30′ Inline Displays

30' Inline Backwall Display

Excite and impress visitors with 30-foot inline backwall displays from the nation’s leading custom graphics studio, SpeedPro.

These large-scale convention and trade show displays bring the “wow” factor to your setup at your next industry event. SpeedPro consults, designs and fabricates three categories of 30′ inline backwall displays, also known as linear booths.

Each contains unique design features and components — and each is sure to put your business’ best foot forward with larger-than-life, high-quality, custom-printed graphics representing the power and personality of your brand.

Benefits of Large-Format Inline Backwall Displays

Custom inline displays bring larger-than-life energy to your next industry exhibit or event. Learn what advantages the 30-foot line of backwall displays from SpeedPro can introduce for your brand.

1. Stand out From the Crowd

You can’t miss ’em. A 30′ pop-up display falls among the largest exhibition dimensions permitted for most event booths, making sure your business will attract plenty of attention.

And while you don’t need to be bigger solely for the sake of size, SpeedPro ensures your display graphics stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Our line of 30′ pop-up, modular and truss exhibits comes with G7 Master Qualified-level, large-format graphics custom-designed to amplify key aspects of your visual brand. We use only state-of-the-art inks, printing technology and treatment techniques for pure text, color and image vibrancy and visibility.

2. Upgrade Your Professionalism

Setting up 30′ modular exhibits boasts a professionalism and industry acumen unmistakable to booth visitors.

You can visualize the impact already: Guests walking up to your booth are far more likely to draw a positive impression on the state of your business and the nature of its operations given the large-format, high-quality exhibit spread before their eyes. Rather than settling for traditional backdrop banners or even an event tent, you went above and beyond. Exhibit visitors will connect your commitment to the high-quality, professional presentation with the integrity of your overall operations.

3. Make Form Match Function

Few event displays convey both brand messages and brand aesthetics as successfully as 30-foot pop-up, modular or truss exhibits.

There’s no arguing the impact of a large-format convention booth custom-printed across a 30-foot backdrop. The sheer scale of the colors, images and embellishments alone creates an immersive and aesthetically engaging home base for your business. These large backwall displays also mean a broader template for strategic business messages. Use 30′ inline backwalls to tease new or upcoming products, convey brand values and mission statements, display blown-up photographs or even use as an experiential art or graphics piece.

The more you can creatively make your backwall display’s form match function, the better.

4. Convert Passive Visitors Into Engaged Business Leads

Many of the events where you’ll set up your 30′ inline display are gathering places for qualified leads — potential customers or clients who’ve expressed interest in your industry’s products or services and are already in the consideration or even decision stage of the buyer’s journey. Their sheer presence at conferences, trade shows, expos and more presents a keen opportunity to capitalize on that interest.

Use your 30′ convention booth display to attract and convert these valuable consumer segments. The size, professionalism and branded visual impact of your inline display is the perfect trio to draw leads, turning captured attention into customer business.

5. Use and Reuse

Many of the models in SpeedPro’s 30-foot backwall product line are easy to reconfigure as smaller displays. For example, you can reassemble our 30-foot Modulate™ Formulate® Fabric series into 10- and 20-foot versions, with no extra parts or special tools required.

This versatility lends your business ultimate event flexibility. No matter the booth space or event you attend, you’ll have a true “one-size-fits-all” event display primed for years of deployment.

Where to Use Inline Backwall Displays

Where to Use Inline Backwall Displays

Designed for portability and simple two-person assembly, SpeedPro’s 30-foot inline backwall displays are perfect for any of these events.

  • Conferences and expos: B2B and B2C events require your business to put its best branding foot forward. Anything less hinders your ability to make the most of these events, interfacing with new and established industry professionals, clients, influencers and more.
  • Product launches: Celebrate a new or revamped product in style with 30-foot backwalls and exhibition displays fit for the moment. Whether you’re relaunching a product or service line or embarking on new merchandise altogether, inline displays embellish the event and are sure to make it memorable.
  • Community gatherings: Think fairs and festivals to farmers’ markets, city holiday celebrations, park openings and more. More often than not, when there’s a public celebration scheduled in your community, local businesses will be setting up pop-up booths to mix, mingle and make connections with the crowd.
  • Charity functions: Inline modular exhibits boost the atmosphere of any fundraising event. Both public and private charity functions will benefit from the immersive and festive environments large-scale custom exhibition displays create.
  • Company parties, celebrations or festivals: 30-foot inline displays work perfectly for private functions, too. Their versatility means you don’t need to swap out or exchange graphics to fit the atmosphere — you already have branded color schemes, logos, images and more relevant visuals ready for your work party.

