Formulate Fabric Trade Show Structures

Fabric Trade Show

With the line of fabric trade show structures from Formulate®, you can leave an unforgettable impression on your potential clients and business partners. Stand out from the rest of the booths with structures that will be both practical and attention-getting at your next trade show.

Made with top quality materials that are easy to assemble and disassemble, these structures will let you focus on meeting new contacts and clients at your next trade show. From stylish backwalls to arches perfect for entryways and towers that draw a crowd, at least one of these structures is bound to add exceptional value to your trade show display. You’ll find plenty of trade show booth ideas to attract visitors to your exhibit by looking through the variety of structures described below.

Architectural Structures for Trade Shows

Architectural Structures for Trade Shows [list]Formulate has several eye-catching architectural structures that will be perfect at your next trade show. You can use architectural structures as the base for your display. On their own, they stand out, but their real strength is their ability to be modified and improved upon with other structures and technological devices.

1. Funnels

Fabric funnels are a stylish way to draw attention to your company at the next trade show. An architectural accomplishment, the top of the funnel has an 8-foot diameter while the base’s diameter is only 3.5 feet. To stun the crowd, your funnel can be up to 20 feet tall.

Along with their tall and awe-inspiring presence, the funnels pair well with accented LED display lights that make the funnel glow from the interior. Their size also gives you the opportunity to mount multimedia displays and advertise multiple graphics to attract potential clients.

2. Towers

Similar to the funnels, an exhibit tower is an instant curiosity grabber, as it climbs above your competition. The versatility of these structures is unmatched. With square, cylinder and shield designs, you’re sure to find the right match for your display, with LED lighting and multimedia functionality available for many.

The towers are anywhere from 8 feet to 12 feet tall and made with tension fabric. Despite their height, they are easy to set up and tear down.

3. Arches

An arch is one of the best structures to use if you want to stand out from the crowd by giving your display some architectural complexity. Rather than walking up to a table at a booth, trade show participants can walk through an arched entryway to speak with one of your sale’s associates. Immediately, you can send the message that your company is ready to go a step above in all that you do.

4. Conference Walls

On a cramped trade show floor, you’ll be grateful to have conference walls that give you some distance from the competition and keep out nosy competitors. A wall will make your display feel less like a booth and more like a store or office building.

Formulate carries many different designs such as C-shaped, chip-shaped and serpentine-shaped walls. These designs give your booth a unique feeling and can offer a sense of privacy for a potential client. Better yet, the walls work well together and can be mixed and matched to find the perfect design for your display.

5. Video Walls and Rooms

Video walls use a wave-like curve to put a spotlight on multimedia presentations and to set themselves apart from regular conference walls. Combine these walls to replicate the look of a crashing wave and create a space where visitors can watch one of your videos or presentations in style.

A video room, such as the Formulate Tree House, allows you to set up a mini theater or conference room in the middle of a trade show floor. This privacy and separation from the rest of the trade show will allow potential customers to focus fully on your presentation without any distractions.

Fabric Backwalls for Trade Show Exhibits

Formulate backwalls come in four collections and provide users with a sophisticated backdrop for their exhibit. They come in 8-, 10-, 20-, and 30-foot wide sizes, giving you the option to best showcase your brand no matter the booth size.

Even the 30-foot long backwalls are designed with portability in mind, relying on aluminum tube structures that are durable but still lightweight. Additionally, the state-of-the-art pillowcase fabric graphics are beautiful and easy to place around the wall.

Fabric Backwalls for Trade Show Exhibts [list]

1. Essential and Lite

Essential and Lite backwalls are ideal for the economical shopper. They come in multiple sizes and shapes, with a straight design and curved design giving you some options to spruce up your background. Sizes range from a 6-foot display designed for a tabletop to a 10-foot display that sits on the ground.

These backwalls are made with a lightweight aluminum frame that comes with push-button functionality for assembly. They deliver an exceptional style backwall that shows off your very best graphics.

2. Modulate

Modulate™ walls are perfect if you need to reconfigure the size of your exhibits based on the needs of your trade show. If you are going to multiple trade shows or need flexible fabric displays for corporate events, then Modulate is the best exhibit system for you. With a variety of mix-and-match components to choose from, these versatile exhibits are great for those who need adaptable displays.

To give you an example of their versatility, the Modulate Series 1 30-foot Fabric Backwall Kit can easily reconfigure into a 20-foot wide exhibit or two 10-foot wide exhibits. Other displays can be changed even more to fit your needs.

3. Master

These 8-, 10- and 20-foot walls come in a variety of styles — serpentine curved, horizontal curved, verticle curved and straight. Display lighting, kiosks and counters all can accent these walls in a way that will draw in future clientele.

