making it even more eye-catching.
  • Snap rail display: Sometimes, simple is best. A snap rail display has clean lines and an elegant look. It features a top and bottom rail that frame a poster and allow you to hang it from the wall. It’s easy to swap out graphics from the snap rail display by removing the rails from the top and bottom edges.


A wall mounted display wouldn’t be complete without a sign or graphic. You have several options available when it comes to the graphic that makes up the heart of your display, including a:

  • Free-standing poster: A free-standing poster is printed on material such as card stock, foam board or fabric. It’s meant to be displayed in a separate frame, such as a snap edge frame or a lightbox.
  • Frame-edge square poster: A frame-edge square poster comes in a variety of sizes. It’s a graphic printed on a fabric that is then stretched to fit across a 1-inch thick aluminum frame.
  • Frame-edge rectangular poster: A frame-edge rectangular poster is very similar to a frame-edge square poster, except that the shape of the poster is different. It’s also available in a variety of sizes.

What Is the Right Size for a Wall Mount Display?

The Right Size

How big should a wall mount display be? Ideally, a wall sign or poster will be big enough to grab attention and remain legible from some distance away. There’s no one right or wrong size when it comes to these displays. The sizes you choose should be influenced in large part on how you’ll arrange your posters or frames and how many you plan on using. Here’s a quick guide to available sizes and how to make use of each one:

  • Smallest: The smallest wall mount frames are 8.5″ by 11″, 11″ by 14″ and 11″ by 17″. If you’re going to use frames that are this small, remember that it’s best to use them in a grouping, such as a cluster of four or more. That way, your display will take up more space on the wall and be easier for people to see.
  • Small: Small displays measure between 12″ by 18″ up to 18″ by 24″. You can get away with using just one of them on its own, but you might have better results if you arrange a group of small wall mounted displays together.
  • Medium: Medium displays measure between 20″ by 24″ up to 24″ by 36″. A 24″ by 36″ display is the same size as your typical movie poster, to give you a better idea of what that means. You can use medium-sized displays on their own or pair them with another, equally sized poster.
  • Large: The biggest displays measure 30″ by 40″. They include snap edge frames and snap edge lightboxes. Since these displays are large, they are best used on their own, as they take up a considerable amount of wall real estate.

What Makes a Wall Mount Display Stand Out?

Whether you decide to hang a poster in a snap-edge frame, a snap-rail system or use a frame-edge fabric graphic, there are a few things worth remembering when you’re designing your graphic. The team at your local SpeedPro studio would be happy to work with you to create a visually appealing and eye-catching graphic. Here are a few design “rules” to keep in mind when you’re creating a wall mounted display for a trade show.

1. Choose the Right Colors

Colors influence how people feel and also affect how readable and attractive a poster or wall display is. Black on white is one of the most readable color combinations, while it’s tricky to decipher red on white or yellow on red. Color also affects mood: Blue is usually calming, while red can be exciting.

When it comes to color, keep it simple. It’s better to use two or three colors rather than subject your audience a rainbow poster.

2. Play With Fonts but Keep It Legible

People should be able to read and understand your wall display at a glance. If they have to stare at it for a long time or squint to make out the letters, something’s up. The best fonts or typefaces are easy to decipher and usually sans serif.

That said, you aren’t stuck using basic Helvetica or boring Arial with your poster. Feel free to experiment with type, but remember that you want the sign to be readable. A readable typeface has even spacing between letters and a smooth texture.

One way to experiment with typefaces while keeping your poster legible is to use one creative font for the title and a more basic typeface for the rest of the information.

3. Sort by Importance

What’s the most important thing you want a person to take away from your poster? Once you know what that is, make that piece of information the primary focal point of the poster.

Another way to approach it is to consider the hierarchy of information. Most important is who you are: Make your brand name big and bold. Next most important is what you do: Place the details about your company below your name, in a smaller type. You want people’s eyes to travel down the display, making sure that they take in the most relevant information.

4. Remember: Less Is More

In many cases, simple is best. You don’t need to fill your wall display with every tiny detail about your company. You don’t have to use an intricate or complicated design. Give people the basics, and they’re likely to come and seek you out to learn more.

5. Make It Interesting

Although we’ve given you a list of “rules” or “good design ideas” to follow, don’t be afraid to experiment. At a trade show or other event, there are going to be lots of exhibitors, and all of them are going to try to connect with the same audience. Giving your wall displays a little something extra, whether it’s a creative design or a frame with lights, can help you stand out.

The best displays are full of energy and spark the interest and imagination of the people looking at them. If you’re not sure what you can do to make your designs unique and exciting, SpeedPro can help.

What Are the Benefits of Using Wall Mounted Displays?

Including wall mounted displays with your next trade show exhibition can help you in several ways. A few of the benefits of using these displays are that they can:

  • Make your booth or exhibit stand out: If you have a plain, black or neutral-color backdrop behind your trade show exhibition, attendees might pass you by without a second look. Fortunately, hanging up frames and posters will help your display “pop.” People might see your posters from across the room and head over to check out what you’ve got to offer.
  • Give people something to look at while they wait: Trade shows and other events can get busy. You might have more visitors to your booth than people available to help or talk to them. Instead of making them stare at a blank wall or encouraging them to wander off to a more exciting booth, use a wall mounted display to engage them. That way, they’ll have something to look at and a way to learn more about your brand while they wait to talk to you.
  • Educate and inform your audience: Depending on what you include on your wall mounted displays, they can create an opportunity to educate your audience. One option might be to create a display that includes a timeline of your company’s work or a list of benefits that come from using your company’s products.

Use a wall mounted display to engage trade show attendees, instead of making them stare at a blank wall or encouraging them to wander off to a more exciting booth.

Where Can You Use Wall Mounted Displays?

Although we’ve been focusing on using wall mount displays at trade shows, the sky is the limit when it comes to using these tools. As long as you’re indoors, you can hang the displays at any of the following:

  • Conferences: If you’re exhibiting at a conference, you can use wall mounted displays in much the same way you would at a trade show. You can also use the displays if you’re presenting at a conference, helping to deliver your message.
  • Seminars: Wall mounted signs can add visual interest to your panel or the workshop you’re leading at a seminar.
  • Retail locations: Retailers can use wall mounted signs for advertising new products or drawing people’s attention to in-store promotions.
  • Churches: Churches can use wall mounted signs during special programs or as part of their regular services.
  • Schools: Schools can hang displays in the hallways to highlight the achievements of teachers and students. Using snap edge frames means it’s easy to swap out the signs to recognize and reward different people throughout the year.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals can also hang wall mounted displays in hallways to create a more welcoming environment for patients and visitors. They can use the displays to highlight safety achievements and other awards.
  • Conventions: If you’re exhibiting at a convention, you can use wall mounted displays in much the same way as you would use them at a trade show.

How to Choose a Wall Mounted Display

What type of wall mounted display is best for your company? It depends on your goals and what you hope to achieve with these signs. It also depends on how frequently you plan on using them and how often you want to change the graphics.

Snap edge frames and lightboxes are ideal if you plan on swapping your posters out frequently. A snap rail display is perfect if you have limited space or a small budget or if you prefer a streamlined, elegant design.

If you’re not sure how to choose a wall mounted display or what options are best for your company, the team at your local SpeedPro studio will be happy to help you. We’ll work with you to create a display that makes your brand stand out and leads to success at your next trade show outing. As soon as you’re ready, get in touch with your local SpeedPro studio to learn more.

We'll work with you to create a display that makes your brand stand out and leads to success at your next trade show outing.