What to Include in Your 30-Foot Backwall Display

Your local SpeedPro studio can assist in configuring a 30-foot inline backwall exhibit ideal for your brand. We can advise on any of the following features and embellishments.

  • Integrated fabric graphic: All 30-foot SpeedPro displays come with a custom designed large-format vinyl graphic. This fabric graphic becomes the primary backdrop, or backwall, of your display. SpeedPro uses only long-lasting, vibrant UV-cured inks as well as a proprietary eco-solvent ink blend. Both reproduce images within a 95% matching range of CMYK Pantone color standards.
  • Display frame: Exhibit frames provide the structure supporting the integrated fabric graphics, alongside other branded graphics and modular exhibit components. Think of it like the backbone of your display, connecting and supporting the entire system. SpeedPro fashions exhibit frames from two primary materials, either anodized aluminum tube or silver tube frames. Some modular display exhibits carry the additional option for magnetic framing.
  • Display shape: Create an integrated fabric graphic that installs straight, horizontal curved, vertical curved and serpentine a mix of linear and curved adding dimension to your inline display.
  • Fabric dimensions: Integrated fabric graphics are most often a single, 30-foot-long, seven-and-a-half-foot-tall rectangular vinyl image from display end to end. SpeedPro maintains one of the most detailed print resolutions for large-format vinyl graphics in the industry, with printing capabilities up to 1440 x 1440 dpi and a standard print resolution of 720 x 720 dpi.
  • Illuminated displays: SpeedPro can integrate lighting into your backwall display to illuminate your integrated fabric graphic. We can also discuss spot or source light additions to light up further branded messages or images included in your display.

For more on the types and features included in trade show or convention backwall displays, reach out to your local SpeedPro studio.

Types of 30-Foot Large-Format Convention Booth Displays

SpeedPro studios make and manufacture three main categories of 30-foot inline displays.

  1. Collapsible linear backwall displays: Collapsible backwall displays come in two varieties the Hopup™ and the Embrace™. Both types contain a collapsible, parallel frame system that expands and collapses all as one unit, with no tools or parts assembly required.
  2. Linear and modular fabric displays: SpeedPro makes our Formulate fabric convention displays from interconnecting aluminum tube frames and a zipper system that zips the integrated fabric graphic into place. Assembly is as simple as snapping the tubes together, stretching your accompanying integrated fabric graphic over the frame and then zipping it tight into position.
  3. Vector-frame modular displays: Vector Frame™ booths displays add a 3D touch to your display. With modular vector exhibits, the integrated fabric graphic sits on a slightly protruding aluminum or silver frame, creating a pop-out effect that pairs exceptionally well with illuminated graphics installation. SpeedPro can also configure vector-frame units to display single- or double-sided graphics.

Continue reading for in-depth details and product specs on each of the three types of SpeedPro’s 30-foot inline displays.

30-Foot Collapsible Displays

30-Foot Collapsible Displays Come in Two Variations: Hopup Collapsible and Embrace Collapsible

SpeedPro’s collapsible inline displays remain among the most popular in our entire inline collection. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to assemble and ultra-portable, collapsible displays come in two variations:

1. Hopup Collapsible

Hopup inline displays make an approachable and versatile backwall exhibition for businesses in nearly any industry. Embodying its name, the Hopup line contains a pre-installed integrated fabric graphic that rolls and unrolls with the frame. No zipping, looping, tying or stretching required — the single frame already holds your graphics, mounted with stabilized feet and box inclusions. Templates for this straight display shape begin around 352.28 inches by 90 inches and include optional LED display lights, portable display counters and a protective wheeled hard case for easy transportation.

2. Embrace Collapsible

Embrace Collapsible inline displays are an upgraded version of the similar Hopup model. Their slightly larger dimensions — starting at 345.47 inches by 89.94 inches — include three separate four-foot-by-three-foot frames, conjoined by a perimeter channel bar at the display’s base and top. Each of the three frames is collapsible on its own, as well as when linked together. Integrated fabric graphics come in push-fit form, with or without protective endcaps, and are available in one or two-sided prints depending on exhibition needs.