If you’re hoping to add some multimedia flair to your exhibit, many of the backwalls carry multimedia functionality with central monitor mounts included where you can install a monitor and broadcast media.

4. Designer

As the premium line of Formulate backwalls, these displays are sophisticated and modern, coming in 10-, 20- and 30-foot displays. Their contemporary and varied designs feature multiple elements, with many options including graphic accents, lighting and monitor mounts. These displays use lightweight aluminum tube frames under pillowcase fabric covers and push-fit silicone edge graphics. Designer displays are guaranteed to stand out, and their many options make them a perfect choice for your high-end booth.

Trade Show Backwall Accents

If you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your backwalls, a backwall accent will be perfect for you. The Formulate Master Backwall Accents can improve your booth’s product display, messaging and functionality.

The counters, tables, shelves, monitor supports, literature pockets and more provide many options to help you find what best suits your display. By using these accents, you will enhance your graphics and message, while also crafting a unique design guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Backwall Ladder Accents

These ladder accents add an extra dimension to your backwalls. They come in a variety of styles to showcase your awards, products or graphic panels. In addition, some carry monitor mounts to add a multimedia element to your backwall. Whatever style you want, these accents offer an extra flair to help get your message out to the trade room floor.

On top of being an attractive option for your display, they are also practical as the monitor ladder accents come with countertops below the monitor mounts, making it easy to turn your monitor into an interactive display with a keyboard, mouse or another sort of controller. Additionally, the extra space they provide gives your messaging more real estate. No matter your needs, the ladder accent will optimize your content.

2. Backwall Connectors

Wanting to connect two of your Formulate 10- or 20-foot backwalls? A backwall connector is precisely what you’re looking for. Their aluminum tube frames and pillowcase fabric graphics make transporting them a breeze. Most importantly, they help tie together two of your trade show fabric displays into one seamless backwall to show off your state of the art graphics.

Backwall connectors are available in curved, bowtie and angled styles, making it easy to find one that matches your vision. If you’re looking to add a multimedia element to your presentation, a backwall connector can be the solution for you. For instance, the Formulate Backwall Connector 05 comes with a monitor kiosk that supports a medium-sized monitor.

3. Backwall Canopies and Dividers

The utility of the Formulate Canopies and Dividers is unmatched as they make it easy to make your booth feel more like an office. Like the other accents, they provide you with more space to broadcast your message. Unlike the others, these accents can be used to block off different areas of your booth, giving each area a distinct aesthetic.

For example, the Formulate Master Backwall Accent 04 Curved can add a mid-sized divider to create a walled-off area of your booth, separating it from other booths or other sections of your display. If you don’t want a divider, but want to create a private space, a canopy can be a perfect option for you. These canopies will feel like a private nook for employees and customers, all while providing architectural complexity.

Trade Show Fabric Counters

Formulate fabric counters are designed to complement your booth’s design. The counters come in a variety of styles and shapes, making it easy to pair with an island exhibit, backwall or whatever your trade show display idea is.

Formulate Fabric Counters Purpose

A charging counter is a perfect way to pair technology and utility. These counters can help keep your phone charged, and they will draw a crowd of low-battery attendees. While potential customers wait for their phone to charge, your sales associate will have an oppurtunity to talk with them about their needs and how your products or services can solve their problems. The charging counter and charging tower each have multiple Android® and Apple® charging tips.

If you want to create a space for clients to go over paperwork, place supplementary graphics or store extra materials, a counter will give you what you need. Formulate counters are available in five different shapes — pillar, half moon, ellipse, bullet and oval — as well as curved bar-style. The bar-style counters come in six sizes ranging from a gentle curve to a large counter that nearly makes a full circle. On top of providing additional space for displays, a bar-style counter can be used as a reception area, adding a modern flair to your exhibit.

Fabric Tablet Stands for Exhibits

These freestanding iPad kiosks are sleekly designed to increase customer engagement. With one of these stands, an iPad can be attached for whatever your needs require. The iPad makes for an ideal interactive section of your display and will be sure to appeal to tech-centered members of the audience.

The kiosk’s base makes them very stable, keeping your iPad safe from being tipped over on accident by a customer. Also, the stands come in a variety of styles so that you can find one that fits with the rest of your exhibit. If you want to double up on the technology, the Formulate iPad Kiosk 05 has an iPad holder with an integrated monitor mount above it to allow for an additional digital message.

Trade Show Fabric Kiosks

If you’re looking to display a video rather than have interactive media, a fabric kiosk could be a perfect option for you to display your message in a visually appealing manner.

Formulate tension fabric kiosks all feature lightweight aluminum frames with zippered pillowcase graphics, monitor mounts and a shelf. They are available in four different designs with curved or angled back panels to feature your custom graphics.

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