SpeedPro’s Hopup Collapsible and Embrace Collapsible models share more similarities than differences. Both feature lightweight aluminum frame molds and additional transportation accessories. Neither requires tools of any kind to assemble or take down. We recommend two-person assembly for both, though it’s not a requirement.

30-Foot Formulate Fabric Displays

SpeedPro’s Formulate fabric displays are the second product in our line of commercial inline exhibitions.

With a “pillow-fit” graphics treatment, these Formulate displays allow the integrated fabric graphics to stretch over the frame, resulting in the support structure’s near-complete coverage. Much like you tuck a pillowcase over a pillow, your business’ custom large-format vinyl graphics fit snugly over the aluminum or silver tube framing, creating a genuinely standout visual.

1. Linear Formulate Kits

The Linear Formulate collection from SpeedPro contains ultra-customizable, eye-catching displays available in five pre-assembled kits.

Linear Formulate Kits: Ultra-Customizable, Eye-Catching Displays

SpeedPro fashions this product line from aluminum tube framing that connects through a snap-button design, allowing graphics to stretch over the supportive framing once assembled. All models include weighted feet for display stability, indoor or outdoor.

Most distinctly, the linear Formulate collection contains straight vinyl graphics — full-color, 30-foot-wide flat images printed using roll-fed, flatbed printers. Users can manipulate these high-resolution, flat-surface graphics onto five display shapes.

  • Straight: When assembled, the single flat, rectangular vinyl base of the straight Formulate kit looks similar to a traditional billboard.
  • Straight layered: This option provides a single straight display graphic, containing slightly staggered pop-out panels for added dimension. For example, a straight layered Formulate kit could include three graphic panels, with the left and right ends slightly taller and protruding two inches forward from the center graphic panel.
  • Horizontal curve: A single, straight vinyl graphic whose left and right edges are contour-cut, giving the display a winged finish
  • Vertical curve: A single, straight vinyl graphic who base and top edges are contour-cut, providing a subtle, tunnel-like finish
  • Serpentine curve: The entire graphic panel curves to mirror an “S,” creating a fluid and aesthetically unique branded backwall.

2. Modulate Formulate Fabric Displays

The Modulate series of Formulate fabric displays are extensions of the straight layered and serpentine curved linear models described above. The only difference is that, instead of one, 30-foot-wide integrated graphics panel, a Modulate display contains numerous, reconfigurable integrated panels.

This display style lends your exhibition ultimate flexibility. Mix and match panels to fit your assigned space at your next trade show, convention or community event. Or break down the single 30′ tension fabric display into 20-foot or multiple 10-foot mini-exhibits, with no extra parts or system components required.

3. 30-Foot Modular Truss Exhibits

Modular truss, or Vector Frame exhibits, are the third and final category of 30-foot inline displays SpeedPro offers.

Modern and impactful, these 30′ truss exhibits consist of a two-inch silver extrusion frame system, giving each model a subtle 3D effect. Select from single or double-sided push-fit graphics, easily inserted into position using custom-made system end caps.

Add to this textured pop with built-in light boxes, available in the Vector Frame 30-Foot Light Box model. It comes with LED lights installed into the display’s top and bottom frames, illuminating your integrated graphics with near 360-degree backlighting.

The 30′ truss exhibit is a genuinely eye-catching trade show pop-up. Both standard and light-up modular truss models carry the same easy, two-person-recommended assemblies as SpeedPro’s other inline display offerings. Connect the frame, press into place the push-fit integrated graphics, then plug the inline model into the nearest electrical outlet for full illumination. For easy system transportation, 30′ modular trusses come with three optional wheeled molded cases, along with additional display accessories like kiosks, counters and rigid graphics accents, all matching the vector-truss modulation.

Customize Your Brand’s Biggest, Boldest Inline Display Exhibits

SpeedPro is a nationwide network of large-format graphics studios with the equipment and expertise to bring your 30′ trade show pop-up off the paper and into life.

We’re a one-stop shop for all things related to event graphics, and have likely partnered with businesses right in your local community across dozens of custom print projects.

Learn more about SpeedPro’s extensive variety of backwall display and event exhibit products. Then, reach out to your local SpeedPro studio to get started creating your best-branded booth to date.

Customize your brand's biggest, boldest inline display exhibits. Find a SpeedPro studio today!